Shot 4
San is crying in park.. .
His inner soul ::u deserve it sanskar for ur selfishness….U married her because u love her but she married u for her uncle and sister and not for u…..u knew it right but u didn’t care it so u deserve it. ..he cries. ….may be she is trying to fulfil her duties that’s it.. Not more than that.. .she worried for u and hugged u(accident incident) it’s Becaz of care humanity,,u can name it whatever u want but definitely it’s not LOVE sanskar. .hope u understand.. .he cries badly… .

After few minutes… As soon as he reached home. .
Ragini :Goes towards him,, sanskar
San:smiles fakely..its k Ragini I can understand.. I’m sorry..I promise I’ll not come in ur way hereafter..
Before Ragini could speaks he went to dinning area.. She feels bad
@dining area
San was hurt. .he doesn’t eat.. Just sitting in front of the food blankly
Suja:beta Wat happened?? Eat.. Ragini gives the curry to him (she forwards a bowl)
Rag:nods ,,abt to put curry in his plate
San:eyes widens by seeing burn mark on her hand,, he suddenly holds her hand, worriedly Ragini Wat happen..
Rag:vo vo(reminds how Rahul put hot oil)
Suj:while cooking she accidentally splits oil in her hand (Sujatha also unaware of Rahul’s doings)
San:wrdly Ragini y u shouldn’t b careful? Who told u to do this works? Have u met doctor? What he told? He scolded her with love
Rag:just lost in his face and words
Suj:beta it happened before 2 days… Now she is fine (in mind Wat magic she has done to my son)
Rag:composes I’m fine now…
San:composes nods and leaves her hand (in mind Wat I’m doing again)

@night ragsan room
San:i over reacted in dining area.. I’m sorry sometimes I forgot my limits.. I won’t do it again. ..
Rag became teary. ….both didn’t get sleep after much effort sanskar dozed off…
Ragini:goes towards her sanskar. ..and carcasses his hair lovingly…
Y do u love me this much,eventhough I’m giving pain to u? ..she silently sobs.. .and kissed on his cheek where she slapped.. And saw his face reminds all her moments with him,, a small smile crept on her face….

Next day
Sanram goes to office ..Sujatha went to temple.. ragini woke up from sleep lately as she didn’t sleep properly @night…
She saw time, OMG time is 9.30. She jerks and went down…
Rag:she saw no one is there in home.. Calls aunty aunty
Rahul:she has gone to temple..
Rag:scared. Sanskar… Uncle
Rahul:smirks they went to office.. Only u and me today… I got a perfect time with you by saying he moves close to her..
Rag:dont dare to come near me
Rahul:how can I miss this opportunity.. Before she runs, he holds and pinned her… Do u know how much beautiful u r
Rag:cries and pushes him.. Both were running.. At last she took knife and warned him and closed the door before he enters…
She threw the knife and leaned to the door wall and cries badly ..fell unconscious.. …

Here Rahul knocks the door badly… Angrily today u escaped but I’ll make you soon as mine…

Doctor :nothing to worry.. She is stressed and she didn’t eat properly… Now she is fine
San:shall I met her
Doctor :nods
As soon as he entered saw Ragini…. He cried badly.. Sits beside her and holds her hand..
By feeling wetness over her hand.. She woke up. …
Rag:san sanskar
San:looked at her and smile with teary eyes…
Rag:im fine.. Plz she forwards her hand to wipe his tears
San:holds her hand and pulled into a bone crushing hug… Im sorry… I love you… I’m sorry
Rag:pats him.. See nothing happened.. Plz don’t cry? ..
San:breaks the hug.. R u k
Rag:nods .
San:kissed her all over her face and again hugs her… I Won’t Leave you. ..i wont..
Rag smiles and hugs him back(she forgets all her pain)
After few minutes
Ram Sujatha came to see Ragini… Sujatha immediately holds her legs… I’m sorry beta. Plz forgive me.. Plz she cries
Rag:aunty Wat r u doing..
San angrily to ram:y she has come..
Suja:beta plz
San:angrily plz don’t call me as beta
Rag was confused….. (fb shows when Sujatha returns from home saw Rahul’s bad behavior towards Ragini. Wat he said after she closed the door and angrily goes towards him and slaps him badly and handovered him to police,, with the help of them brought Ragini to hospital and called sanram told everything, including her behavior to Ragini)
San:plz Ragini.. Turns towards Ram papa plz tell her to go
Ram holds crying Sujatha went out. .
Even though Ragini tries to convince him.. He is adamant…
After a day from hospital..
Sujatha stops Ragini to enter into the house and bring Aarthi…
San:dont need of fake concern
Sujatha eyes became moist and Ragini too feels bad…
Suj:ragini I’m sorry I didn’t she cries
Rag:hugs her… Aunty.. Is this correct.. Maa should never apologize to her daughter…if u say sorry to me again… Then I won’t talk to you maa.. Shall I call u as maa…
Suj:how good u r?? But I.. She hugs her again…
@ragsan room
Rag:sanskar plz understand. .mom was scared of losing you that’s y she did
San:oo that’s y she did like this.. Little angrily don’t give lame excuses for her wrong things.. Plz..u better don’t interrupt in it He angrily went
Rag eyes became moist ..
San gets Wat he told (he said it in anger) he immediately came back, hugs her tightly. ….
I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you, I said it in anger.. Even I want to forgive e her but I can’t.. I need time Ragini. He cries by holding her waist tightly…
Rag:smiles and hugs him… This much love on me… She queries
San:nods (still hugging)
Rag:smilez then don’t u want to know how much i love you
San:immediately breaks the hug and looked her
Rag: blushes and tiptoed covering his lips with hers….. Sanskar widened his eyes…..

Hope u like it… Don’t worry epilogue is there as per ur request.. Thought of finishing in 3 shots but became 5 shots including epilogue

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