Woh Apna Sa 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Adi and Jhanvi are in same police station. Maa says to Jhanvi that you did police complaint so lets go from here, Jhanvi says cant kids fight for their parents? i can fight whole world for my family’s respect, Maa drags her from there.
In hospital, Kids are crying for Nisha to wake up, Chinni says i wont ever ask for chocolates God, make mama wake up, Nisha sees Raj standing there and acts like sleeping. Raj says to kids that dont worry, mama will be fine, dont cry, Binni asks why Kaka and Kaki hurt mama? Raj says they didnt hurt her, Chinni says Binni they wont her, they will make her fine.
Adi says to inspector that you dont have any evidence against them, inspector says Nisha is in hospital, i should put them in lock up, we are doing our work. Adi says i will go

to lawyer’s office, he asks Kaki to not worry., Kaki says it had to happen as you were hurting innocent Nisha, Kaka says i am stunned that even after our preaching, he has hurt Nisha, she is suffering in hospital and we cant be even with her. Adi says to Kaki that i promise i didnt do anything wrong, you know your Adi, i will break never your trust. Kaki doesnt look at him, Adi leaves.
Jhanvi is outside police station and asks Maa and Survi to go to home., Maa says are you going to wait here till they catch thief? Survi says she has worked hard to file FIR so she would wait here to catch him, Maa says you are like movie heroes who wont move on and keep fighting for rights and justice. Maa and Survi leaves. Adi comes outside police station, he says Nisha why you came in our lives? He recalls flashback when Nisha used to love him, flashback shows Nisha saying to Adi that i cooked once in your nice and now your family wants me to cook all the time, Adi hugs her and says my family loves your cooking. Then later Nisha asking him to become CEO, Adi saying that they have everything and Kaka will take care of them. How Adi was excited for their first baby, Nisha said that she didnt care if they had boy or girl but about financial security of baby, how she said that she wanted him to become CEO. Then how in childhood, Baba said to Adi that problems come in lives of people to make them stronger, never runaway from problems, fight them.
In police station, inspector says to Kaka that if you dont get bail papers soon then we will have to lock you up. Kaki starts getting pani attack.
Adi meets Sameer. Sameer says we cant do anything till Nisha wakes up. law against domestic violence is strict and we cant do anything but wait for Nisha to wake up.
In police station, Kaki asks for water, Kaka says to policeman that kindly give water and i left my wallet at home and dont have money rightnow but she has high BP, can you bring medicine from chemist? nobody listens to him, Jhanvi is near Kaki and Kaka and hears Kaka pleading people to bring medicines. Jhanvi says to one policeman that i have BP tablets, i keep them in my bag for my Maa, she gives pills to inspector, Inspector goes and gives pills to Kaka. Jhanvi is unable to see Kaka and Kaki’s face. Maa calls Jhanvi and asks her to come home fast, Survi hasnt eaten anything. Survi takes call and says come fast, Jhanvi says i am, she ends call. Kaki asks Kaka to thank girl which gave them medicine. inspector says that girl left already, Kaka says she left, God bless her and makes her wishes come true.
In hospital, kids are crying for Nisha to wake up. Nisha opens eyes and says shut up, dont shout, i have headache, stop yelling or else.. she raises her hand, Binni says i want to stay with my mom, Nisha says leave my room, i want to rest Binni, Nisha’s mom says that Nisha needs rest, she takes kids away. Nisha says why kids are overreacting? i have trained them well but they are being dumb now, they have Adi’s habits too.
Adi says to Sameer that i cant let my Kaka and Kaki stay in jail for whole night, Nisha played her game but she might have left some proof behind.
In hospital, Nisha asks for her phone. Her mom says its not there, Nisha says oh no, she asks her father to go home and bring her phone from there, nobody should catch it.
Adi comes home and searches Nisha’s room, he finds her phone and opens her messages, he reads Nisha messaged her friend asking how many sleeping pills person can take and now die? he reads that her friend had replied that 10pills and Nisha had taken only 10pills only, he says i got proof against Nisha, he calls Sameer and asks him to come to police station, he leaves home. Nisha’s father comes in house and doesnt ;find her phone in room, he calls Nisha and says i couldnt find your phone here, Nisha gets tensed.
Adi and Sameer comes to police station and are shocked to see Nisha already there. Nisha says to inspector that release my Kaka and Kaki, they didnt do anything wrong with me, my parents are fool to file case against them, i had problems with my husband, he was not happy with me and i couldnt see my husband like that, maybe i am not good wife, Kaki says dont say this, Nisha you are very nice person, Kaka says its our mistake that we couldnt see what was happening, we remained silent but not now, i wont allow injustice happening with you, Adi wont ever raise his voice on you, Adi apologise to her, Nisha says leave it, its okay, Kaka says Adi do it. Adi looks at Nisha angrily and says i am sorry, i made mistake. Nisha’s mother says to Kaki that forgive us, we have only seen Adi as good son in law so we couldnt believe he is like this in real. Nisha says to her mother that Kaka and Kaki can forgive you but not me, how could you blame Kaki and Kaka? i will forget that you are my mother, Kaki says she was just worried for you, she is your mother. Nisha says you are like my mother to Kaki, after marriage, Kaki and Kaka are my parents and i wont allow anyone to disrespect them like that. Kaka says she did everything as she cares about you, forgive them Nisha, Nisha says but how can they treat you like this? you are my family, Nisha’s mother says i am sorry, her parents leave. Inspector says its good you all solved issue yourself, case is closed now, all start leaving. Nisha says to Kaki and Kaka that you leave, i will come with Adi, they leave. Adi comes out. Nisha says to Adi that i am sure you will remember this night your whole life, this was lesson that you should never go against your wife otherwise i will make your Kaka and Kaki get locked in jail for 3-4years, i am sure you dont want that, she snatches her phone from his hands, She leaves. Adi looks at her leaving and says i am done with you, i want divorce.

