Without surname (OS)

the story starts with the arrival of a girl named ragini at the doorstep of a man named sanskar maheshwari. She hands him a letter, and he seems shaken after reading it. He asks her where “Swara” is, and she replies that she died four days prior. Sanskar falls to the ground in shock, but then regains his composure and asks ragini to give him her address, so that they can go there and gather her belongings. When they arrive at ragini’s home, which is quite small compared to maheshwari mansion, she leaves sanskar in the main room and heads to her bedroom to gather her belongings.

Sanskar finds a pair of swara’s old sandals, and breaks down in tears as he grips them. Ragini sees him as he cries and wonders why he is so sorrowful at her death. They head back to sanskar’s estate, where he introduces ragini to his son, laksh . Laksh knew about swara by name and thus not much concerned about ragini’s coming to their home.He is not individually much interested in her,but treats her nicely as a guest curiously and concerenedly taking her presence and activities in the house.

It is revealed in a series of flashbacks that Swara was ragini’s mother and sanskar’s first cousin. Swara and sanskar were madly in love, but Swara was treated with ire by most of the family, especially sanskar’s mother , because of her liberal views and ways. When sanskar expresses his wish to marry Swara, his mother and father , are very outspoken against the marriage. But when sanskar states that if he cannot marry Swara then he will not marry at all, his parents finally agree.

Back in present time,ragini and laksh become good friends, and she becomes accustomed to living at sanskar’s home, though she still speculates about what happened between him and her mother. She visits the rest of her family, including her aunts and uncles, and each person she asks refuses to give her any details about what happened. Sanskar, meanwhile, is worried that Swara will eventually leave his house. The only solution he can come up with is to have married laksh to ragini. Laksh not being mentally ready for marriage,argues with his father but out of his loving father’s earnest wish as also because he definitely had developed a fond feeling for ragini by now,,he agrees. ragini agrees to the marriage as well. But on the day of the wedding,ragini goes missing. Sanskar panics and asks ragini’s aunt sarimishta whether she told ragini what happened with her mother, and she says she did not. This prompts laksh to ask what happened, and sanskar launches into the story.

Swara and sanskar had gotten married just like they had wanted but his parents as well as his sisters were never happy about it in heart. sanskar’s mother puts a plan into action.She sends sanskar outstation to fetch his younger married sister from her sasural a day before Swara’s rukhsati. Sanskar’s mother asks Swara to go in a spare bedroom and set the bed for sanskar’s sister. When Swara arrives in the bedroom, she finds that sanskar’s mother had also asked a cousin of theirs who had also expressed interest in Swara in past, sahil, to fix a curtain rod in the same room. While carrying on the assigned work,suddenly the door of the room gets closed.

She and sahil both bang on the door, but nobody comes to their aid. After some time, sanskar’s mother, along with most of the rest of their family, shows up outside the door. Sanskar’s mother starts yelling and creating a ruckus, saying that Swara and sahil had been involved in illicit behavior in the locked room the whole time. Swara and sahil refuse to having done anything, but nobody believes them. Sanskar’s father is so agitated that he says he will kill both of them.Being horrified by this,sahil’s mother asks sahil to runaway to save his life.So now only Swara remains to be penalised,physically beaten mercilessly and humiliated to the extreme.

Sanskar’s father beats Swara, and nobody comes to her aid as she is beaten. Mai wOh kis trah sai kro byan jou kiya gaya hai sitam yahan sunai mere daastan na koye hamnashin ha na rabbta na he mai na koye gillah kiya na hi maina di duwayian Nobody believes Swara, not even her mother and sister . When sanskar hears about the incident, he is skeptical about what really happened, and questions Swara about it. She says she is innocent, but that she has no proof of it. Sanskar then asks her to take an oath with her hand on the geeta that she is innocent, and she agrees, on the term that his mother would take an oath as well. Swara has faith that her aunt is too religious and worshipful to lie on the geeta. Her assumption turns out to be wrong, however, and her aunt does lie on the geeta, prompting sanskar to have proof that Swara lied, and he divorces her with a sorrowful heart never taking it hard what she did!
Sanskar gets remarried to a girl in America, but he is still in love with Swara.

sanskar’s father marry her off to a 50-year-old man ram, father of 4 children and merely a watchman who doubts her character due to wrong briefing of sanskar’s father,humiliates her,turns out to be abusive and beats her regularly. Nobody from her family visits her during this painful period of her second marriage. When Swara becomes pregnant, her husband refuses to believe that the child is his, and divorces her and kicks her out of the house. Swara gets a job as a maid at a rich woman’s home, and soon gives birth to a girl.All throughout, Swara tolerates all the agony in her heart making her like a feelingless statue.She blames no one but her own Destiny. thanks to her pious and pure personality.

Sanskar’s wife meanwhile, has already had a son with him. But the two do not get along. Back in kolkata. , nothing is going right for sanskar’s family. One of his sisters has lost her husband, while the younger sister has been divorced and his mother is diagnosed with cancer.Out of feeling of guilt,on her deathbed his mother finally tells him the truth about the incident which was fabricated by her and her taking an oath of a lie just feeling jealous of his feelings for Swara. Sanskar divorces his second wife and tries to convince Swara to marry him. However, Swara tells him that while she still loves him, she cannot trust him again. Her parents also try to persuade her to come back to them.

Swara, who is not ready to trust anyone again, leaves without letting anyone know of her whereabouts.but leaaves a letter for sanskar in which she writes don’t search me I have loved you I love u and I will love u forever until my death I don’t know where I will go but I have to go.. Woh mai kis trah saa krron baayaan jou kiya gya sittam yah suna kon meri yeh na koye haamnashen ha na rabtaa jou tha jhooth woh bana sach yahan nhi koye maaina mgar zubaan yyeeh akaila pan ye udasiyan merri zindagi ka hai taarjuma mai batawo ki mujha kya mila mujha sabr ka hi sillah milah rraha shad yun hi mera jahan ki yakeen mai badla mera guman

A few years later, she starts working at a garments factory owned by sanskar. She is friendly with laksh (sanskar’s son). But she covers her face to hide her identity. She works there until the day she dies. Back in present time, it is revealed that ragini had overheard how her mother had been treated by sanskar’s family. She is angry and runs away. Laksh tracks her down a couple of days later and explains the whole story. Ragini agrees to forgive the family and the two start a new life.

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