Shivay he is my first love .I know him since my childhood. He is a relative of mine but not that much close relative. He is my jiju’s (cousin sister’s husband) brothers son. we
both are studies in same school .He is not
my best friend. We both are just classmates. I was starting to love him ,when I was 6 or 7years old. One day one of
our teacher says that me and shivay look
good couple, that time I was studying in 2nd standard. May be he was joking but that words strike on my little heart. I was
started to love him from that day. I believe
that he are mine. When I was studying 6th standard one of our classmates says that Shivay have a girlfriend named Anamika.
But I don’t believe this .I believe it was just a
gossip. I know that the all girls are behind him because he is the most handsome boy in our school. But he is always ignore them.
The whole school are trying to find out who
is Anamika. They didn’t get any information and shivay didn’t say anything about it. So I am sure that it’s was just a gossip. I feel
that he is loving me .But he didn’t express
his feelings. That day I was return back to my home with Advay (ASR,He is comm friend of shivika) ,we meet Shivay and Adi
(both Shivika call him like that) asked
shivay “The whole are says that Anamika is your girlfriend, is it true shivay
Iam eagerly waiting for knowing his reply.
That time he replied “ya Adi it’s was true
,Anamika is my girlfriend, but I didn’t reveal
who she is”.Till that day I believe that he too
love me ,but his words hurt my heart. I
didn’t say anything to shivay and Adi. I give
a excuse and comes to home.After come
back from school I was
cried for losting my love. I hate myself for love him. I know that he is don’t love me like
I love him . It’s was not his fault. It’s was
me expect that he love me. After that day I was didn’t talk anything to shivay and keep a distance from him. I was try to forget him
. But I can’t able to forget him. I was trying
to understand my heart that he is not mine. But when I saw him in front of my eyes my heart says to me that he is mine. Everyone
says that if a person is trying to forget
A person who she/he love , but when he/she come in front of their eyes ,their heart says that he/she is thine. It’s was
true love. So that’s why I too believe that he
is my true love and one day he will comes to my life . His family move to Delhi from Kerala( In my os shivika are malayalees ,south Indian).I don’t like to go any of our
family functions, so there is any possibility of meeting him.I live my life with hope of one day he come back to my life. I was
meet him after 8 years. I can’t express how
much Happy I’m meeting him after a long years. I want to express my feelings to him but I fears if he rejected my proposal “what
I will do?” “What he thinks about me?”So I
change my decision of proposing him.When I saw him after a long years I was noticed the happiness in his eyes .So I
thought he was love me .My feelings for
him was increased in that day .That time I was doing my MBA ( I was come to Delhi for doing my MBA, I came here for seeing him ,we both are studying in the same college) my parents bring so many
proposal for me but I always denies
the proposal and I was promised to my
parents that I will agree for marriage after
Completing my studies. Now I doing my
MBA at Delhi where is also shivay live .It was two months left for completing my course. That time I get a call from Adi ,he
says ” Hi Anika how are you ?” Me”iam fine
adi .Hope you are fine too.You call me after a long time, how was your life going on(Adi is an singer)”
Adi: My life was going on good Anika .I was
call you for informing a news
Me:What news adi ?
A:shivay’s marriage was fixed with….
He didn’t complete his call before that I was cut the call. I don’t want to hear who is shivay’s would be is . I live my life with the hope of Shivay. My every dream was ended in that day . I hate myself for waiting him in
these years. I was decide to move on .So I take a leave for one week and goes to my home . After come back to home my father
comes to me and says
F:Anika you promised that you will agree for marriage after completing your studies.Now your MBA course was ends in two months. I get a good proposal for you
,please don’t say no this time
Me: I agree for this marriage Papa.This time I didn’t delay my marriage.
F:iam happy you agrees to the marriage.
This was the groom ‘s picture .After
looking photo you should say your decision
Me:I don’t want to see his photo. I know that my parents should select a good proposal
for me. So I don’t want to saw him Papa. I only see him at marriage day .
F:OK Anika ,It’s was your like

My marriage was decided to NOV 30 . I wait in these years for shivay but he is going to
become someone else.I lost my love I will
decide to live for my parents. That’s why I agree for the marriage. If a arranged marriage was fixed the boy should call his
would be and want to meet her. For my
surprise my would be couldn’t call me and don’t want to meet me. .My father inform me ,he too don’t want to see me before our
marriage. Iam sure that he is not like other
boys. I was happy at least I get a good life partner. After fixing my marriage I was return back to Delhi .I call all of my friends
for my marriage expect Shivay. He will
know about my marriage from my relatives .Two week before my marriage (the day before I leave Delhi after completing my
course)I was go for a shopping with my
friends. That day I meet Shivay at the shopping mall. I was trying to ignore him but he comes to me and says
S:Hi anika .Congratulations for your
A:thank you congratulations for your marriage too.
S:Thank you Anika. How are you?
A:iam fine And why are you here?
S:iam came here for buying a wedding ring for my would be. And you ?
A:For a shopping with friends.
S: Anika can you help me for selecting wedding ring.
A:of course Shivay

