without you i am nothing chapter 9


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arjun was staring at radhika. an unknown smile came on his face watching her. he loved all her action , the way she tucked her hair strands behind her ears or the way she continuously played with her pen or the way she played with her bangles. he just wished he could kiss her juicy lips and suck it until it gets swollen. he just wished to hug her tight all time.

suddenly someone knocked he came out of his dream land and cursed himself. he was sweating even in ac room. he quickly wiped his sweat and composed himself and said come in..in a husky voice. there came radhika. she came near his desk. he was feeling uneasy. he was afraid whether his feelings would be shown out . seeing his uneasiness she asked: sir is everything ok?
arjun: yaa ..i..i am fine its ..its just..he took a deep breath and said its nothing saying this he gulped some water and took deep breath and asked “why here?”he knew it was a stupid question as he asked her to go through the file.

radhika: sir…u asked me..sir
arjun was getting annoyed with her siring: stop this damn sir will u and tell me whats the matter?
radhika got scared. seeing her scared arjun felt sad and guilty. he went near her and asked her sorry holding his ears. he made a pout face. he was looking so cute and also funny. radhika started to laugh seeing him. she tried many times to stop laughing but couldn’t.

arjun smiled seeing her laughing. somewhere he felt peace and calmness which he never got in this 20 years. arjun then faked anger and said : u feel like laughing? ha
radhika : sorry sir i.. i am really sorry and wiped her tears.
arjun: so now if u finished laughing can we come back to work?
radhika: yes sir..sir i have gone through this file but the current marketing budget is entered wrong”
arjun: its ok, u give it to zubin . he will crrect it. so are u ready ?
radhika: yes sir. i am ready and sir coral group of company’s ceo want to meet you. he was asking for the perfect time.. if you say now, then i can convey them so sir…
arjun[irriated tone]: like you have a name , i too have a name miss radhika and it’s arjun and not sir. i hope you know that…so call me by that name ar-ju-nn..arjun a sweet and simple name
radhika: yes sir..

arjun gave a fake angry glare to her
radhika: si..ar..arjun sir. i .. i am sorry but it will take some time. i will try my best.
arjun: oh! come on. miss radhika will keep on trying yaa phir will you do it?
radhika: sir…
arjun: enough . now come. v r getting
radhika: sir..i will be back in one minute
arjun: ok, then come down. i will be in the car ok..
radhika: yes sir…and she went
arjun stared at her and muttered: damn sir and smiled.

today because of her he smiled many times. he didn’t know what was happening to him. he then adjusted his his dress, gulped some water and took his mobile and went to car parking. suddenly he got a message from rana kaka,wishing him all the best. arjun replied back”thanks. fingers crossed..
rana kaka replied.”i know my boy always win . no doubt in that, will arrange a party this weekend for ur victory. what say?

arjun send a smiley and kept his phone in silent mode and went near his car. as he started , radhika came suddenly in front of his car. arjun applied th brake and stared at her.

radhika seeing him stare at her replied”sorry sir”arjun didn’t say anything, and opened the car door for her. she quietly sat inside the car and wore the seat belt.

the journey was for one hour. both kept quite. no one spoke but their heart and mind were debating on their own with full of question. radhika was nervous and was playing with her bangles which made tingling sound. usually arjun gets disturbed and irrated with these sounds but today it sounded pleasant music to his ear. his heart was beating faster

sam here was getting tired and angry. no one was coordinating properly on top of it, she lost her temper. at last couldnt bear any more started to shout” are you guys made. this is the fifth time ur making mistake . the competition is within 2 months and we have not started to work on our formation. i think i am teaching group of donkeys just get lost.. saying this she went to near by room where there were props used by her mom . she sat on the chair and started to sob.. she took her family pic and gently rubbed it with her palm. she then said”i lost it mom, i dont think i can fulfill ur dream..i am a loser..i..i am. a loser. then she remembered wat her mother said” if we want to achieve something we need to be patience and dedicated .

it was a sunday and she was copying some of the steps done by her favourite dancer. one step didn’t come to her and she kept on falling. at last she got angry and switched of her tv and started to throw her toys. hearing the sound her papa.,mama and jay bhaiyya came to the hall. seeing this her mother came to her and gave her a hug. sam forgot her anger in that love filled hug. when piyali saw that she calmed her she broke the hug and cupped her face and said”bachu u r getting angry so fast , this is not good beta, if you get angry then ur spoiling things for others and mostly for you. if u want to achieve something na beta then u have to have patience and should be dedicated ..and salsa is an art which require lots of hardwork and it will never come to anyone so easily.are u understanding?

sam innocently nodded her head. seeing the tension in the air samrat and jai started their nok jok…

sam smiled as she remembered those memories. she then wiped her tears and said to her moms photo “i will surely fulfill ur wsh mom i will never lose soon and kept the photo in her bag and went outside. there she saw every one sitting with a gloom face. she went near them and apologised to them. they were surprised. she then asked them to start over again. that boosted their energy and started to practice better than before. sam too involved with them and could see change them. she then thought mom u are right then and now also.and started to focus……to be continued

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