without you i am nothing chapter 4

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chapter 4
after taking a few deep breath sam started to tell about her family to radhika
sam: my family consist of my father[samrat] mother[piyali] and my elder bro[jai]. ours was the best and sweet family in the entire university. my father is an IT professionalist. my mom is an salsa dancer. during the party they met and soon became friends. after that their friendship turned into love. wen papa’s family came to know about it they opposed their love. my mumma lost her parents wen she was young. my great uncle took care of her. wen he came to know about their love he too opposed it. so they decided to get married. and their family disowned them. so they moved to mumbai. they bought a small house and lived happily. then my bro was born then after 3 years i was born.

sam to radhika:u know radhika mumma used to say i am the most beautiful angel in the world and papa always used to come to me to hear me laugh wen he is stressed out.
radhika smiled at her and said: you are the most beautiful friend i have. sam smiled at her an continued to tell :
we were very happy . but that happiness didnt last. [sams eyes filled with tears] on my 12th birthday they decided to give me a big surprise. all 3 left for shopping. while returning back they met with car accident and all three..sob..sob..died..at that spot died leaving me alone . they left me and went . they left me and went leaving me alone in this world . sam started to cry. radhika just went to her and gave her a warm and reassuring hug and rubbed her back to calm her down. after sometime she was successful in calming her down.
sam continued to tell her after wiping her tears:

that took place on a saturday. from that day on wards i hate saturday…radhika continued from that..so u went to pub on every saturday to forget this pain. am i rite?sam just nodded her head.
thy both kept quite for some times and stared at each other. suddenly sams eyes twinkled and also had a smile on her lips. radhika who noticed it also smiled and asked her the reason for her smile .
sam: u know radhu my mumma’s dream is to start a salsa class but she couldnt as she was busy in looking after her family and she took my promise to fulfill her dream. and u know i fulfilled her dream. i opened a salsa dance academy called khannas salsa dance academy.hearing this radhika became happy and gave sam a bone crushing hug. sam too reciprocated with equal enthusiasm. radhika was very happy for her and said to her”never think u r alone in this world becoz i will be there for u always forever untill i have life in this body. hearing this sam had happy tears and both shared a hug which was full of love.
after sumtime sam asked radhika to tell about her family . hearing this radhikas face lost its color which was noticed by sam.

there was a little silence and then radhu started
i am a single child to my parent. my mom and dad are dilip mishra and mala mishra. hearing this sam got shocked . radhika was mishra’s daughter who is a big business tycoon in the world owning mishras enterprises limited. they have many companies all over the world.every businessman wanted to make them their partners. young gens dream is to work in mishras company. most of the peoples role model is dilip mishra. sam couldnt belive that radhika mishra is in her house . the queen is her friend. her head was spinning and spinning. atlast she fainted. radhika knew it would happen and she was not the first victim….to be continued

sorry for short update… will try to update a longer one next. do pls comment and love u all guys. have a good day guys.

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