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I m a big fan of iss pyar ko Kya naam Don of course our arnav and khushi and their full cast?I didn’t watch any searial with interest but I like ishqbaaz story cuz it seriously resembles ipkknd story itx every episode remembers me of arnav and khushi?remember how arnav and khushi hate eachother and meet again and again itx same like shivaye and anika they too meet again and again and fight?

Nd omkara and ishana story is like akash and payal though their life’s are different but it seems like they r really meant like them?
Like arnav love his sister from the core and can do anything for anjali shivaye too loves his brothers a lot and can do anything only to bring smile on their face?
Apart from this khushi enter in raizada mansion for lavanya and here anika enter for marriage of Tia it seems like their story??

In short
This drama is same like ipkknd though this searial isn’t fully like ipkknd and trust me guyx I can’t say this cuz arnav and khushi were the best and no one or none of the searial can never take their place?ipkknd was the best and is still best❤️love them lots❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nd ya ishqbaaz story seems interesting if the writers goes on like this they will make it one of the best searial wish them a best of luck??hope they reach their goals✌?️but one important thing they can’t take ipkknd place?ipkknd will always be alive in my heart and hotstar lol?

Do share ur views gux don’t both searials resembles eachother?tell me ur views through comments?at last will say miss ipkknd badly arshi u were the best plz come back plz?do comment?

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  1. Yeah! You are right ipkknd is the best 🙂

  2. Wen i saw the first epi it reminded me abt ipkknd…wenevr i see anika and shivaye fighting…i miss arnav and kushi…evn i feel d same…

  3. Yup i felt the same…

    In ishqbaaz i really liked the brothers love.. its like wowowow…. especially rudrs timing comedy… and yeah ipkknd has spl place in cinema industry.. if ishqbaaz moves with the same charm.. it may come no.1 serial like ipkknd…

  4. No way in hell is ishqbaaz coming any closer in comparison to iss pyaar ko kya naam Doon nor in another hell I find Anika and shivaye pairing closer to Arnav and Khushi. Ridiculous.

  5. I’m a die heart fan of IPKKND…nd of crs…ArShi.It’s obvs no one can rplc thm…

  6. well both have
    same director , …Lalit Mohan
    same producer, …Gul Khan
    same production company,…4 Lions Films
    even though the thread of the story (Anshi’s) is same, detailing is different,including siblings bond….

    1. Khushi was a sweet,cute girl,,,.Khushi feared Arnav and his method was to first torture and then care …
      Anika is shown as a bold and strong girl,,,.lyk last tym when Shivaaye pushed her to the wall,she pushed him back….Anika overpowers Shivaaye most tym…
      All ur views are right,,,bt can’t say that Ishara story is same as Akash-Payal story,,,…both are totally different
      Khushi changed Arnav and he smiled after yrs bcoz of her,,,,,here Anika will change Shivaaye’s view abt poor ppl
      may be like Lavanya, Tia will also leave their lives her own ….

      Bt I think abt all these similarities only wen I see any comments abt that,,,while watching the show ,I thoroughly enjoys it

      1. IPKKND is the best,,,it maintained it charm throughout the season,,,,hope Ishqbaaz will do the same,,,..#LuvIPKKND #LuvISHQBAAZ

      2. Amanigatta

        Ya ri8 thought about it after aploading akash and Payal were diffrent anyways thanks dear for sharing ur views?

  7. Hahaha I felt the same too

  8. Ha ipkknd best

  9. Asr is best shivaya waste Kushi best Anika waste

  10. Makers don’t be copy cats

    1. Hey ,makers are same and dont atleast call them waste tgey are incredibly awesome

  11. yes, I also felt the same…
    it is just like ipkknd…
    it is the only reason for watching this show..

