Woh Apna Sa 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Adi is eating. His friend says why is police after you? what if they come here? He says don’t worry I am not a criminal. No one goes after the real criminals. He says I saw a mataji in the road so had to help her. His friend says wow you help too. Adi(now Arjun) says it looked like her eyes were looking for someone. She gave me this thread as well. His friend says its your birthday. They cut the cake together. Arjun says you never forget.
His friend says find a girl as well. Settle down in life. He says I will do a blast. She will come as well. Smar and like your brother. She will come in my life.

Jhanvi(now Jia) is now a super model in London. She gets her photo-shoot done. She comes on the stage. The song jalwa plays in background. Jia feels that her head hurts.

She sees fire in flashback. She sees mata’s temple. Jia’s head hurts. She is about to faint. The team helps her. She says I am okay. She says lets get this done. The photographer says you need to rest. Its your birthday lets cut the cake. She says thank you guys.
The photographer caresses her back. Jahnvi says get your hands off me. Stay away from me have some shame. She leaves.
Her friend asks are you okay? she says yes. Fire doesn’t hurt me. Her friend says you area born star. Jhanvi says I don’t know how am I fire resistant. Why doesn’t it burn me?
Jia’s friend calls her. She says I saw the same flashbacks. I dont’ know what to do. She says come to my home. My mom has planned a festive here.
Jia comes to her friend’s house. She has a cake for her. Jia says thank you so much. Her friend takes her for arti. The pooja starts. Jia doesn’t feel good there in pooja. Jia sees her flashback again. The fire near idol scares her.
She goes near it. Jia takes out the idol from fire. Everyone is dazed that her hand didn’t get burned. everyone is dazed. Anie says how is this possible? She says fire doesn’t hurt me. The woman says yes you should be careful. Jia says I had to save the idol. Which goddess is it? she says durga mata. Jia says this is this goddess that I see in my dreams. Annie says there are not much of her temples here. Jia says she is the one that comes in my flashes. I have to know about her even if I have to go to India.

Scene 2
Chini does arti. Kaki says very good. God will listen to your wishes. She puts garland on Jhanvi and Adi’s photo.
Jia comes to india. She feels the environment is known to her.
Jia says my luggage is misplaced by the airline.

Precap-A theif steals Jia’s bag. She says someone help. Arjun is there. He runs after the theif.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Fenil

    Superb episode

  2. Same 5th grade is serial with accidental meetings, then hate/friends, then forced marriage, love blossom, then a villain to separate them, then memory loss, and the cycle goes on and on…. With no end.

    Do the new wardrobe of Jhanvi is quite modern but that fire not hurting her was something which made me to laugh…… Like seriously, it means that she is not a normal human or she has some special powers. ???

    Salams Naz, well dear I recently started watching Namkaran, so wanted to ask is it a good serial or not…

    And friends this new Nisha is not at all giving me the feel Riddhi use to give, the evil expressions, voice, s*xy walk, dressing, body language…. Everything was resembling her motives but this new one is a on the 8th step of the stair, she needs 3 more steps to reach Riddhi. Well Riddhi really left her name in this serial.

    Lastly, why the hell they changed the name Arjun(I feel this name is very popular in soapland every send character’s name is Arjun ???) and Jia so, Arjia but, Adivi was much better isn’t it??

    1. Second paragraph 1st line “So the new…”

    2. People like naamkaran serial ,its ur choice to see it or not.they are so many fans are their for that show.

    3. Wa salaams Bulbul. I’ve watched most of Naamkaran from the beginning. It was a real tearjerker, with Avni suffering most of her life, struggling to maintain an identity and be accepted in society, no child should ever have to face such a life. With the entrance of Garuma…i think that’s her name..and subsequent jailing of Dayawanti Mehta, I couldn’t stomach seeing writers screw up at that point in the serial by allowing dayawanti to escape from jail, join forces with the evil accomplice and carry out a series of crimes, and no police could catch them so I gave it a rest but I’m watching since a few days now, not much I’ve missed, was easy to catch up. That serial is a Mahesh Bhatt creation BTW… Hey, your comment is nicely written. Still have to wait to see new season, this isn’t so important anymore for me to go see online ,not like how ETRETR was !!! So I’m chilling my bones till then…. If as you say, this is a hard ladder for new actress to climb, I’m going to miss Riddhi Dogra very much, she’s the boss of evil Wives Club and her shoes will be hard to fill perfectly. So, I’m enjoying seeing her in these episodes, knowing that I won’t be seeing her here again.. I don’t think I’m looking forward to seeing new Jhanvi and I thought it funny how you summed up her special powers in the few words…. And yesssssssss…. Adivi was a much much better coined name..i agree with you on that too… ??..its 11.30 pm now so I’m gonna hit the sack…

