Woh Apna Sa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nisha says to Adi that now i understand everything, why you wanted to divorce me, why you bought that penthouse, why you kept staying nights at office, why you divided this house, why you kept putting me down in family’s eyes, why you kept insulting me, its all because you have an affair with Jhanvi, Adi is shocked to hear it, Jhanvi says what are you saying? i came here to help you and you are so disgusting. Nisha says why did you come even if i called you? we are strangers for you but now i know why you came, you had cheap intentions, you wanted to spend time with my Adi infront of everyone, i trusted you thinking you are Adi’s employee. Nisha says to Kaki that do you remember how Adi and Jhanvi was alone when we came back from mandir? remember when Adi got sick, Jhanvi sat

on his bed even when i told her that i would return soon, Jhanvi says enough. Nisha says shut up, you saw in news that Adi and I are going to divorce and you thought this is perfect opportunity, Adi is rich, vulnerable and will be best for you, you came to lure him, you have destroyed my house, you are other woman in my life, you are reason for Adi and my divorce. Adi yells enough you blo*dy.. Kaka says enough Adi, talk to me before talking to Nisha, i used to think how you can have selfish thinking but what i saw today, after that i am ashamed of my upbringing, i have lost faith in relations now. Kaki says Adi i took you as my son, that means i am responsible for whatever you did today, i am disgusted, what mistake did we do? our upbringing has destroyed life of someone. Kaka says to Jhanvi that how can you do this to couple? how can you break marriage of someone? how can you become other woman in someone’s life? Jhanvi is broken hearing all these allegations, she weeps and silently starts leaving, Adi is distraught seeing her leave, Nisha smirks. Adi glares at her, she looks down.
Jhanvi comes out of Adi’s house, she is walking in daze, she recalls Kaka’s harsh words, calling her house-breaker.
In house, Kaka says i dont want to see Jhanvi’s face again, that type of girl.. Adi shouts enough, you are blaming innocent girl? i was silent when you trusted Nisha, i was silent when you pointed fingers at my character but i wont be silent today, you are blaming character of innocent girl? Nisha told you and you agreed? what proof do you have against her? Nisha says you are defending Jhanvi? like she is your everything. Adi says you are so cheap, my time was so bad that you came in my life, dont you feel disgusted when you look in mirror? Kaki says dont you know how to respect woman? Kaka says we all saw everything, Adi says what did you see? Jhanvi was in my arms because she slipped and fell in my arms and i was composing her, Nisha filled your mind with filth and you agreed? you cant reach conclusions without proof, you have put such filthy blames on that innocent girl, how will you forgive yourself? will you ever be able to forgive yourself? Kaka says i might be wrong, but tell me from the time Jhanvi has come in your life, you keep talking about divorce, you used to happy with Nisha but suddenly after Jhanvi came, you decided to separate? Adi says you could have said anything to me but do you understand what kind of words you used for that innocent Jhanvi? Nisha says you are so worried about stranger girl, dont this family, me and my daughters matter to you? i dont want divorce, i do everything for this family, i am trying to reconcile with you then why you are doing this? Adi says i dont have to explain anything to you, you know very well why i care about Jhanvi, i dont care, Now I. Dont. Care. He glares at her and leaves. Kaki cries, Neha takes Nisha to her room. Kaki feels dizzy and falls unconscious. Raj and Kaka runs to her, Raj takes her to her room.

Jhanvi comes to her house in distraught state, Maa asks what happened? Jhanvi runs to her room and locks it. Survi knocks it and asks her to open the door, Maa asks what happened? tell us. Jhanvi recalls how Nisha begged her to come to her house and help her to rebuild relation with Adi then how she planned everything and proved Jhanvi asks house-wrecker, how Kaka alleged her.
Neha says to Nisha that you dont cry, i was shocked how Adi was fighting for Jhanvi, i have never seen him fighting for someone against Kaka, he never talked to Kaka like that but for Jhanvi, he fought with so much passion that it seemed like he has something for Jhanvi. Nisha gets tensed hearing it and thinks if Adi really have feelings for Adi? she shouts no, this cant happen, Adi is mine, only mine. Neha asks her to calm down, Nisha thinks i dont understand anything, why Adi defended Jhanvi? why he fought with everyone for that girl? what is happening?