  12. Amanigatta

    Thankx guyx for sharing ur views?THANKYEW emz,fasa,stef,arshi,jasmine.arShi,roz,kugi,

  13. Jigaysa

    Ishqbaaz is an interesting serial and shivaye-anika jodi has similarities with arnav-khushi jodi but the plot is different

  14. totally agreed to u that no one could take the place of Arnav and Khushi in our hearts and story is interesting but don’t want any of the heroin in negative role

  15. moosa punjwani

    Ya I’m also missing ipkknd

  16. Arshi…is just awesome guys…ipkknd is rock …nd ishqbaaz is also going rockz

  17. Ipkkmd is beyond perfection .Arshi is top.of the world ??? missing it to the core 🙁

  18. Ipkknd is beyond perfection .Arshi is just top of the world ??? missing it and them to the core 🙁

  19. RiyaDcruz

    Same yaar i too thought the same bt no one can replace arshi………… dey r the bessttteessstttttt…………

  20. Megha

    There’s no comparison between IPKKND and Ishqbaaz. Both are different.

    1. Arnav’s family wasn’t like that of Shivaay. While the Raizada’s loved each other truly and everyone was good and happy, the Oberoi’s aren’t like them. Tej-Jhanvi, Tej-Shakti, Om-tej and more of such are so complex to understand. Uncle Tej has a mistress! And Shevtlana’s character to has so many layers that it is hard to understand her.

    2. Shivaay and Arnav are poles apart. While Arnav’s anger towards Khushi was half illogical, Shivaay’s isn’t. Why always Arnav manhandled Khushi? Just because he thought that she was his rivals prawn to destroy his fashion show! Well Shivaay got a stronger reason to do what he’s doing. He thinks that it was Anika who leaked that video of Tej and Shevtlana, he also heard her taking about money when they were at police station to find that chip. Is a misunderstanding but Shivaay really thinks that Anika is behind ask that and H how Onkara reacted after watching that video, angered Shivaay more. He cant handle a scratch on his brothers, an attempt to suicide made him go crazy. So Shivaay is doing ask this to make Anika confess that she’s behind that video leak.

    3. Anika is so not like Khushi! Okay Khushi was adopted by did her first parents tortured her? Have you seen how that bua of hers treat Anika and Sahil? Anika not only lost her parents but she also lost her little sister white dead or alive, we don’t know. Anika feasts darkness for some reason that isn’t yet revealed. Khushi did faced Arnav strongly but still at times we could see that Arnav was the dominant one. But here things are different, Anika is so bold, crazily talkative and really clever. I am not calling Khushi lies clever but Anika just streaks the show. If you have seen the recent episodes, the reason sequence and the cheque part, you may have noticed that how brilliantly Anika had fooled Shivaay. She left him believe that he won the challenge by accepting that cheque but the next day she congress at the Oberoi mansion and is planning Shivaay’s wedding using his money(the cheque he gave her) and like she says, Shivaay may have the last word but she’s the full stop.

    4. Omkara and Ishana as Aakaash and Payal… That’s a big fast no! Dude! Omkara was an alcoholic, Shivaay sent him to rehab. Omkara isn’t interested in business, he’s an artist and Iahana, she’s a con woman who is forced into doing this because she has to take care of a drunkard father and protect her younger sister. Aakaash didn’t had a bitter past and Payal wasn’t conning him. Payal and aakaash came together because they loved each other but IshKara are bounded by pain, bitter memories of bitter life and the flaws they have.

    4. Lavanya loved Arnav but Tia, I don’t think she loves him. In tonight’s episode they showed that Tia’s mum is evil and wants Tia to marry Shivaay for money while this wasn’t a case with Lavanya. While Lavanya realized that ArShi are meant to be and left them in peace, I don’t think Tia would do the same.

    So if we consider ask the above things, I would say that Ishqbaaz is only 5% IPKKND (just because like Arnav loved Anjali, Shivaay loves his brothers)

    I am sorry if I hurt anyone by saying ask this.

  21. Amanigatta

    Ya ri8 girl but I was just comparing anika and shivaye love story nothing else nd I had tell it before that akash and Payal and ishakara comparison was wrong?Nd ya nowadays they r showing anika clever that’s gud?No need to be sorry?it was just an article

  22. Yaar anika looks bigger than shivaay and they doesn’t suit

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