Shot 3
@night.. ..
Ragini is thinking of rahul’s behavior towards her.. She reminds how he intensely saw her, his talks, and how he touched her hand wen she forwards food for him. .after few minutes she brushed of her thoughts, by saying, ,(to herself) “no Ragini u r over thinking… he is ur devar. .dont think in a wrong way in one meet itself …
She saw time, which shows 10..she knew he has meeting so he will be late but it’s too late so she called sanskar but he doesn’t pick her call..

After few minutes. ..
Rag phone ringed. ..caller Id as ramprasad.. She picked it
Rag:worriedly uncle y u both didn’t cum till yet

Ram:beta our car met with a accident and.. .(before he could tell further. His call was disconnected)
Rag:became more worried. .uncle. .and. ..and.. Wat happen to sanskar (tears starts to flow on her eyes)

Scene shift to accident place. .where car was damaged by hit by a another car.. But luckily nothing happened to both of them
San:pappa Wat happen
Ram:i called Ragini but it was disconnected in middle..
San:wait I will call her and he saw the phone which doesn’t have signal. ..
Ram:wat… call quickly
San:no signal…
Ram:k leave anyway v will reach within 10 minutes to our home. ..(by saying both get into the another car.. Which was send by his manager)
San simply nods

After 20 minutes
As soon as bell sound occurs. ..
She immediately opened the door. …(her eyes r red)
As soon as sanskar Saw her
San:ragini Wat happen (his sentence left in middle)
Rag:cries more and hugs him tightly as much as possible. cracking voice I knew nothing will happen to u.. I knew.. I knew.. .she cries
San:pulled her out of the hug…see Ragini I’m fine… Nothing happened to me.. He cupped her face.. Plz don’t cry.. .
Rag:nods and again hugs him ….

Ram who saw this.. .smiles and eyes to sanskar and went to his room.. .

San:nods (to Ram) and hugs her back for consoling.. .both are in the Same position for few minutes… ..
San:(whenn he doesn’t hear her crying sound) Little bit loudly thank god I didnt get like this warm welcome in any place.. Hope I will get it daily
Rag:who came to senses,, jerks and looks at him who is smiling. ,sorry
San:it means I’ll not get warm welcome like this daily.. HE pouts
Rag:looks at him both had a deep eye lock….
Rag :composes. .uncle said accident

San::hmm but nothing happened. .see.. He tells her everything… Ragini nods….

Sanskar is not getting sleep by thinking of Ragini ‘S act.. He is smiling.. Blushing by thinking of it
He get down from the sofa and goes towards the bed where Ragini is sleeping.. He sits beside her and holds her hand…
San:(to sleeping Ragini) u know Ragini today how much happy I’m…. Even though I hate tears in ur eyes.. But somewhere in my heart I liked it today because it for me.. U cried for me… U cared for me… His eyes became moist… It’s enough for me.. He goes towards her and peck her forehead… And smiles.. Mrs sanskar.. I think U started falling for me.. He smiles widely and went to his place and dozed off….

Next day afternoon
Ragini :sanskar u came this much early
San:sadly hmm
Rag:y r u sad
San:i have to leave to London evening, becaz of business matters.. I will return after 5 days oly
Rag:its good only na. For our business only u r going then y ur sad
San:in mind I will miss you my dear wife
Rag:shakes him..wat
San:(came to sense) nothing.. I will get ready plz help me for packings.. And went
As soon as he went
Rag to herself…5 days …without u… Her heart pinches but she consoled herself..

San bid bye to everyone… Lastly he goes to Ragini.. And says bye.. She nods..
And he turns to leave and after few steps.. He again came back…
San:thank god I forgot my important file, Ragini it’s in the bureau.. Plz bring it..
Rag:she nods and went..
Rag was searching for the file in a bureau…
Suddenly she hears sanskar ‘S voice
Rag:turns ..sanskar file is not there

Rag:sorry for wat(confused)
San:for this by saying he hugs her tightly….. I’m going to miss you Ragini. .I don’t want to go.. But it’s important… Wat I’ll do.. Hope this 5 days will run faster. .And I love you.. I love you till my last breath…
Rag was just frozen and lost in his hug… When she is abt to hug…
Ram called sanskar from downstairs… He left her immediately… Ragini composes…
San:sorry Again (before Ragini could react) he pecks her forehead and runs downstairs as soon as possible..
Rag blushes by his act and touches her forehead….

After 4 days… Ragini is crying badly by sitting in the garden by thinking of some bitter moments,, where Rahul is touching her hand in name of helping when she is doing dough …other scene when she warned him, Rahul said to Sujatha that she is seducing him and she too trusted his words.. And calls her a character less girl… And other scene.. When he tries to back hug her how she slapped him.. And other scene how he puts hot oil in her hand while she is cooking as a revenge of her slap…. She cries badly… And suddenly she feels some one beside her

Rahul:y r u crying dear… He goes close to wipe her tears
Rag:jerks and back off.. Tries to leave..
Rahul:immediately holds her hand and pulled her closely.. ..y u didn’t like me
Rag:cries struggle in his hold.. I’m ur bhabhi..
Rahul:when no one in this house accept u as their daughter in-laws.. Then how could became my bhabhi.. My lovable ragu… She struggles and he moves close to her to kiss her
Rag:by using all her strength she pushed him and runs to her room….
Cries badly by thinking of the awful moment….
After few minutes when her heart became soothe… She goes towards the window and closed her eyes feeling the breeze… Suddenly she felt a hand over her waist…

She cries by closing her eyes and turns and slap him hardly………
Rag:bent on his knee… Plz leave me.. Leave me…
Voice:in cracking voice I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you
Rag:to herself sanskar.. Opened her eyes and saw sanskar standing in front of her (with hurt guilt pain in his eyes)
San:im sorry Ragini… By saying he went by hiding her tears…..
Rag:san..sanka (words are not coming from her mouth as she was in deep pain) (guys she was not in the state to recognize her husband touch)

Sanskar is crying badly by thinking of the slap… She didn’t love me.. She will never love me.. He is continuously saying this to himself by crying…..

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