I help him for selecting wedding ring. After that I was going back but he call me from

S:Anika you don’t call me for your marriage. But I don’t forget for calling you, it’s was my
wedding card ,you will surely come to my
A:sorry Shivay. I was forget about it.
S:its ok.
A:you will come to my marriage too
Saying this I was opened the card .I was only saw
” shivay singh Oberoi
I was read the bride’s name loudly
“Anamika” that means he was going to
marry the same girl who he love since school days.
S:yes anika .My would be is none other than Anamika.
A:love marriage .congrats shivay
S:Thank you .
after seeing the Marriage date I says”sorry
shivay I can’t able to come to your marriage because my marriage also the same day.
S:oh! Then I can’t able to come to your marriage also.Anika you should come to
My home with your husband after the marriage
A:sure Shivay

I says bye to shivay and come back from
Shopping mall with my friends. My mind was thinking about Anamika. He marry the same girl who he loves since school days .She was very lucky to get a life partner like
shivay. Even my would be also a good person. Iam happy for that. Finally the day arrived,it’s was most important day of my
life. Its was a simple marriage only our family members and friends are here .I’m came to Mandap nervously. I saw that he
was already sitting on the Mandap waiting
for me. I was sit near him but did not look
at him. That time my mother asked to me “anika do you want to see your groom?”
But I didn’t say anything and didn’t look at
him .That time I hear a familiar voice

“Anika do you want to saw mee?”.
Why I feel that it’s was shivay, I look at him
.I was surprised he is shivay. But I can’t
believe this it’s true or not .That time shivay speaks
S:Anika it’s was not a dream.You are going
to marry to me
A:But how can it possible Shivay, you are marrying to Anamika he Na
S:Anamika who I love since my school days is none other than you Anika
A:what Anamika is me.I don’t understand anything
S:Do you read the wedding card properly in that day.
A:No shivay. I only read your and Anamika’s name
S: I know that u may be don’t read clearly.
It’s was the card .read it clearly. Saying this
shivay give the wedding card to Anika
Me take the card from shivay and reads
” Shivay Singh Oberoi,
Son of Shakti and Pinky Singh Oberio
Weds Anamika, daughter of Yaash Singh Malhotra and Ankitha Singh Malhotra ”
After reading I was look at shivay
“A: I didn’t read it clearly in that day
S:If you read the card clearly in that day then I don’t wait these two weeks for confessing my feelings,
can’t wait this day for expressing my loves to you
A: I didn’t understand Shivay what you mean by
S:Anika I love you since my childhood. But I
don’t want to reveal my feelings to you. I
don’t want anyone know about my love. That’s why I love U in the Name of Anamika . your name is lies in that name. Avoid the
third &fourth letter from Anamika it’s read
Anika. Expect Adi anyone don’t know about my love towards you. One day Daksh took my note and I wrote Anamika in that book.
He find out it,it was he who spread that
news. I don’t believe the School & college love .I want we should concentrate on our studies. So I decided to reveal my feelings
towards you after settling down my
life .But I want to know do you love me or not. It was me who asked adi to question
about Anamika in front of you and my plan
was worked. While talking about Anamika I
was looking at your eyes and saw your jealousy and your anger in your eyes, that day I realised you too have feelings for me
.But I want to complete my studies first .so
I didn’t reveal about it to you. Two months before I was revealed my parents about my love .They both are happy because they too
want the same. My father talk to yaash
uncle and fixed our marriage. That day I decide to propose you. when Adi call you I was with him. After his talk iam waiting for
talk to you but you cut the call before
completing. I understand you are misunderstand about my marriage and you are angry on me .And I knew that you are
agreed to the marriage with out seeing my
photo. And says don’t want to meet the groom before the marriage. So I thought to surprise you and I was informed yaash
uncle to don’t reveal to you that me is the groom. I thought to reveal my feelings at ou marriage day. But I was very impatient. That’s why I asked Gouri (she is anika ‘s
friend) bring you in shopping mall. I want to
propose you in that day. After giving you the wedding card ,I was eagerly waiting for your response. But my bad luck you don’t
read the card properly. There was only day
left for me for revealing my feelings to you that was our wedding day. I don’t know how I spend these two weeks, for me it’s was
two decades.

