Woh Apna Sa 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash says Jia shot Arjun

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Scene 1
Akash breaks stuff in anger. He says I am sorry bhai. I didn’t know things would get out of hand. i am sorry. i can’t handle all this without you. I am sorry. Krishna took advantage. i have to do something. Bini says what something? He says i will tell jia everything. Bini says we can’t do that mom even.. Akash says she is nisha. I don’t care about her. i will tell jia everything. He goes to jia’s room.

Jia recalls her moments with arjun. WAter drips on her hands. She is dazed. Akash comes. Jia says akash see my hands are wet. there is no water leaking. i see weird signs when I think about arjun. akash says you are educated. Don’t say all these things. Akash says what if arjun dies by chance? Jia slaps him and says how dare you say something like

that. arjun is alive. If he dies i will kill myself. Go from here.
Arjun asks krishna and bini to come to his room.

Scene 2
Akash says we have to do something. Nisha says yes we have to keep it going. Akash says she will think how arjun is staying away from her. We have to do something big. We have to tell jia that she might harm arjun. I have a plan.

Jia says God please remove this distance between us. Akash comes and says I am sorry jia. You should hit me. I am really sorry. Jia says I know how much you love Arjun. He will come back. Don’t say sorry. Jia says go and sleep.

Jia sees blood in her room. She is dazed. Jia says what is all this. There is blood on her shirt as well. Jia screams. She says someone please open the door. Akash comes in. Everyone comes in. Jia says what is all this blood on me? Akash says this is Arjun’s blood. Come with me. jia says what.. He takes her downstairs and shows her blood everywhere. He says see the bullet. Arjun came to talk to you and you shot him. jia says this can never happen i can’t ever harm him. Bini nisha is he lying? Bini says he is right You shot Arjun. Jia is crying. She sits down. Nisha says you were shouting. you were asking if he has an affair. Bini says we tried to control you and locked you in the room but you already shot. Krishna says I know your pain but your presence can be dangerous for him. jia sits down screaming She says I shot my arjun. How can i do that.

Precap-Jia falls in the pool and faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. How will this series end??? That is my question,will Jia also die??? As Lakshmi said the actor has already left will it be a three time death for Jia too??? I am glad they are pulling this series off the writers are doing us a favor thank you thank you!!!

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