Without you os (Episode 1)

Guyz itz for the first time i am writing anything so plz forgive me if itz not good i dont use complicated words its just a simple one

Today your dream will come true but you are not here to see that but i promise you you will soon see all this with you eyes ” sanskar tlking to a pic suddenly a girl came running and said “shall we go prince”
Sanskar wipes his tears and said” ofcourse my princess”
Girl said in angry tone while folding her hands “i will not talk to you ,you are crying mumma will feel sad na you told me na mumma never want us to cry then why are you crying”
Sanskar while holding his ears “my sorry my little princess i will not cry again i promise ,you know you scorld me like you mumma she alwaya scold me like this”
Girl innocently asked “sachhi papa”
Sanskar -“kisses her forehead ha beta you are just like your mumma”
Then a lady called them “sanskaar sanskriti come fast we are getting late”
Sanskriti-“we are coming dadi”
Sujata- sanskar what is this you are taking more time than girls
Sanskar – mom you know na i don’t take much time its sanskriti
Sanskriti – hawww papa you are telling lie,Bade dadu papa is telling lie i was ready he was taking time.
DP – i kno my danskriti never took too much time now shall we go itz already late

They reached to a place itz inauguration will be done by sanskriti
Now you are wondering what is that place n why sanskriti inagurated it…
Its an orphanage…it was swara’s dream m itz fullfilled by sanskar n her daughter atlast….
You guzght be wondering where is swara and why sanskar is talking to a pic what happened with her…so don’t worry the suspanse willbe revealed just have patiencd》

All MF n GF members stops infront of a apparrment buliding.

Sanskar step down from the car and strats walking towards it then sujata called him “Sanskaar”
Sanaskar stop and said
” m sorry mom i you kno my answer it will not change until(pause) well if sanskriti want she can go with you as her vaccations will be started so she can enjoy there
Sanskriti said innocently-papa how can you manage all things on your own
Sanskar kneels down infront of her n said -“princess i can manage all things on my own look m a grown up man of 31(winks) sanskriti i will call you whenever i need something ok now enjoy (kisses her fore head)
Everyone left for MM as after that incident sanskar lft MM with sanskriti
In sanskar’s room
Sanskar was seeing his and swara’s first pic with sanskriti….tear fell from his eyes n said -“m sorry swara m sorry i am neigther a good father nor a good husband if i were paying attention that day…you will be with me today i want you swara i want you please come back its been two years scince you left me my happines left me i want to cry infront of you i want to breakdown in your arms please swara please” he starts crying pathetivally and gets shattered as if he was waiting to cry hard and today he got a chance . He slept on cold floor while rembering that day….

It was a usual day with some unusual happening which changes everything .
All the elders were sitting in hall while drinking tea prepared by their swara, raglak were buzy in there romance in their room sanskaar n sanskriti were in there room sanskriti was sleeping sanskar was sitting with her and working on his lapy he gets a call n walk to balcony to talk suddenly sanskritk wakes up and started crying searching for her mumma n walks out of room swara was going upstairs to call sanskar n she saw sanakriti walking towards staircase n shouts
“Sanskriti” after liatening her screem raglak m sanskar came out of their rooms n ragini hold sanskriti in the nick of moment n saves her but swara’s leg got stuck in her saree n she fell from stairs and got hurt badly
Everyone rush to hospital due to acess blood loss she went in coma n left everone hearkbroken …that day sanakar left MM and pledged that je will come backwith swara only….he blames himself for her accident and punish himself by staying away from His family.

Suddenly sanskar got up from his sleep and looks very tensed and said “thankyou swara you always helped me how couldn’t i rember such small thing love you”
《Sanskar was very tensed as he could not find one file which contains property papers of MM due to some reason he took those from dp but now he couldnt find them anywhere and in between the enaugration he has forgotten that papers were missing》
Sanskar took swara’s pic and said – how could you always solve my problm in these 2 long years we are not physically together but you always help me out thanks fir telling me that i hv putted those pprs in GH now i cant wait anymore please come back swara” and again brokes into tears….

《Actully in these two years swara use to came in sanskar’s dream and talk with him….she even saved their life once by saying sanskar not to go to london for business trip they hv the tickets but they didnt go and they were shocked to kno that the plane got crashed left no one alive …from that day he use to tell his problms to her in her ward n she reply in his dreams》
He recieved the call and straight went to MM everyone was shocked to see him as he never came inside in thede two years everyone was speechless.
Dp-what happend sanskar you hv come at this time is everything ok,?
He ran n hug dp
Everyone was shocked again
Ap- what happend beta plx tell us
Sanskar – ma whrre is sanskriti
Rag- she is sleeping in our room bt why u r asking about her at this point of time?
Sanskar rush to raglak room and wake sanskriti up
She asked in sleepy voice what happend papa?
Sanskar’s reply bring tears in everypnes eyes “beta your mumma wants to meet you”
Ap- sanskar ye tum kya…swara hosh mein ???
Sanskar nodded positively ..
Everyone was happy tearsof happiness can be seen on their faces… they rush to hospital
**In swara’s Ward**
Swara- sansskaaar

Sanskar- shhhh dont say anything you are still week
Sanskriti standing at door with watery eyes “mumma”
Swara : sanskriti (with lots of affection n pain in her voice)
Then just sanskriti hug swara and all the pain in swara’s eyes and sanzkriti’s lonelyness disappers.
After spending a week in hospital swara got discharged …
Everyone was super happy as swasankriti(swasan n sanskriti) were coming back after 2 long years …their happiness is coming back life ofMM their daughter is coming bac
At last they reached MM and spend quality time
@night in swasan room
Swara was standing near the window sanskar came in n said
Sanskar-swara i want to ask you something?

Swara- you dont need to hv permsn to ask smthng to your wife mr maheshwari (winks)
Sanskar- how you were helping me everytime whenever i need your advise you just told me the solution …you made my business bigger and my life more protected bt how could you?
Swara- dont kno sanskar when i was in coma i can see you and sanskriti but i couldnt do anything i can hear everything i just cant say anything i was helpless …i hear you cryng ,i sawmy daughter in pain but i just cant do anything…(tears rolled down frm her eyes)
Sanskar while hugging her tightly -u were never helpless dear you helped me everytime i need you.
Love you swara
Swara- love you too sanskar
Sanskriti standing on bed with her hand on her waist
“I love you three mumma papa”

They all share a hug n finally slept
**after a long time swara feels safe in Her husband’s arms ‘,sanskriti feels complete with her mother and father ,sanskar feels blessed to hv a family like this he closes his eyes and think:”god i wish everything will remain like this foreever”

Sorry guyx i hvnt written anythng before so if dont like it please tell me….

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