Without You Am Incomplete!!! RAGSAN FF (Part 2)


Hey guys, I am super happy with the responses I have got in the cmnts. Sorry for not replying and a special thanks to everyone who cmntd. I will try to make it longer and update it asap. Please bear me until 21st of December as I might do late updates.

Part 2…
Ragini sees Swara flirting with Laksh, though she has a tiny trace of doubt but her love for Swara made her forget everything.
Ragini goes to Swara.
Swara: Di… How was your meeting? Did you get selected?
Ragini: Yes, Swaru, yes.
Swara hugs Ragini.
Swara: Congratulations, di, I am so happy for you! Now you have to give a party.
Ragini: Alright, shona.

Laksh: Congratulations, Ragini.
Ragini: Thanks, Laksh. Swaru, I think we should proceed.
Swara goes with Ragini. While walking she turns back and waves bye to Laksh.

A lady buys sweets (laddoo, gulab jamum, jelebi.e.t.c.)
A girl comes to the lady.
Girl: Ma, now where we have to go?
Lady: Tina’s house.
Girl: Who is Tina.
Lady: Another girl, who I have chosen to see for my Sanky.
Girl: Ma, you know today we have seen 5 girls, now one more.
Lady: Sanaya, I just can’t find the perfect girl, who is eligible for my Sanskar.
Sanaya is the girl who was talking to the lady.
Sanaya: But Bhaiyya he isn’t ready to marry.

Lady: But my son has to, even Priya wanted that while dying. I wonder when I will find the girl who will love my Sanky as same as Priya.
Sanaya: What kind of girl do you want? ma.
Lady: A girl who is not dependent, a girl who loves everyone, a girl who has self respect and who will do anything to protect her husband. A girl who is just like my Priya.

A card arrives at Ragini’s house. In the card it says, you are invited to the basketball match on park lodge basketball pitch. From Laksh…
Ragini: That means he has invited me.
Ragini smiles and blushes. She goes to her room.
Swara arrives there, she sees the card and reads it.
Swara: Hope Ragini didi, didn’t see it. Thanks, Laksh, love ya, umm.. did I just say love ya.

Flashback… (3 years ago)
A bully girl tries to bully Swara. She threatens her that she will make her dad sell their house as her dad is successful businessman. The girl says rude things to her and rips her books. The girl goes away. Laksh comes up to Swara.
Laksh: How long will you be scared of her, how long.
Swara: But she threatened me that her dad will sell our house.

Laksh: She is just jealous of you that you are better than her, my father is a businessman so I know that a businessman doesn’t have time for listening their children’s talks, moreover a businessman can’t take anyone’s owned house until the owner lets them do so. You have to speak up, you have to.
Swara braves to go front of the bully girl.

Swara: You scared me since ages, but not anymore, you don’t have the right to scare me. And your dad can’t take our house. So never dare to say these rubbish threatening talks to me. I am not taking any actions now but if do again then you have face the consequences.
Swara bravely comes to Laksh.
Swara: Thanks.
Flashback ends…
Swara: Laksh, I loved you since that day and I will continue to love you.

Sanskar shows the presentation of their new building and also tells how the work will start and end. He also tells them the the main architect’s name who is Ragini. Everyone clap.
Laksh comes up to the office and goes to Sanskar’s cabin. Sanskar comes up to the cabin.
Laksh: Bhaiyya, here’s your lunch.
Sanskar: How was college.
Laksh: Good.

Sanskat: I am happy that you are doing your studies properly.
Laksh notices a pic of Ragini in Sanskar’s cabin.
Laksh: Who is that?
Sanskar: She is the main architect for our building which we gonna build, Ragini Sharma.
Laksh: She is Swara’s sister.
Sanskar: Who is Swara?
Laksh: My friend.
Precap: Ragini comes to the basketball match, she sees Laksh with Swara and hears them saying I…
Thanks for reading.
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