Woh Apna Sa 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Adi comes to Nisha and get lost from my house, Nisha says you said that if I bring your mom back then you will give me another chance and will not divorce me, Adi says you got to know that Maa is with Jhanvi so you brought her here before you could get trapped, Nisha says Jhanvi is telling you fake stories, trust me, Adi says I will bring your truth out to Kaka and then I will see how you live in my house, he leaves, Nisha says I feel bad for you Adi, Kaka will never throw me out of house as I have done such big favor on him. Flashback shows Kaka giving injection to Baba, Nisha sees him and thinks that I have to keep an eye on him. Flashback shows Kaka coming to his goons who have kidnapped Asha, he says to his goons that remember no one should know about this place and Asha shouldnt runaway

from here, he turns and sees shocked Nisha standing there, flashback ends.
Kaki says to family that if Asha was alive for years then where was she? she was with Jhanvi for somedays but before that where was she? Adi says she was with Nisha, she told me herself, Kaka says Nisha came in your life 8 years back but Asha was kgone for 29 years. Kaki says why you are taking Nisha’s side? Asha’s mental state is not stable, maybe she ranaway from Nisha’s clutches and Jhanvi found her. Nisha says why you keep doubting me? I am trying to be nice. Kaki asks Kaka where Asha was for 20 years? Kaka says I dont know, I know a good psychiatrist, I will call him for Asha, he leaves. Adi calls Sameer, Sameer says Jhanvi has got bail, Adi thanks him.
Nisha comes out of house and says Jhanvi shouldnt get bail. Kaka comes there and puts knife on her neck, he says because of Asha coming here, there are many questions in family’s mind, Adi will find answers, Nisha says I had to bring her back, Kaka says Asha recognizes me, she is not able to think right now but when she starts thinking then she will take mu name, Nisha says for now I just want Adi and Jhanvi to go against each other, I wanted to bring Asha back so that we can blame Jhanvi, we have to do this together, we have become partners in all this to get this done, I promise I will support you in everything.

Jhanvi comes home, Survi hugs her and says I am sorry. Jhanvi asks where is Maa? I know you lied because Nisha has kidnapped her, Survi says I dont know, some people came here and kidnapped Maa, they said that if I dont say things against you then they wont spare Maa, Jhanvi says nothing will happen to Maa.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house. She asks Nisha where is my mother? Nisha asks kids to leave, they leave to their room. Jhanvi says I know you blackmailed my sister and kidnapped my mother, dont you dare, if anything happens to her then I wont spare you, Adi says Nisha when will you stop doing your antics, Nisha says you keep taking Jhanvi’s side, she takes phone and calls Survi, she asks Survi to let Jhanvi talk to her Maa, Survi gives phone to Maa, Maa says to Jhanvi that I have come home, she ends call. Nisha says see Jhanvi your lie has come out, you must have told your Maa that you are going to trap me in kidnapping case so she wouldnt tell truth, you keep trapping in all this, I didnt kidnap her. Jhanvi says you are lying, you kidnapped my mother and when I came here then you freed her. Kaka says enough Jhanvi, we kept blaming Nisha and kept saying that she did everything but you are a liar, Adi says what are you saying? Jhanvi saved us from Nisha, Kaka says it seems like Jhanvi have some ulterior motive, we did mistake by bringing here, Adi says you are doing wrong by doubting her, Nisha says why she interferes in our matters? Jhanvi says you are not a family member Nisha, you just want to destroy them, Nisha says why you keep interfering in our matters? what you want money? power? why you are behind Adi? Nisha asks Jhanvi what you want from us? Kaka says yes tell us how much money do you want? why you are behind us, you have left all your work and everything to solve our problems? what do you need from Adi? Nisha says yes Jhanvi tell us why you are behind my husband.. tell us.. tell us.. Jhanvi is unable to bear anymore and shouts infront of everyone that I love him.. I do it because I love him! Adi is stunned to hear her confession. Jhanvi says I have no interest in your property or money, I just want to see Adi happy and I can do anything for that, listen that Nisha? I love him. Adi keep looking at her in disbelieve. Kaka says chee.. you have these feelings for a married man? I am ashamed to even think about it, thats why you kept blaming Nisha for everything, I dont even know if those allegations were right, thats why from the time you have come in Adi’s life, their marriage life have destroyed. Jhanvi looks at Adi and thinks Adi please say something, please dont be silent, please say something, Adi looks down. Kaka says Jhanvi I think you should leave.. please leave.. Jhanvi starts leaving, Baba tries to stop her but Kaka says have you forgotten that Adi is already married? Nisha leaves angrily, Adi is still in shock.