  3. Ek dum bakwaas episode…. Writers writers have lost their minds… Wat nonsense… At times they represent Indian law is complete failure.. Police is failure…. Now airport service is failure… Madame Jia lands India n her luggage is missed place by airport services… Then goes her hand bag.. Hero heroine ko milane ka aur koi tariqa nahi mila… Wahi ghisipiti filmy style… Mr directors n writers a filmy bakwaas can be tolerated for 3 hrs but ur serial has to be tolerated every day… A 40+ nisha is shown glamorous n her daughter simple n not glamorous .. 2037 girls will be like this…. U writers are real duffers… N look at that 40+ nisha is invited by a man of her daughter’s age to squeeze d lemon out from his mouth… Wah kya bharitya sabhyata dikhayi apne… Where is ur
    sense??? Boring boring boring… I HV no patience to watch few more episodes to get into this nonsense… So guys Sapphire Naz Bulbul all other old n new guys out here… Byeeee

  4. As Mr Samar still loves jhanvi so as soon as he sees Jia his old deadly passion will wake up n old Samar will run behind Jia to get married n Madame Nisha who never loved anyone to fulfill her ego will run behind young Arjun who is much younger to her daughters…To get Jia n Arjun Nisha will throw Samar out n both will become enemies n again when they fail to get Jia n Arjun they will join hands to finish them n another leap with reincarnation… I M SURE

  5. Why is only Chinni being shown ? Where is Binni? Nisha is an idiot. After Adivi’s death, she could easily brainwash her daughters to get them on her side. Yet, she is too busy partying. Idiot.

  6. Cathy

    Why didn’t they hire an actress the was in her mid forties…seriously how stupid is this leap..i give a couple of months before the plug is pulled on this show.

  7. Bulbul and Teesta… You both said it like it is…so I’m echoing your thoughts as well. Writing a comment seems painful after reading this update….mind you, here in the Caribbean we are almost a week behind normal episodes so we ain’t seeing this new season till end of the week, not that I want to comment either… Both of you made me LMAO and I’m waiting to see what Sapphire says??…do you both think that Jhanvi is a ghost?? Well, the fire didn’t burn her… ??Teesta, you last comment makes so much sense, do the writers really have a brain or not!!! Teesta, it was really nice exchanging thoughts with you for the little time you were here and your comments made me laugh, I’m sad that you are bidding adieu, in case you change your mind or want to drop in for a visit, we will be happy to hear from you. Take care dear… ?????

  8. Aren’t they copying Banu Main Teri Dulhann’s rebirth track? The same way of death (the couple dies together) and the same way of rebirth?
    Can’t they show something different? Don’t these writers have any respect for originality? Thank Jesus I stopped watching this crap. Minus TRPs from my side. I request everyone of us must stop watching the show on tv. Let the trps go down. This crap doesn’t deserve any fan here.

  9. Outstanding sudeep ssahir…

  10. Thanks for the intro of Namkaran Naz… Quite helpful and the show is also interesting but, I missed so much of fun??.

    And friends like Aldith this Arjun some what irked me too..his language is like a rowdy…. I am so far not enjoying this and can’t these writers just stop it huh?? These zeetv shows are hell annoying…

    Now I’m looking forward at Star plus shows, they also prolong the serial but still make the viewers laugh.
    This is the only show left which I watch on Zeetv, but still not leaving.

    1. Let’s stay for the fun Bulbul… You remember right??? ????…to tell the truth, I used to cry like a baby in the early days of Naamkaran…i did put myself in Avni’s mother shoes and it’s so heartbreaking what she went through for the sake of Avni, Aman came after but Avni got the brunt of societal stigma so harshly that she finds it difficult to believe love ever existed or exists in her life now. Her father was a mama’s boy and a weakling, the only good thing he ever did, was to give life to a fighter like Avni.. Enjoy whatever you can but it would be wonderful if you can see episodes from the beginning till when the child actress was changed….i also lost faith in zeetv serials, especially since ETRETR ,you were there so you know what we went through.

  11. you are all invited to the death of WOH APNA SA please bring along all friends and associates may WOH APNA SA ……R I P good riddance to bad rubbish once and for all they have indeed murdered a good serial aww man so freakin sad jeez

  12. Writers have been spoiling this show…Pls make a good story….. Expected more about adivi…Janvi as a model not good and the reason coming to india could be made the better one…Also expected their first meeting very high seems boring..really disappointed…

  13. But adithya looked fab…

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