Guys its a 3 shot ff. ..hope you like it

Shot 1
One house is shown
Shekar :how can v get marry our daughter. .when there is a elder daughter
Sharmitha:yells at him.. Wat r u talking. .she is just ur sister’s daughter…for god sake v both r her guardian not parents… God has sent this alliance to my daughter, don’t spoil it. …
Shekar nods and worries.. A girl who saw this from far Came to him..

Girl:uncle u did many things to me.. .its enough for me.. .moreover I got ur love. ..after my parents passed away, u protected me in every thick and thin. ..and today whatever I’m it’s becaz of u.. she holds his hand
Shek: but beta.. Ur marriage is also my responsibility
Girl:yeah it will happen. .but now be happy. ..tmrw they are going to cum to see swara. ..she hugs him.. And girl is revealed as ragini

Sharmitha saw this ,,
After few minutes
Shar:wow super acting
Shar:dont act..i know abt u.. I’m not that fool (shear) to fall in ur trap cracking voice its not like that
Shar:can u plz stop ur drama,, I’m seeing this for past 15 yrs… angrily leaves.. .
Ragini cries.. .

Next day

One branded car came in front of the house,, where shekar and sharmitha was waiting ….

One family came out of the car with a broad smile. ..

Shekshar: namastey. ..plz come in..
With a broad smile all came in and sitted..
Guy:(he is continuously searching for someone)
Sujatha:(silently towards him) my dear beta, ,this much desperate to see ur wife.. Oh Sry Sry ur lover
Guy:blushes and the guy is revealed as sanskar. .
Sujatha:omg my son is blushing.. I want to see that girl who make my son like this
Ram:(who saw both of them talking to each other) :sujatha Wat u both are doing. …
Sujsan:nods as nothing….
Shekar:sharmitha go and bring swara
San:swara ,calls her name to his self and blushes..
as soon as Swara came with a cups of coffee.. All became happy by seeing her
Suja:hits his son’s shoulder,, she is cute…
But sanskar widened and worried…
And immediately gets up from his seat..
San:tensedly I’m Sry uncle and aunty.. I don’t know want to tell..
All :wat happened
San:i didn’t came to see her..
Shekar got angry… :wat r u speaking, u only told u have seen my daughter some were.. And u liked her and wants to marry her.. Now Wat happen. .I liked ur approach and ur family that’s y I accepted but that doesn’t means u can do and talk like this. .

Sujatha:bhaiya calm down.. I will ask him …sanskar wats this
San::ma.. Girl which I told to u is not her..
Suja:plz see her properly once
San:mom her face is in my heart…she is not that girl…He goes towards swara… Sorry swara I knew I hurted u ..but it will last for only few days but if I accept this marriage for all of ur sake,, our lives became hell.. So plz, apologize me.. By saying he tries to go

Voice:one minute…
San turns towards that voice.. His heart flutters in joy…
Rag:sanskar plz reconsider ur
San interrupt her… I came to meet her… Happily she is my love.. My love..
All got widened their eyes..
San immediately goes towards her… I don’t know ur name.. I don’t know anything about u.. Will you marry me
Rag:shocked ..wat r u speaking.. Don’t u have sense.. Came to see my sister and wants to marry me.. No I..
Sharmitha:angrily will you people plz get out from my house
Shar:plz get out..And she drags Ragini and Sara to their room

Sheker who witnessed this has mixed feelings.. Sad for his daughter and happy for his another daughter (Ragini)
Sanskar :plz uncle at least you under me.. I didn’t do this intentionally.. Plz
Before shekar speaks,, sharmitha came and drag him into the room..

Sanramsuj left out
After few minutes
Sharmitha:i don’t know u know black magic too
Rag:looks on
Shar:he has seen u only once and got in love with you.. How u trapped him
Rag:cries aunty Wat r u speaking
Shar:again started ur act… Huff.. She went..

Ragini cries by thinking of sharmitha words….

Swara who passes the Ragini room saw her crying. ..
Swara:hey ragu Wat happened
Rag:immediately hugs her and cries…
In cracking voice I didn’t do anything.. Plz trust me..
Swara pulled her out of the hug.. My dear ragu who told I doubted u.. I know abt my sister.. If he doesn’t accept me.. don’t I get another proposal.. If you cry like like this I’ll tell to pappa
Rag:no no I won’t cry..
Swara :good… Sleep well.. Good night
Rag:good night..

Next day morning
Swara and Ragini went to shopping mall
Swara:i will trail this dress…
Rag:nods..after Swara left…
One guy pulled Ragini…
Rag:widened sanskar..
San:plz I want to talk to u
Rag#i don’t want to talk to you… First leave my hand
San:plz I beg you.. Just 10 minutes… I won’t disturb you after that.. Plz..
Rag#looked into his eyes which r moist, shows fearness of losing her… Nods..

San:i have seen u before a month.. One guy proposed u at that time.. U said to him u will love him but if you get another better person u will leave him and that guy cursed u and went.. I was shocked by ur reply but wen ur Friend ask u said u r not interested in love and if you say this to him.. He will lose his life because he loves you truly but now he will starts to hate u…and after that I again saw u in a temple… Where you are helping poor needy people and again in a call center company (I came to know u r working as a part time jober) and everymonth u go to orphanage to handover a money u have earned a month.. u love ur uncle and aunt… U r scared of cockroach.. Ur favorite color is blue.. Ur ambition is to became engineer and u r going to succeed in it.. U never hurt anyone in ur dreams too.. Last but not least.. Yesterday only I came to know this ur name is fate played in it…
Rag:wondered stammers how do u
San:i was following you since 1 month after that proposal incident and I liked u in ur way.. When ur group of friends call at u as swara.. I thought ur name is Swara ,but actually they are addressing ur sister who is beside u
Rag:glares him
San:promise yesterday only I go through all ur incident.. And I identified my stupidity.. Plz don’t leave me for my stupidity…
Rag:sanskar u know everything about me but how did you forget this.. I will marry the person whomever my uncle aunt decides and moreover my swara.. Do you know how much pain she goes through yesterday because of ur single mistake.. Hope you will understand.. U will get better person than me or u might think I doesn’t deserve you…. Sry don’t mistake me… She leaves but somewhere in her heart it pinches… ..

Swara who hears all this from far feels bad for sanskar.. In mind i should unite u both.. It’s not only for u sanskar Sry jiju it’s for my ragu who deserves it pure love…. ..

Ragini saw swara standing over there being lost..
Rag”swara Wat happened
Swara :nothing shall v leave
Both nods and headed

Here sanskar is shown whose eyes is moist.. My love toward u is increasing Ragini… Definitely I’ll make you love me…..

Thank you for ur response for my ff.. Thank you for ur love.. Sorry for not replying for ur comments

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