shot 5
leap of 3 mnths
Ragsan were sleeping.. .door bell rings.. .
Rag:sanskar sanskar (pats him)
Rag:someone is knocking the main door
San:go and open it ragu.. I’m feeling sleepy scared. .u go. Time is 11.55 pm
San:jerks ..who is in this time?k u wait here I will go and see.. .
As soon as he came to hall… Lights came… He was wondered by seeing the decorations.. Before he could react, all together “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANSKAR “..he smiles by seeing his pappa and Ragini and his smile fades by seeing his ma. ..
After he cuts the cake, he feed his pappa and Ragini, and when Sumi opened her mouth, he gave it in her hand… And went to his room. .

Sumi:its been 3 months.. Till she cries. …rag and Ram consoled her
@ragsan room
Rag:do u think whatever you r doing is right?? I thought u need time for forgive her? But no u need time for thinking how to hurt her? Do u know how much pain she is going through for the past 3 months?
San:looks on.. Ragini
Rag:cuts him everyone will do mistakes, but they need chance to rectify it, by saying she angrily sleeps on one side of bed
San:reminds Ragini words and his mom love towards him.. He cries and tries to sleep, but doesn’t,after few minutes he went down and saw his mom also crying,, he went toward her..
Sumi:beta u didn’t sleep
San:immediately hugs her,, Sry ma I hurted u…
Sumi:was on cloud nine,, she pats him happily.. U forgiven me.. Ram see my son he has forgiven me…. All smiles with teary eyes
San broke the hug and went,, after few seconds, came with a cake forward it to sumi
..both ate together with teary eyes…
After few minutes… @ragsan room
Rag:crying baby
San:smiles ,,pulls her towards him
Rag:u know how much happy I’m today.. She kisses his cheek
San:me too.. by saying he hugs her tightly and dozed off…
Rag:close ur eyes
Rag:removes a ring in her finger and puts in sanskar’s finger(as a birthday gift) ….do u like it..
San:looks at her finger, then his
Rag:my mom gave it to me,she says it will protect us from evil things
San:but ur mom gave this to u, y
Rag:u and me are not different sanskar, v r one soul
San smiles and hugs her… Both were lost in the hug..
Rag composes :sanskar leave me
San:tighens his grip and nods as no(with closed eyes)
Rag:dont u want to go to office
San:no ,let b like this for few minutes
Rag:smiles ,,after 5 minutes
Rag:sanskar plz if someone come
San:its k,no one will come.. He hugs her tightly
Rag:k.dont u want to know how much i love you
San:jerks and opened his eyes(reminding their first kiss) and breaks the hug, pouts his lips indicating for a kiss..
Rag:smiles and pushed him and went downstairs by showing her tongue..
Rag got a call from sharmitha..
Rag:aunty how r u? How is swara and uncle
Shar:all r fine beta,, swara got a wedding proposal, everyone likes it,, once u and sanskar come and meet him
Rag:nods happily (fb shown where sharmitha met with a accident how Ragini gave blood to her and how she cared her during her hospital stay,, and how sharnitha changes her behavior by seeing her love)
Ragini is lying in the bed and reading magazines…
San was admiring her by lying beside her..
After few minutes
San:goes close towards her and sensuously passed his hand inside her bare waist.. And nuzzle his nose in her ear..
Rag:stammers Wat r u doing
San:husikly don’t u know
Rag:blushes and turns towards him and hugs him
San:smiles and kissed on her neck And started removing her blouse knot ,ragini breaths heavily…
San:breaks the hug without any warning captured her lips with his… And covered themselves in a blanket…

Rag:is that meeting was successful
Rag:smiles,,I know my hubby will win
San:pulls her and made her sit in his holding her waist and kissed her
San:do u know Ragini this is not success for
San:not only for me,for a man, success is in his wife hand,, a girl who came for her by leaving her parents, her desires, her wishes, her ambition, her everything only to stand beside his husband in every thick and thin, without excepting in return.. If the man succeeded in making her girl happier, then only He can say as a successful man.. Because u r not only WIFE for me,, u r my LIFE
RAG:looks at him lovingly and hugs him..
Do u want to know when women will get happiness
Rag:when they get caring uncle and aunt,, like pappa and ma, caring husband like u… She pecks his lips and lovable children,, like v r going to get by saying she placed his hand on her waist…
San:shocked rag Ragini r u serious
Rag:nods and smile with moist eyes
San :hugs her,,, thank u thank u thank u so much.. I’m very happy.. I’m going to became paappa he smiles widely and carried her spins her happily…..

Episode ends with spinning of ragsan with smiling face

I don’t know how to write epilogue,, Sry if you don’t like it,,, it’s my first try…thank u for ur response for this ff
Everyone asked to extend our love story but I didn’t get any idea,, sry guys so I’m ending it with 4 to 5 episode

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