Hello guys!!! I am kiara back with another OS on rikara. I hope you all remember me from the previous OS I wrote on rikara called the new found love. I read each and everyone of your comments and I was so happy. Thank you to those individuals who commented on my OS. I was immensely happy!!! Well since I love rikara a lot I have another OS planned for them. Hope you all enjoy this one as well. Now enough of my bak bak and let’s start!!!

I’ll start from when gauri finds the real svetlana and the fake svetlana puts gauri in the freezer.

Gauri: omkara ji I have found the real svetlana. I’m bringing her to your room right now. Please be there and have the electricity back on. Bua maa must be feeling very hot and suffocated

Omkara: yes gauri I’m already in my room. Bring svetlana and I’ll have the electricity back on.

Gauri: ji omkara ji.

She ends the call and tried moving svetlana but since she just came out the freezer it was hard for svetlana to move.

Gauri: meri maa please thoda toh chalo. Agar tum nahi chali toh nakli sultana ji hume doondh legi. (My mom please try walking a little. If you don’t move then sultana ji will find us.)

She moves svetlana with her and finally after great efforts brings svetlana in the room. She makes her lie on the bed and tries waking her up. Omkara looks at svetlana and bua maa and jhanvi come in too.

Bua maa: omki why is this svetlana on your bed?

Jhanvi: yes omkara why have you both brought svetlana in here? You know how much we hate her.

Omkara: maa…bua maa this is the real svetlana

Bua maa and Jhanvi are confused and boggled.

Gauri: yes maa this is the real svetlana and the one living with us is duplicate.

Bua maa and Jhanvi get stunned. Gauri rubs svetlana’s hands and legs and prays to shankar ji to help sultana ji regain consciousness. After a few minutes svetlana wakes up with a jerk and is breathing heavily. All are stunned to see her finally awake.

Omkara sits next to her and says svetlana. She looks at him and says ji who are you? He says I’m omkara singh oberoi. He says so you know where you were this whole time?

Svetlana says no where was I? Why am I so cold? Gauri explains everything to her. She says it means she did it. Om says who? Svetlana says sherry. All look confused and together say sherry? Svetlana explains to them how years ago tej singh oberoi was responsible for her whole family’s death but it was not his fault. They were driving recklessly and that’s why they couldn’t press breaks on time but tej singh oberoi was driving correct. I tried explaining to sherry that it was not tej singh oberoi’s fault but she didn’t want to accept it.

All are stunned. Gauri says it’s means that girl who has your face and is roaming in this house as you is actually sherry!? Svetlana nods. All look at her and ask about her and her details and care for her. Gauri thinks I can’t let this sherry hurt omkara ji’s family. He is my husband and even though he doesn’t accept me as his wife and doesn’t love me, I’ll always love omkara ji and fulfill my wife duties toward him. I love omkara ji and I can do anything for him. Bas after I handle this sherry girl I’ll leave this house so omkara ji is happy. She says aloud I’ll handle this sherry. How dare she try hurting my family…she pauses and looks towards om then says I mean omkara ji’s family. He looks at her and smiles. She goes and om, bua maa, and Jhanvi handle svetlana.

Gauri: oye sherry ki bachi come out. How dare you harm the oberoi family!!? Sherry hears her and thinks so svetlana had told them the truth. Now I’ll not leave her. She comes out and from behind hits a vase in gauri’s head. She falls unconscious and sherry drags gauri to the freezer and puts her in there. She close it and says whoever comes between me and my mission will have to die. She drags the freezer behind the table like in the show DBO and goes to her room. Gauri is seen inside the freezer. 2-3 hours pass and real svetlana is asleep. Omkara thinks where is gauri? He looks here and there then thinks why am I thinking too much about her. She’ll have to leave anyways after I kick this sherry girl out. He leaves his thoughts aside and heads to his room.

He falls on his bed and tries sleeping. He is turning time and time but just can’t sleep. How can he sleep without his gauri? All these days gauri was with him but tonight she’s not there. He gets up in frustration and thinks where is gauri? She left the room 2 hours back. Why isn’t she back yet? He starts getting tensed. He waits but she doesn’t come. He thinks to check outside. He goes in the hall and tries looking for her but still can’t find her. He goes out in the garden but no she’s not there either. After all where is his gauri? Otherside shows gauri still locked in the freezer.

Om goes back in his room and walks here and there. He sits on the couch and waits for her. It’s 4 am but still no gauri. He waits for her but while waiting he falls asleep. It’s morning. Sunray’s hit omkara’s face and he wakes up. He sees the time and checks it to be 9 am. He wakes up with a jerk and says I slept for this long!? He goes in the washroom and comes out. Bua maa comes in with coffee for om. He without looking says thanks gauri! Bua maa says omki it’s me your bua maa not gauri. She laughs and omkara gets red as gauri would always bring him coffee in morning so he thought it’s her today. He says sorry bua maa I thought it’s gauri. But where is she?