Scene 2
Adi is in his room, Nisha comes to him and says did you hear what Jhanvi said? I was a fool to bring her in this house, I brought her here to solve our problems but her eyes were on you knowing that we.. Adi says who we? you and me finished when your real face came out to me, about Jhanvi.. I trust her blindly, I wont listen a word against her, Nisha is shocked to see him favor Jhanvi. Nisha says she is trying to come inbetween us, everything was fine before she came in our lives. Adi says there is no one around so dont act, you know that our relation ended after 4-5 years of wedding, you were living, I was dying daily and I am still dying, Jhanvi have done a lot for me and this family, stay away from her, he leaves. Nisha says you will pay for it and no I wont stay away from her.

Jhanvi comes home, she sees her mother and hugs her. Maa says dont worry, I am fine. Jhanvi says everything finished, Maa says dont say it, dont cry. She makes her sit down and asks what happened? Jhanvi says I told about my feelings infront of Adi and his family, I was so in the moment that I confessed everything, Maa asks what did Adi say? Jhanvi says he didnt say anything, not a single word, I have to stay away from him, I have to, everything is finished. She hugs her and cries.

Baba says to Kaka that you are a clever man and still you talked to Jhanvi like that? I knew Jhanvi loves Adi but she had no hopes, it was me who went to her and gave her hope, Kaka says you know Adi is married and have two kids then how can Jhanvi have hope? Baba says why not? Adi can remarry if he has a wife like Nisha, his marriage ended from the time Nisha showed her real face, from the time Jhanvi have come in Adi’s life, Adi has started smiling and living, Jhanvi is best for Adi’s life. Kaka says Adi is still married and Jhanvi is wrong. Adi comes there and says no Baba is right, I wont comment on what Jhanvi said but Nisha and I dont have any relation let alone a big relation like marriage, it doesnt exist between us. Kaka says we have got Asha back because of Nisha, we should accept her favor, Jhanvi has cheated you again and again, Jhanvi faked her friendship, she is wrong, Adi says no Jhanvi is not wrong, she can never be wrong. Nisha looks on.

PRECAP- Adi calls Jhanvi at night and says I want to meet you right now.. Jhanvi please.. Jhanvi doesnt answer him, Adi says fine if you are not coming here then I am coming to your home right now, we will meet in half an hour in old cloak garden. Jhanvi says okay. she ends call. Maa puts hand on her shoulder so show her support.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now things are getting interesting as Jhanvi’s confession was not a dream sequence and good to know that Adi still trusting Jhanvi blindly ..but really shocked to see that how much opposite are both the brothers (Kaka&Baba). Baba is caring loving and wants to unite the family but Kaka is totally different he is greedy man blinded with money. And, how unbelievable it is that no one get a blink of his creepy motives. He use to give moral lectures to all but himself is a greedy man.

    1. Hey Bulbul, I forgot to thank you for your input on the KB comment section. Thank you my friend…

      1. Naz… no need for thanks as you are my friend and also no one has right to say all that things to support just a fictional couple. And KB supporters have no right to say all that just because we have different taste.??

  2. OMG . . Kya Adi v confess Kar dega Janvi se . that he loves her ??? OMG OMG . . Super excited . . can’t wait Nxt episode

  3. I hope adi expresses his feelings too

  4. Kakasa is so anxious to cast aspersions on Jhanvi, I wish that this persistence of his, raises a red flag in Adi’s mind… I can’t see how else Adi can have any suspicion that Kakasa has been this deceptive for all these years. When this side to Kakasa true self is revealed, this is going to be a damning conviction against him… All relationships in that Jindal family is going to change. ALL…… Friends, I think in every emotive scene of Sudeep, he nails it… ..especially with Nisha, she does bring out the beast in him and the best!!! Now, that was one helluva confession from Jhanvi …thanks Nisha, for placing Jhanvi in such a position that Adi now knows how she feels about him. This changes the dynamics in Adivi’s relationship. Oh, I can’t wait to see their interactions from now on… All this time Kakasa had no problem with Jhanvi being in Adi’s life but suddenly he sees her as the other woman, how convenient!!! I hope soon Adi will become suspicious of Kakasa’s support of Nisha and his sudden 360 degree turn in praising and supporting her after all that has happened. Kaki disappointed me… I didn’t expect this turn around from her…makes me wonder if she is in this treacherous plot with her husband as well… I love the fact that Adi is standing by Jhanvi’s side, knowing that she loves him, it will be interesting to see how this revelation is handled by both of them…

