Wishes of love (KKB)….OS

I wish I can meet her again as she is my precious gift that I had received in my life.

I wish I will feel his presence once again as he is my faith in life.

I wish she never leaves me and always be etched in my heart and soul.

I wish he always be the beginning and ending of
my day.

I wish she can make me her friend, companion and the interest of her life.

I wish he always adds an interesting and exciting aspect to my life.

I wish she can be part of my life with her dreams and desires

I wish my dreams and desires will make his life beautiful.

I wish that I can always make her life beautiful by being with her.

I wish that being with him can make me beautiful in all ways.

Our individual wishes may be different from each other but our wishes always is for each other. These are the wishes of our love. The wish to live and love each other forever. Hope all these wishes will be fulfilled.

Again an OS haha i am in my break now so tats y i am relaxing my mind by writting random stuff….but still there is a load of stuff to be done!?

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  1. Riyashri

    U r Just Amazing !!! U and Your Random Thoughts …….It’s Impossible to the Core !!!!!
    Loved this random thought too….All your Writings are bookmarked in My Heart !!!! I only wish to meet My Wonderful Writer cum Sweetie Sis….

    1. Maya

      Thanks for loving my random thoughts! It really means a lot to me!??

  2. It was awesome you are always different from others

    1. Maya

      No dr its just randomness! ??

  3. Nice yaar its really sema wishes…

    1. Maya

      Thanks for the semaiyana comments too Durga!??

  4. Awesome….loved it…

  5. Okay finally it got posted! And again i loved this one to core! Randomly Random! And these wishes ??????????? you are magical Maya! MM! You are Surprising Suga! SS! You are My Favourite Writer this time it’s FW ? i loved this one alottt! These wishes ???????????????????

    1. Maya

      Ya finally it was posted! Not magical…its just simple wishes…nothing big in it…as usual ????? for ur comments!

  6. Maahi

    I wish I could meet u once as it would b the precious gift of my life
    I dont wish but I pray tht I wanna hv ur presence all through my life as ur the craze in my life
    I wish u would nvr leave me bcoz ur already etched in my heart
    I wish tht I always be the beginning nd ending of ur day with my gm nd gn greetings
    I wish to b ur forever frnd as ur my inspiration
    I wish tht I always can bring a smile with my silly thoughts
    nd finally I blv tht my life vil b beautiful ven ur around me
    sooo IB can uuu fulfill my wishes sweetuuu as ur my love???? it was splendid awesome keep rocking dr

    1. Maya

      I will try to fulfill your wishes as all your wishes have touched my heart in a very pleasant way..???

  7. Awesome awesome now I’m seriously love in with your random thoughts!

    1. Maya

      Thanks for loving my random thoughts Pinky!??

  8. hey riyashri how u kept pragya photo on icon plz tell me

  9. maya ??????????

  10. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Glad to the core that u loved it to the core Reshma!??

  11. Superb random thoughts fr u akka☺☺and all the best fr ur loads of staff☺love u???

    1. Maya

      Thank u for the wishes and also for appreciating my random thoughts!??

  12. Trisha

    Awesome Random Thought Maya! You are a superb writer… Keep up the good work!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Trisha!

  13. Omg!!! Omg!!! Omg!!! i lovd each n every wrds of ur da sweetu its simply rockng dr

    1. Maya

      Seri da! Glad that u loved it!

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