Jhanvi comes out of room, she cries and hugs Maa, survi asks what happened? they make her sit down on bed. Maa asks her to speak up, Jhanvi breakdowns and says i didnt do anything, it was not my mistake, i just went there to help my friend, you trust me right? Maa says you are my daughter, i completely trust you, i know you cant do any mistake. Survi says we trust you, we know you cant do anything wrong, tell us what happened. Jhanvi tells them how Nisha called her and took her to baba’s dark room then sent Adi there too, Jhanvi slipped and fell in Adi’s arms and same time Nisha brought family there and claimed that Adi and Jhanvi have affair. Door bell rings. Maa goes to open door. Adi comes to Jhanvi’s house and says to Maa that i want to meet Jhanvi. Jhanvi is in her room and sobbing in Survi’s arms. Maa says to Adi that no, leave my daughter alone, she doesnt deserve what happened with you, she did all this for your friendship and you kept silent when your family was insulting her? she tried to help you and this is what your family did with her? blamed her character? this is how you treat her? Adi says i know what happened was wrong thats why i want to meet her and apologize, Maa stops him from going in room and says she wont meet you and i wont let you meet her, dont hurt her more, Adi says i know Jhanvi doesnt deserve this, just tell her that I am really sorry, i really am, he leaves. Jhanvi hears their argument sitting in her room and cries more. Survi hugs her tightly.

Scene 2
Nisha is pacing around in her room. adi comes there. Nisha says forget everything what happened, i know you are upset but i will make everything fine. Adi grabs her hand and pins her to wall, Nisha says you are hurting me, Adi says i wish i can tell you about real pain, i wont forgive you for what you did today, you have dig your grave. Nisha says why you are getting angry for that Jhanvi? I told lie to everyone but now i feel there is something going on between you and that Jhanvi? what is going on? Adi says do you have filthy mind? it was jhanvi who wanted to bring us together, she wanted me to give you another chance but i am happy that your truth has come out to her too, Adi says i am ashamed of how i have bear you for 8years but now i will answer all your questions in court, we were just talking about divorce till now but now it will happen for real, Adi says i am done with you, i will see you in court. Nisha is dumbfounded hearing it.

Maa comes in Jhanvi and sees her sadly sitting, Maa says to Jhanvi that i have taught my kids to fight back not to lose battle like this. Maa brings Jhanvi in mandir and says see this flame of aarti, its so vulnerable to air but if someone tries to play with it, it will burn that person down, sameway we are, we bear till we can but when it comes to our honor, we answer back, you have to fight back and answer people who have put such filthy blames on you, you have to prove to them how pure your heart is, they cant remain happy by breaking heart of innocent, you dont have to lose faith.

PRECAP- Jhanvi says to Adi that i was alleged and my character was tarnished, it was like pointing finger at my Maa and i have to prove myself innocent but for that i need your help. Adi says I know what happened with you was wrong and I am ready to help. the way you were insulted, I am ashamed of it and to get rid of it, I am ready to do anything for you, just tell me what I have to do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it is becoming boring day by day. just like suhani si ek ladki type serial. waste serial

  2. Good Adi do what jhanvi want I think she is your better half kaka has no hair but he proved today he has no brain he didn’t think to put blame on jhanvi if u are elder in ur house u think twice to say or do something Adi respect u that’s why he didn’t do anything but if I was there ur head will be broken half old mental

  3. Sam u r right today adi and kaka.conversation good.
    Adiand nisha. Scene 2conversation is better
    Precap adi and janvi conversation is the best.

  4. Yes adi u r blood pressure becomes high today but tomorrow onwards it becomes normal
    Nisha has already digged grave forherslf….
    Real maza from tomorrow onwards…cool adi … we will also cool.and enjoy

  5. Hi atiba today epi is awesome.same time conversation r important and lengthy
    Without cutting[detection] pasting just u have typedall the conversation elaborately and. No hesitation thanx a lot….this is the turning point of adi and janvi’slife thanks atiba once again….

  6. Ohh god this Kaka, don’t have any commen sence at all (Nisha u b*t*h u r going to pay what you have done for keep digging ur grave) all the best! And janu ur mom told u not to do it but thn you force to do it think that mom always says the ryt path

  7. Day by day I am finding this nisha more disgusting n even kaka he is too anoying…acts like a stubborn n baba at the time of need his memory is blank…n even kaki didn’t trust adi but now I guess adi has developed feelings for janu…the way he fought with his family for janu was fab…precap was the best…

  8. Jhanvi as Suha pls

    Wish they show turns like old suhashini, rekha movie.. Where rekha blames character of suhashini saying that suhashini is having affair with her husband.. Everyone insult suhashini and she will lose her job too.. There suhashini’s mamaji ask her to fight back ..

    Just like jhanvi, suhashini asks help of rekha’s husband… Next morning she enters rekha’s house and create a drama that she will again live here as wife of her husband as she blamed her having affair with him.

    First rekha thinks suhashini will herself get insulted and leave. But slowly when her kids start living suhashini she gets fear.

    Even people tell rekha to divorce her husband as other woman entered her house.

    But rekha knows that her husband is innocent and she can’t lose her husband. Finally she confessed her foul play in front of everyone saying suhashini and her husband both are pure..

    Hope track turns like this.

  9. I agree with Sam… Kaka have have no brain.. I hate Nisha she have corrupted mind, she is disgusting. how can she trap innocent Jhanvi.. She dig her own grave..

  10. Mujhe to is kaka ka affair lag rha h nisha ke sath both disgusting

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