A Wish which I wish becomes true (Episode 2)


A Wish which I wish becomes true – Episode 2

Editing room –
Maany was still in shock. She could not believe her eyes.
Voice – You still haven’t left that habit of yours, have you? You tightly shut your eyes even now when you lie.
Maany – What the hell are you doing here Uday?
Yes guys, it is Udayveer. He was standing so close to her that she could actually smell his deo.

Uday – Sweetheart this is my office and you work for me and with me.
Maany – No ways. I will not work with you.
Maany turned around to leave the room but stopped in her track when Uday spoke.
Uday – Then pay us the compensation.
Maany turned back again and asked.
Maany – What compensation?

Uday – Didn’t you read the agreement properly? Well you would have to work under me for 3 years if you leave time before that you must pay a compensation of 3 crores. Your wish. If you wish to pay, then you may leave. If not then make me a cup of coffee.
Uday showed her the corner where there was literally a mini kitchen. Maany was thinking.
Uday – Sweetheart you don’t have the whole day.
Maany knew she can’t pay that much compensation. So she stomped her leg and went to make coffee. Uday smirked and sat on his chair. He was continuously staring Maany which she didn’t like. Maany after preparing coffee, went to give it to him. While giving it to him, he wantedly touched her hand and did not leave it. Maany was furious.
Maany – Will you please leave my hand sir?
Uday – No.

Maany – Why?
Uday – Coz you are wife as well and a husband has the right to hold his wife’s hand.
Maany – You lost that right long back.
Uday – Why can’t you forgive me?
Maany was beyond herself now. She started crying and left the room. Here in the room, Uday was also crying.

Reporter’s room –

Sammy was shocked.
Sammy – You????
Voice – Yes Jaan me.Before you question me, let me answer you. I am your boss. If you want to quit, then pay 3 crores. If not, then read this and get started.
He showed her a paper.
Sammy – You will never change Neil. And I will not quit coz of you.
Sammy started reading the paper while Neil was busy staring her.
Sammy – What is this? This is not News coverage.
Neil – When did I say we will be reading a News cover today? We will interviewing people as husband and wife today. If you don’t want, then you may quit.
Sammy – Fine
Neil – Jaan I missed you.

Sammy – I …. Nothing
Both continued their respective work.

Scriptwriter’s room –
Rads – What the hell? You won’t stay quiet, would you? How many times do I have to remind you Arjun that it is over between us? You are nothing to me.
Arjun – Darling relax. I will not back off. I had promised during our wedding that I will always stand by you and will never hurt you. I know I have hurt you a lot. But Now I won’t back off. I hope you read the agreement?
Rads – Yes I have and I won’t quit. What is my work today?
Arjun – Nothing much. Sit in front of me.

Rads – What?
Arjun – I said sit down.
Rads sat down. She kept looking at Arjun and he did the same. None knew when things started getting heated up. Soon they were found kissing each other.
Rads – You …..
Arjun – What? You started.

Rads – Arjun you need to stop this.
Arjun – I can’t Darling. I got to hold you after so long. Please don’t ask me to back off.
Rads – Sammy and Maany might come up.
Arjun – They won’t. Neil and Uday are there.
Rads – Honestly Arjun if you don’t stop now, then we will end up making out here.
Arjun – Not a bad idea.
Rads – Arjun
Arjun – Ok ok. So whatsup?
Rads – I missed you too much. I hope those two couples patch up. I so want to come back.
Arjun – They will Darling. Now please I want one kiss. Last one plz plz plz.
Rads shut him up by kissing him.

Precap – thinking

Finally I finished another episode. I felt so good after reading your comments. Honestly I can’t update everyday. But will do it regularly.
Bye guys. Plz do comment.
OH and ya ignore the typos and errors.

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    Very nice episode. …keep it up honeyyy. …love you loads 🙂

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