PRECAP- Nisha says to Kaki that after that incident, Adi is shook and he has decided to leave this house, Adi is shocked to hear it. Adi says to Sameer that i dont want that woman near my family anymore, you start paperwork for divorce. Adi comes Kaki and Kaka and says you both are not able to bear the tension between me and Nisha so i have taken a decision. they look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Too late Adi nisha u don’t shout with ur own children nisha I liked ur way to separate ur husband from family but don’t shout ur child jhanvi when u marry Adi I wait for it

  2. I totally agree with u sam….but i think nisha refuse sign on divorce paper becoz she want to oly getting money….eagerly waiting to see adi &nisha court divorced then adi &janvi continue luv story…..chemistry,romance,fun adivi rockzzz waiting for scence

  3. Chanpreet0815

    Wow Adi finally u took a decision of divorce wonderful news

    1. Yes but nisha ll sign d divorce papers?kaka and kaki misunderstand adi ….they are thinking adi tortour nisha….nisha play d game want to prove adi nortoure nisha….i hate evil women…..waiting for monday

  4. Nice episode Adi is a handsome and intelligent, unquestionably nisha will not agree to give divorce, she will make some plot against Adi.

  5. Hey guys,
    Too dissappointed.So less cmt.Are u all busy guys?Ok leave this things guys.Finally Divorce wow but I agree with u priya will nisha sign divorce paper n she will surely do some drama aur use her daughters as well n guys happy promise day…Adivi rocks.

    1. Happy promise day guys….why nisha did not agree sign d divorce paper?why nisha wants to against adi?why such do drama again…….hope janvi ll enter in adi’s life….janvi ll fight aganist nisha for adi…..poor binni chinni …both little baby does not about abt misha evil

  6. Yah priya di u r absoultely right…It’s clear di she is doing all this for power n money.Hope Jhanvi enters adi’s life very soon.Poor chinni n binni.

    1. adi did not give money to nisha……it adi’s hardwork so growing up money…adi did doing for family happiness……nisha is a housewife but she did not take any plan go to job & start new bussiness….why nisha wants to adi’s money…stupid women……hope janvi ll teach good lesson to nisha and also against nisha for adi……adi so suffering pain…nisha does not care about adi’s love and happiness……

  7. This is a true to life story….. I hope it ends the way I want. Hey Twinj ( Aakriti) and Preet…. I’ve been VERY busy. Will comment later….

  8. Nisha will not sign the divorce papers cos shes used to living the easy life where she doesnt need to pay for anything that she needs. Shes materialistic, manipulativ, selfish and evil kind of woman, who only cares about her needs and if she doesnt get what she needs she will stoop to any level to get that. Adi is now fed up of her BS and thats how Janvi will inter in their lives cos after all she will be important part of Adi’s life and heart. Those poor kids will evendually get someone who will give them motherly love and not involve them in dirty games, also kaka and kaki will be lot happier as well as Raj and the new bride even though I dont know if the new bride will turn up simp or not. Lol So far the story is going great, but Im just disappointed with yesterday’s episode cos Adi had proof of Nisha’s wrong doings and still didnt even bother to prove his innocens to his family and exposed that witch.

  9. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    How did nisha get to the station quicker than adi. Which hospital discharges patients this quickly. You would think that the local police would have picked chacha & chachi and Adi would have got there in no time. Adi , it’s not smart to let the cancer in your family keep growing. It will eventually kill it.

  10. Chanpreet0815

    Hello guys how r u all. I m busy becoz of my studies.
    Happy Kiss Day Adivi Fans

    Aisha Akku (Twinj) Nazreen Priya Liza Anu Riya(khwaish) RA.

    1. Hey Preet,, you carry on my dear with your studies, I understand. I’ve been too busy lately as well and when I can find the time, I do come to read the views. I’m doing gr8….since I’ve made such extensive commentaries before, it’s like I’ve said all that is needed now. Do want to mention however that I don’t like the way Kaka and Kaki are treating Adi. Isn’t it the mature thing to listen to both sides of a story and then come to conclusions? They just put Nisha ‘s words in the bank and refuse to listen or believe what their own nephew is

      telling them. You would think they don’t

      know him at all. I don’t like this one bit… It’s totally unfair. Can’t they not see his pain? I also don’t like Nisha ‘s parents, they
      look shady and conspiratorial. Gosh….
      Nisha is so bad to the bone. Preet, I see
      turbulent times ahead for Adi ,with divorce, kids custody, jealousy towards Jhanvi ‘s impact on Adi ‘s life and heart, accusations, more manipulations and even
      planned murder!!! Mark my words… It’s
      going to come down to this. Anyway… Good luck with your studies and lots of hugs from my side…..??

    2. Yeaaaay Preet me too.. #TeamAdivi ?????? This drama is one of my favourite and lets all try to comment on unless we all busy with studies or families.

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