Shot 2
Ragini is lost in sanskar words.. .
Swara:thinking about sanskar
Rag:widenes no wat r u saying.. Nothing like that
Swara:ragu but I think he is a correct person for you. ..dont u see his pureness of love when he spoke with u..
Rag looks on
Swara:yeah I heard ur conversation.. .he loves you so much
Rag:no Swara it\’s not
Swara:cuts her.. Imagine if he comes to meet you.. If he doesn\’t had confusion in our names. .then definitely u will marry him. .right
Swara:plz think Ragini. .dont interfere me in ur love story. ..Plz say k to this marriage. At least for my sake
Rag:no I can\’t.. saying she went.. .

Swara:in mind how to make this girl to understand.. ..

She(swara) went to her parents room.. And talked about it.. at first sheksharmitha were anger at last sheker accepted it but not sharmitha…she angrily went…

Sheker:im very happy today.. I thought my daughter is kid but she got matured
Swara:smiles but pappa
Shekar:dont worry I\’ll make her understand
Swara:not only ma but also Ragini..
Shekar looks on (she tells everything to him whatever happened in mall and their room conversation)
Shekar smiles and hugs her :im proud of you. ..
Shekswara after so much of effort makes Ragini to accept the proposal.. .And sharmitha also unwillingly accepted…

Sanskar who came to know about this.. Was very happy and on cloud nine. mind i know Ragini u will accept this marriage because I have trust in my love… He blushes.. ..

Soon their marriage happened.. sanskar tied mangalsutra on her neck and made as her wife… All were happy except sharmitha.. .
Sujatha who saw sharmitha\’s dull face goes towards her …im sorry, don\’t worry our Swara will get better groom than my son.. .

Sharmitha:im not worrying about my daughter.. I\’m worrying about you..
Suj:wat ….
Shar:yeah she (Ragini) might be good in look but not in her acts.. .she will definitely break ur son mom relationship. ..
Suj:no way.. My son won\’t do that
Shar:exactly ur son won\’t do that but this girl make ur son to do so.. Do you know one more thing she had a boyfriend in her college.. She left him intelligently when she got sanskar\’s proposal ..
Suj:eyes welled up then y don\’t u tell to me before itself..
Shar:cries I\’m afraid if you people believe me or not.. But I can\’t hide it. ..Don\’t treat her as ur daughter in-laws, just treat her as ur servant.. Then only u can live without any fear.. If u give all the rights to her then she will snatch all the rights of u….

Suj went….. By thinking of her words… .
Shar in mind I won\’t let u be happy.. U have to bear it for snatching my daughter happiness

Swara:jiju..i want to talk to u alone
San:tell Swara..
Swara:actually didi doesn\’t want this marriage now as she is thinking. ….(she dragged)
San looks on
Swara:so pappa and me convinced her.. Plz make a promise to Me that you will always stand for my Didi
San:smiles and nods..

Ragini is nervously sitting in the bed…

San came and sits beside her and took her hands in his… …
San:do u know Ragini how much happy I\’m.. .atlast v both r married and my happiness is beyond the limits.. And I know u didn\’t ready for the relationship now.. No worries.. I will wait until you accept me from your heart.. He winks at her… Gud n8 by saying he went to sofa and slept….
Rag:who listened his words,, felt happy that he respects her feelings too… She blushed by staring at her hand which sanskar touched and slept…..

Sujatha who saw Ragini going towards her room with coffee for sanskar.. Stops her…
Suj:i will give ,,u go and do household works…
Rag:but aunty
Suj:no but ..go (said strictly)
San who came from washroom.. Saw Sujatha with coffee in her hand…
San:ma where is Ragini…
Suj:she is in kitchen..
San nods

Suj:(with rude voice) have u done all the works.. Which I told mrng
Rag:simply nods. .
Suj:now go and clean the car… Go
Rag nods and starts cleaning the car with moist eyes….
Ram who came from jogging see this…
Beta y r u doing this… At that time sanskar also come And saw her
San:ragini y r doing this
Suj who saw it.. Immediately goes towards them… I told her not to do.. But she is adamant…
San:mom y u let her
Rag:sanskar I only voluntarily did it… Aunty advised me not to do
Ram:but beta workers are there.. U come
Rag:its k uncle.. V should do our household works.. So I will do…
San:wat Ragini says is right.. V should do our household works.. So Ragini u better continue ur work..
Sujatha smiles.. Rams looks on
San:i will help you in ur work… (Sujatha smile vanishes and Ram smiles)
Ram drags Sujatha inside. .
Suja:y u dragged me
Ram:they need private time like us… He winks
Suj:hits him and went

Rag:sanskar plz u go.. I will do it
San#:v should do our household works… He winks
Rag glares,, he pout… By seeing his pout she smiles…
San:u look beautiful whenever you smile…
Rag:looks on… Both had deep eye lock…..
Soon composes and did their work…

Day passes by Sujatha angry towards her increasing…….. And sanskar showered all his love towards her..

Leap of one month
Rahul:hi aunty..missed u by saying he hugs Sujatha
Suj:happily hugs him and calls sanskar and ram
Sanram came and hugged him…
Rag who came from kitchen looked at them…
San:ragini he is my cousin (Sujatha \’S brother son) Rahul and Rahul she is ur bhabhi
Rahul:namastey and looked at her intensely
Rag:gets uncomfortable with him… I will bring something to drink by saying she runs to kitchen…
Sanram:k v will go to office now… By saying sanskar goes inside the kitchen
Suj:u go beta.. I will tell to her…
San nods and went…

Suj:thank god u cam.. It\’s ur responsibility to get her out of this house..
Rahul:dont wry I\’ll do it for u.. Both join their hands

Surprised right…. I got time today so I posted…. Thank you.. Hope you like it…….
I will try to upload tmrw itself either our love story or my W(l)ife…..shot 3 will have romance

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