He speak about all of this in a short time. I was speechless after hearing this. I can’t
able to believe that he too love me since
childhood. And I was going to marry shivay. For me it’s was a dream. Shivay was again surprise me ,he knees down and take out
the ring (it was the same ring that I was selected for his
would be)from his pocket .And take my hands and says”I love you Anika since my
childhood. But didn’t reveal my feelings to
you before our marriage. I know sometimes
my word’s are hurts you ,sorry for that .I
promise you Anika I will keep you happy. I
want to live my life happily with you forever,
will you become my life partner, will you marry me Anika ”
Me”yes shivay I want to live my life with you
forever . For me it’s was a dream shivay.
“Saying this a long tear escaped from my eyes. He was slipped the ring in my finger.. And hug me tightly (All are thinking how can shivika are hug each other. When anika find out shivay are her groom she is stands from the Mandap and shivay also stands The all things are shivay says after that)
.we didn’t realise the situation. That time Advay says” Hogaya love confession then came here for marriage. ”

We Both are happily married . Nov 30 that day is very special for our life. That day he
reveals his feelings to me ,that too our
marriage day. We both are lead a happy married life. Today is Sep 11 .It’s was very special day for me and shivay. Today is I was give birth to a baby girl, the symbol of
our love. I remember all of our memories after my delivery .While remember all of our Memoires shivay come to me with our baby
.And give her on my hands .And he hug me
.And says “Thank you Anika for coming to my life and filling my life with all the colours of happiness, joy&love .Today my life was
completed with you and our baby.
A” iam very lucky to get a life partner like you shivay. Thank you shivay for coming to
my life”
S”Anika I was already decided a name for
our baby . Do you know what is that name?
A”I know shivay, Shivika right .”Shi “from shivay and” ika” from my name .he Na
S”it’s was not Shivika ”
A”then which is that name shivay ”
S”Anamika ”
A”Anamika ”
S”yes Anika. I love you in that name .when I
go to know you are going to become
Mother. I decided that if we have baby girl
then we should call her as Anamika”

While hearing this a long tear appears from
my eyes.
“Why are you crying anika .Do you like the
A” it’s was not like that Shivay. Its was kushi
ka assu he shivay. Iam very lucky to get a
life partner like you. Thank you for coming
to My life
There’d would be no love in my life,
There’d be no world left of me
My life lies in you and our baby shivay”
S”It’s was me who say thank you to you
Anika. I love you since my childhood but I
didn’t express my feelings for you but you are waited for me. Thank you so much Anika, you are my everything, For you me
are your SUN in your life for me you are
My moon in my life ,and our baby is star. And anika There are so many stars in SKY
,so I want so many stars in our life .

Didn’t thinking anika says Why not shivay. We too have so many stars in our life.
S”you will gives me stars anika?
A”sure Shivay ”
S”Pinky promise ”
A”Pinky promise ”
. After hearing
this shivay was smile at me. Anika feel something and rethink what shivay say to
“What you say there are so many stars in SKY so you want so many stars in our life
.That mean you want so many babies .che
che .
S” why anika you says Na we too have so many stars in our life .Then why saying this
A”That time I didn’t realise what you mean by ”

” Are you both are done your talk .then can
I came inside for seeing my princess”

Shivika are looking at direction of the voice
It’s was Advay Singh raisada.
Both shivika are surprised seeing him

S&A”Adi what an surprise dear. we both are don’t expect you in this time .why are you
Adi:What question yar. I was played a most important role in you both’s life. Today is
very special day for both of your life. How
can I not present this beautiful moment. Congratulations Shivay and Anika .
S&A: Thank you adi.
Adi :Anika give my princess on my hands.
After take her on his hands he asks Do you
decide her name shivay?
S&A:Yes. Anamika.
Adi :Anamika, for remembering your love ,I
like it .saying this adi starts talk to baby.
While Shivay asked anika “what about your promise Anika”

A”What promise?
S” stars ”
Adi”what stars promise shivay? ”
A”Nothing adi ,he says that which story we will says to our princess ,I say to him that I willsay story of a stars ,he is talking about
Adi “oh ,There is so many stars in SKY ,you should say so many stories of stars to Our princess ” saying this adi is again talk to baby. While Shivay was smiles at Anika and says “there is so many stars in SKY”
Anika was blushed after hearing his sentence

Author’s POV
It’s was a true love story of two love birds.
Today they started a new beginning of their
life with their baby ,Anamika .They will live their life happily forever


Iam waiting for knowing your all’s response. If you like my OS then comment

Signing by Ahsana

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