Woh Apna Sa 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia asks Nisha to let her visit temple

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Scene 1
Jia comes to India. a man says to her don’t give up. She says that’s strange. Why would he say that? She feels like she has been there before. A thief steals Jia’s bag. Arjun is there too. He runs after that man. He gives her purse back. Jia thanks him and comes back to her car. She says to driver why didn’t you help? He says how could I?

Jhanvi calls her friend. She says how do i find about that temple? Annie says don’t worry you will find the answers. Jia says I searched online and found out that this temple has been closed for years now.
She looks online and reads about Nisha Jindal. She says the trustee of the temple is Nisha Jindal. Annie says you need to find out who is she.

Adi collides with a suited man. He offers him lottery

tickets and sells him those by fooling him.
His friend says he is a great man and is son of a policeman. DOn’t do this. Adi says to the man no tickets for you and runs with his friend. His friend says you should do something big. This will take you to jail. You are well studied. Do something that has money and respect. This is my uncle who works with a businessman. Meet him he might find an opportunity for you.
Adi says in heart I can fool his boss with my lottery. Arjun’s friend says the real boss is a woman. Her name is nisha jindal.

Scene 2
Nisha says to Samar I want to share a secret with you. I really like you. Do you love me? I don’t think so. I know your love stopped the day Jhanvi died. If I knew before I wouldn’t have married you. Anyway, now that we are married everything is mine. So, cheers. She gives him wine. She says cheers to us.
Samar leaves.

Nisha’s phone rings. Its Jia. Nisha is dazed to hear her voice. Jia says is it Nisha Jindal? I am Jia.
Nisha says can we meet? Jia says I am so happy. Nisha says why are you my fan. Jia says maybe. Actually I need a favor from you. Nisha says people call me for favors.
Actually i wanted to know about the temple you own. I want to go to that temple for some research. Please for ten minutes meet me so I can explain I have some relation with that temple.
Nisha says that temple is closed. I can’t help you with it. JIa says pleaase I have to go there for my research. Please. Nisha says no.. Jia says can I meet you for 10 minutes at least so I can explain? Nisha says that temple has strong association with me as well. Okay meet me. Jia says thanks a lot.
Jia says I am sure I will get my answers there.

Precap-Arjun comes to the house. He asks watchman who lives here? He says two people. He says two people in such a big house? He goes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. imagine no one has even bother to comment as yet,this serial has indeed been murdered so sad but man i will comment i have the patience lmao i now want nisha to kill samar and while dying he must remember what he did to two lovers who did not even get to consumate their marriage what say sapphire and naz?

    1. Jayashree, when I read the update, the episode just came across to me like rushed s*x, just aiming for the climax!! I don’t care who offended today but I had to say it…..no build up I tell you, just get the the meat of the matter. The reason for Jhanvi’s entry in to India was soooo lame??and since I haven’t seen the episode as yet, I can’t comment fully. I think that Kakasa is working for Nisha and like Leisa and others who wondering how the hell Nisha ended up owning the property and businesses, I’m at a loss too. With this serial, Nisha and Samar could commit such a big crime and get away like a free bird, no police intervention but in ADDNK, Preeti’s dad could get the police to intervene because the in-laws don’t want to accept her in the house… You could believe this idiocracy?? I’m sure as well that if a wife can’t get her husband to sleep with her, the police will land up by their door in two seconds and cart the offender away… This is real jokeland I tell you…and as for Nisha falling in love with Samar, they made a lovely couple since 20 yrs ago so why not now ehhhh!!! BTW.. The Divali Nagar has started here so I go to take in the entertainment since I live just 10 mins away, that’s why I didn’t comment earlier. Jayashree, are you up to date on current updates?? We are so behind…

  2. adi and jhanvi make the best couple…

  3. Wat happen Jhanvi n adi died n now nisha is a big somethings how she get away with that n good for Samar

  4. Yeah adi n janvi are best couple…I hope they take away the best couple award in zee Rishtey awards…

  5. Jayashree girl i just dont know what to say again; all these writers doing over the past few years is just portraying evil to be good and good to be evil; my gosh how many times will they kill off all the good ones mainly the lovers and not one time they could actually consumate their marriage, just one thing over and over again and what these writers doing now is a pattern; killing the good ones off and bringing them back as some one else i just cannot understand what going on even in the serial Mehek the poor girl gone on her honeymoon with Shauyra well he at least got a little taste of the honey out of the moon and then she Mehek in the wrong place saw a young girl getting rid of her so called boy friends body to cover her tracks she hit mehek over the head and doused her in the river and Shauyra just stood there and instead of jumping in to save Mehek he stood and watched her drown and this is what he calls love and now he is say he wants to be with her well why the hell in did not jump in the water and try to save her in the first place well thats not all imagine after burning mehek she is back on the scene again this time a year has passed and yet she has a five year old son who s child is it so many flaws for these writers anyway writer we got the message loud and clear that you love this reincarnation thing how long will you continue with it wake up and smell the coffee we are in a modern world now 21st century so we demand true to life storylines which really takes place in the real world so please quit the nonsense now.

  6. Fama

    Really? There is no Goddess Durga temple in the whole of England? I don’t know why the writers think that they are fooling the viewers by giving Jhanvi….. oops Jia such a lame excuse to come to India. I’ve just attended a Goddess Durga temple in a city just 2hours away from London by car….. and here Jia has to travel for miles and miles to get to a temple in India! Great writers!
    There is no logic in the show now otherwise it started off on a great note but somewhere down the lane the writers has lost their imagination and now we’ve to do with this illogical and plan plotting game once more. And am sure when Nisha will meet Jhanvi and Aditya again she might trying killing Jhanvi again and then starts the same game again!!!
    I’ve never got positive vibes from Samar and since the day he entered I knew it that he was another trouble in disguise!!!!!
    By the way I missed little Chinni and Ridhi alottttt!!!!

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