Bua maa say omki dear this is why I also came. Gauri dear is always in the kitchen early morning by 7 am but today she wasn’t there in fact I don’t even think she was here in this room the whole night. Om drops the coffee cup in shock and says what! Bua maa says yes omki I actually came in your room around 4:40 to see if you’re still sleeping or not but I didn’t see gauri. Om thinks it means gauri never came after she left the room? Where did she go?

Om says bua maa I didn’t see gauri after she left svetlana’s room. I came to my room but she wasn’t there. Bua maa is shocked. She says omki is she okay? I mean no news of her or anything. Om gets worried but he doesn’t know why he is tensed for a girl like gauri. He says let’s find her. They both rush out and try looking for her. Jhanvi comes and asks them two what’s wrong.

Bua maa tells everything to Jhanvi and she also gets worried for her. All three start looking for her. Sherry in her room thinks no now everyone knows my truth and if I stay here longer then they might send me to jail. It’s better I leave from OM. yes my revenge isn’t completed yet but I’ll deal with them later. Right now I need to leave. She packs her things and grabs a gun just in case. The trio is still trying to find gauri. Om has tears in his eyes that are one by one falling but he just doesn’t know why he is feeling like he wants to cry? Why is he feeling that he has lost the other half of his life? Why is he feeling lonely? Why is he so worried for her?

Jhanvi says this way we will never find gauri. Om you know her more. Is there something or some way to get to her? A clue or something? Om thinks then recalls that time when after their marriage she was getting dressed. He goes into thoughts


It’s the day after om brought gauri to OM. she was getting dressed as a newly wedded wife. She was putting her jewelry and all on when om comes from the bathroom. He sees something shiny hitting his eye and gets annoyed. He looks up and sees it’s gauri’s gold bangles that are shining in front of his eyes. He says oye bandariya keep your bangles away from me. I don’t want them in front of my eyes. She says what if I don’t? I like having it on. He says just shut up. I said na you won’t wear those and if you want to them wear it when I’m not there. It’s shine is too bright for me. Gauri rolls her eyes and says okay whatever mr. shayari. He says what? She says nothing and removes her bangles. She leaves but before leaving says by the way if you had told me to keep the bangles on it would’ve been better. I mean just think what if I get into some trouble or I need help? How will you find me? If my bangles shine then you can easily spot me na? She says but it’s okay I’ll try not to wear it. She is about to leave when he says wait. Okay you can wear it but not because I can save you but because their given by bua maa. She nods and wears it.

om says maa bangles. Bua maa and Jhanvi are confused. Om says bua maa remember you gave gauri those gold bangles that shine a lot. Bua maa recalls and says yes. He says gauri had them on all the time. If we look for the shine then we can find her. Trio get a little hope and look for her. They split and find her. Om suddenly feels light coming on his face. He says this light. His eyes pop open and thinks this is most likely gauri’s bangle. He follows it and reaches the freezer. He says freezer? He slowly bends down and pushes it towards the living room. He sits on his knees and slowly opens the freezer hoping to not find what he thinks might be in there but to his shock he was right. There she was gauri lying in the freezer for more than 8 hours. His eyes slowly turned into big round circles and big tears started forming in his eyes. He said gauri!?

He went down and pulled her out the freezer and in bridal style carried her and slowly put her down. He looks at gauri in shock. He touched her face and neck and realizes she is frozen cold. He removes her slippers and rubs her feet to make her awake but she wasn’t responding. He rubs her hands but she wasn’t responding. He thinks I’ll have to do mouth to mouth respiration. He does the mouth to mouth respiration then pumps her heart but no she isn’t waking up. He runs to his room and grabs all the blankets and puts them around her to keep her warm. The blankets aren’t helping. He thinks to take her to the room and do something. He carries her in bridal style and takes her to his room. He places her on the bed. He moves around in his room here to there and is so tensed and confused as to how to revive gauri. First time we see tears forming in omkara’s eyes. He is very scared. He again goes near her and rubs her feet and hands and tries mouth to mouth respiration but still doesn’t work.

He says I’ll have to give her more warmth. These blankets aren’t helping. He thinks of something then holds gauri’s hands and says I’m sorry gauri please forgive me for what I’m about to do. He goes and locks his door. He pulls the curtains down and closes all windows. He comes towards the bed in front of gauri. He removes his shirt. He walks towards the bed and sleeps behind gauri. Her back was facing his face. He is so scared and nervous but has to do it for gauri he moves closer and puts his hands under the blanket. He starts removing her clothes. He throws her clothes on the floor with his shirt. He moves closer behind her and puts his body against her back and takes his hand and puts them over her waist under the blanket. He holds her close. He back hugs her and puts his face in her neck from the backside. Both of them are close and he gives his body warmth to gauri. The song beete lamhein plays in the BG from the movie train.

