A Wish which I wish becomes true (Episode 1)


Hello guys. This is my first try. I will end this quite soon. May be 10 episodes at the max. Hope you like it.

A Wish which I wish becomes true

Sunrise Apartments
It was just another morning. But not for these three, it was indeed a blessing. Finally they got the opportunity to work for “The News”. Radhika woke up early and was trying her best to wake up manyatha and Samaira as well. But these two were sleeping as if there was no tomorrow to sleep. So she decided to use her trick.
Radhika – Hey bhagavanji, mujhe maf kar deegiye
As if it was some warning, Manyatha and Samaira woke up immediately and literally ran out of the room. Radhika was laughing like hell. Actually she had once said the same and had thrown hot water on their faces. From then on these two are scared of that sentence.

After about half an hour, the three are standing outside their house. The three then run and catch the train to reach their office.

The News Office
What a pleasure it was for them to stand in front of that office. They never thought their dream would come true. But it did. Taking a deep breath, the three walk into the building.
Receptionist – Good morning maam. How can I help you?

Manyatha – Good morning maam. Actually we are newbees. Just joined this office. We were supposed to be reporting today for the first time. Can you please direct us? Where should we go?
Receptionist – oh Hi then. I am Bonnie. I work here for the past 1 month. Thank god, finally there are three more girls. You know what we are the only girls in this office. All others are guys.
Samaira – But the one who interviewed me was a woman. What was her name?????? haan Nandhini maam
Bonnie – Ya there are only 2 women apart from us. Both of them are directors. They hadly come here. One is Nandhini maam and the other is Prerna maam.
Radhika – Bonnie before you continue, let me do the honour of introducing ourselves. I am Radhika Mishra. U can call me Rads. This is Manyatha and this one is Samaira. Call them Maany and Sammy.
Bonnie – So now that we have introduced ourselves, Are we friends?
Maany – Of course. But do let us know where we should go? If not we will be chucked out and you will end up being the only girl again.
The four laughed.
Bonnie – Sure. Now tell me in which section are you guys hired?
Sammy– Me as junior reporter
Rads – Me as junior script writer

Maany – Me as junior editor
Bonnie looked at them as if they have murdered someone.
Sammy – What happened Bonnie? Something wrong?
Bonnie – Didn’t you girls get any other department to work in? The heads of these department are tyrants and devils. You will see for yourselves. Best of luck. Sammy you go straight and turn left, Third room is the chief reporter’s cabin. Rads you take the lift, Fifth floor. There is only one room there for the chief script writer. Maany you go straight and turn right, First room is the editing room. You will find the chief editor there.
Rads – Don’t worry sweetheart we will manage. BTW you said fifth floor has only one room. So where will be my desk?
It was clear that she wanted her desk next to Maany or Sammy. But Bonnie said these heads were tyrants, Do you think this will occur? No no no.
Bonnie – Sorry to disappoint you dears. All these three work alone. Nandhini maam had forced these three to take a junior. That is why you guys are here. And about your desk, It will be in the same room.

Rads – Its ok. Anyways meet you all later. Let me go and meet my boss.
Sammy – Ya bye
Maany and Bonnie – Bye
The three friends left to meet their bosses and bonnie went back to her desk. She dialed someone.
Bonnie – Maam and Sir your work is done.
Bonnie – sorry girls but this is where you belong to. You are not juniors. But Queens of your respective Boss’s heart. Let’s see how you escape now.

Editing room
Manyatha was nervous. She knocked the door. When she did not get any response, she entered.
Voice – Don’t you have manners?
Maany – Excuse me, I did knock. You did not reply.

Voice – You should even ask ‘May I come in sir?’
Maany – Well you see, I did not know if it was a sir or a maam. So I didn’t want to make that mistake of calling you maam.
Maany was closing her eyes while saying this.
Voice – Lie
Maany – What no? And where are you?
Voice – Right behind you sweet heart.
Maany felt a chill down her spine. Only one question was in her mind. Is it him? How come?
She turned around to face her worst nightmare.

Script writer’s Room
Radhika knocked and asked – May I come in sir?
Voice – Yes
Rads – Good morning sir. I am Radhika. I joined today. I am supposed to be working as your assistant. And…
Voice – Hold on Woman. How much do you talk? First of all come forward Rads darling.
Rads came forward and
Rads – You

Reporter’s Room
Samaira prayed to god and knocked.
Sammy – May I come in sir?
Voice – Come in Jaan
Samaira froze at the door itself. She kept telling herself its not him and entered only to be shocked.

PRECAP – Hehe guess it

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