A Wish which I wish becomes true (Episode 3)


A Wish which I wish becomes true – Episode 3

Scriptwriter’s room –
Rads – Arjun, Enough now. Tell me what we should do to unite them?
Arjun – First we need to know if they still love each other or not.
Rads – Of course they do. I told you right that day how Maany cried after hearing about uday’s accident and how sam fumed when she saw niel talking to a girl.
Arjun – Darling what if something happens to me?
Rads – Never say that Ajju. I will die.
Radhika started crying. Arjun wiped her tears.
Ajrun – Sorry Darling
Rads – Its ok. Now back to my question.
Arjun – We need to wait for their reaction. Till the plz don’t spot me. I am in a very romantic mood.
Both were involved in their romance.

Studio –
Saamy and Neil were interviewing Mr and Mrs Rastogi.
Neil – So Mr Rastogi, You have started Rastogi enterprises and have brought it till here. Whom do you think is responsible for this apart from you?
Mr Rastogi – Well Neil I am responsible for both ups as well as downs of my company. But the one who was behind me is my wife Sandhya. Don’t you think Neil that it is our wives who are our support?
Neil – Of course sir. Even now my wife is supporting me.
Neil held Sammy’s hand. Sammy could do nothing other than smile. Neil was enjoying her helplessness.
Sandhya – But it is also the husband who support us. They allow us to excel and so we as well help them. Right Samaira?
Sammy – Yes maam. If our husbands don’t support us, then we would not be able to excel.
Like this the interview went on.

Editing room –
Maany and Uday were editing the interview.
Maany – Ud I am not able to edit this part.
Uday was shocked. Maany had called Ud after so long.
Uday – what did you call me?
Maany realized what she had called him. But immediately changed.
Maany – Sir, why?
Uday – Nothing sweetheart. I will do that.
Maany fumed and said – Don’t call me that.
Uday – Call you what sweetheart?
Maany – Sweetheart
Uday – You called me sweetheart. I can’t believe it.
Maany – No I did not. I told you not to call me sweetheart
Uday – Then you need to call Ud.
Maany – No ways.
Uday – Ok then sweetheart.
Thus the day ended with Ardhika’s romance and Nesam and Manveer’s Nok jhok.

Precap: thinking

I will not be able update it for a week sorry guys. I will try to update it this Sunday though.

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