Beete lamhein humein jab bhi yaad aate hain Dard mein bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hain Beete lamhein humein jab bhi yaad aate hain Beete lamhein (My lips smile even in pain Whenever I recount the moments that have gone by)

Chand lamhaat ke vaaste hi sahi Muskura kar mili thi mujhe zindagi Chand lamhaat ke vaaste hi sahi Muskura kar mili thi mujhe zindagi (Though,for a few moments But life met me with a smile)

Teri aagosh mein din the mere kate Teri baaahon mein thi mere raatien kati Aaj bhi jab woh pal mujhko yaad aate hain Dil se saare ghamon ko bhula jate hai (My days were spent in your hug My nights were spent in your arms Even today when I remember those moments The make my heart forget every grief)

Dard mein bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hain Beete lamhein humein jab bhi yaad aate hain Dard mein bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hain Beete lamhein humein jab bhi yaad aate hain Beete lamhein (My lips smile even in pain Whenever I recount the moments that have gone by)

The whole day omkara was sleeping with gauri hiding her in his chest so she gets the most warmth. Finally at night around 9 pm she wakes up. Omkara senses gauri waking up and gets tensed. She opens her eyes and looks at omkara as to how close he was sleeping with her. She gets shocked but happy that her husband slept with her on the same bed. She thinks why did he do that? Omkara thinks I hope gauri doesn’t misunderstand me. He says actually gauri…she pauses him and says why are you sleeping here nervously? He gets tensed. She is about to get up but realizes omkara’s hands are touching her bare belly from under the blanket. She gets shocked and looks under and sees both of them with no clothes. Her cheeks turn red in embarrassment. Omkara tensely says gauri please don’t misunderstand me. Actually when svetlana put you in the freezer I found you after a whole day passed. You were in the freezer for so long that you weren’t having conscious and your body was cold very cold. I tried everything but it wasn’t enough so I had to give you my body warmth. I’m sorry gauri please don’t misunderstand me. She thinks omkara ji how can I ever misunderstand you. You are my husband and I know how good you are. Your heart is pure. I know you would never do anything to hurt me. But sadly I’ll have to leave now because I know you don’t love me back. Omkara thinks gauri I don’t know why but when I saw you weren’t waking up it felt as if I lost my breath. You’re my breath and I’m your life but I don’t know if you feel the same way? Yes I hated you but when I realized you were going to die I was scared to lose you. Yes gauri I love you but. Gauri thinks I’m going to leave tomorrow morning omkara ji. He turns his face a little and tears fall from his eyes while gauri turns the other way and her tears fall. Both love each other but don’t know how to confess or how the other feels.

It’s morning. Gauri is seen packing her bags and om sees that. He thinks so I was right. Gauri has no such feeling for me. He cries. Gauri is heading out but om says gauri…she pauses and smiles. She turns and says ji? He says you’re leaving? She looks down then says yes. He thinks what about yesterday? Was that nothing? He says aloud oh so are you happy to go back? She thinks no and then sadly looks up and says are you happy to see me leave omkara ji? He stays quiet. That’s it for him. He can’t hold it in anymore. He runs to gauri and gives her a tight wala hug. He cries and says gauri please I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I love you gauri I love you a lot. When you were in the freezer laying dead I thought I lost my soul. I’m very sorry gauri. I love you so so much and I can’t let you go. Please don’t go. She cries with him and hugs him back tight and says om I love you too. I have always loved you. Please don’t let me go please. He cries and says never. You will stay will me. Gauri and omkara will never separate. Suddenly two gun shots are heard. Everything goes blank. Screen turns and rotates. Everything finishes. The camera shows gauri and om laying dead in a pool of blood. The voiceover in the back says like they always said that gauri and omkara will never separate. That’s what happened. They started their life together. They ended their life together but looks like life had different plans for rikara….

5 years later……

A small girl and a small boy around the age of 5 come running in saying mumma mumma. A girl wearing a Salwar kameez and manglasutra and sindoor comes running in from the kitchen and says yes my kids. The small girls says mumma look what papa got me. The small boy says and look what papa got me too. The girl shows her doll and boy shows his car. The girl says wow my kids you all got such nice gifts. But beta where is your papa? A man with long hair comes in and says here gauri baby. All turn around and see omkara. Then camera flashes and shows gauri. Gauri says om don’t say baby and all in front o fthe kids. Gauri walks to om and holds him around his waist and hugs him. The kids come giggling and they hug om and gauri. Om says our story is truly written by god in heaven. Gauri says yes om you said truly right. The kids say how is that? Om and gauri look at the kids then camera. Gauri says aarush and aarushi that is because 5 years ago when the two gun shots were heard but….om says but they didn’t hit us they hit bua maa and maa. Yes guys the bullet hit Jhanvi and bua maa. Kids says so that’s the people who are hanging in that frame. Om and gauri walk to the two frames with the kids and says yes kids these are the people who are no more with us. They were the ones who saved your mumma-papa and svetlana was sent to jail for life because for killing bua maa and Jhanvi. Kids feel proud of the two people and says thank you to the the frame.
Om and gauri smile and both say this was our rikara story.


Okay guys i know it wasn’t that good sorry. But please do tell me if you all liked it or not? Good and bad comments are allowed. Please be honest. Also do tell me if you want me to write another OS and if so on which track. It can be a new track or something from the show.

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