  5. Winchester

    I am really dissapointed Aditya 🙁
    I really wanted him to stood up for her. I know he was shocked with her confession but still just as a friend….he should have said something while she was standing there being accused in front of the whole family. Jhanvi was so hurt….it killed me…. :'(
    I won’t be surprised if she ignores him for good (though i don’t want that to happen)….
    After all this drama…please show us something good…next episode must be worth hanging through all this crap….i wonder what he’ll do…hope he confesses too….

    1. Winchester, I haven’t seen actual episode as yet, I’m just going with the written update, of course it’s better to see visual expressions before I analyze Adi’s reaction but as I read and how I understand it, it could be that the confession shocked him to immobility. I’d like to believe now that this knowledge of Jhanvi’s love will embolden him to go forward bravely. You see in the room he angrily told Nisha that…no, he won’t leave Jhanvi,.. That translates to no matter what, he won’t leave Jhanvi. In the precap, he calls her and demand that they meet, and I hope to see some interestingly painful but beautiful emotions flowing between them while they confront their love…anything less, for me is s dud!!!!

    2. Winchester, I haven’t seen actual episode as yet, I’m just going with the written update, of course it’s better to see visual expressions before I analyze Adi’s reaction but as I read and how I understand it, it could be that the confession shocked him to immobility. I’d like to believe now that
      this knowledge of Jhanvi’s love will
      embolden him to go forward bravely. You see in the room he angrily told Nisha to leave Jhanvi alone.
      In the precap, he calls her and
      demand that they meet, and I hope to see some interestingly painful but beautiful emotions flowing between them while they confront their love…anything less, for me
      is s dud!!!! Bedroom scene looks intense, I love when he said he trusts Jhanvi blindly….

      1. Winchester

        I know Naz… He did support her after jhanvi was gone… But i was feeling bad for the girl ?… I mean… She just shouted her heart ❤️out in front if his whole family…n she wanted him to say something in her support…her disappointed face was quite hurting ?
        I feel something is going to happen tonight… ??? at the old cloak garden ❤️❤️❤️

      2. Winchester

        My disappointed in Aditya is short lived… Nothing a hot romance❤️ at night in a garden can’t fix ???

    3. Winchester

      Just so you know… I m not a guy… I am a 21 years old girl…currently studying? for my medical degree… I m going to be a doctorin 4-5 years⛑️

      1. Then congrats from me is in advance for your success, I know you’ll be, with honors!!! You go girrrrrllllll…. ? ? I believed you to be a young lady, I can tell a bit about one’s age by their writing…..wish you all the best now and in the future…

      2. Winchester

        Thank you dear ? I knew you were intelligent ???

  6. Vashti Gibson

    I am very disappointed that zee tv or whoever is responsible they not bring this show on a day to day base like all the others ..did this show came to an end?? . Everyone aniviously waited on Monday for this show and it had no show also Tuesday was the samethin y don’t replace bbkb or bjgph and leave w s p to contine

    1. Vashti Gibson


  7. yayyy waiting 4 today episode…

  8. Sorry for the typo error in first analysis, Winchester, the second comment is what I wanted to say…concerning Adi’s angry reaction… Sorry friend…

  9. wow nice episode , even jahnavi confessed finally, looking forward to today episode, getting curioacity to what will happen in coming episode.

  10. leslie-ann daniel

    it’s time to put Kaka and Nisha behind bars…let Adi and Jhanvi lead a happy life now..too much pressure on the family,i feel kaki knows something too…oh these indian soaps have plenty drama yes..ok it’s been 3 day now i didn’t see the show come on zee tv don’t disappoint us now..love this show…as for KKB didn’t like the part Pragya died..after going through so much to be with Abbi,nah not nice…do something bring her back..it’s time Aliya and Tanu true colours come out..

  11. Hi guys, I think Nisha will spoil the meeting of adi & Jhanvi because Nisha had heard the phone conversation of adi with Jhanvi

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