I wish u to be mine …Character sketch

Hey guys I’m back with a character sketch. I tnk now u guys can understand the story line completely.

Anika n Family

Anika Joshi – She is a cute, lovely n chirpy girl.
She loves her family a lot. Her bestie is Mallika
N she develops an unknown crush on Shivaay who is her childhood frnd. Her age is 14 yrs (teenage) n her dream is to become a surgeon.
She also loves n treats omru as her own bros.

Gauri Joshi aka Chutki – Anika’s lovely ,naugthy & talkative younger sis but just one year gap. She is probably in 8 th n the main thing she n om r classmates. She too loves her family a lot.

Maalik Joshi – Anika n Gauri’s father loves his daughters more than anything. Also love his wife so much. He a businessman n a well-known partner of the Oberoi industries.

Ishika Joshi – She is a very lovely n caring mother of Ani n chutki. Her world is her husband n daughters. She is also a good businesswoman,but not a well know figure in media.

Shivaay n Family

Shivaay Singh Oberoi – As of now he is well known Studious , smart n dashing guy in their shcll. All the girls have a cursh on him. But he declined it as he was focused on his career. He too was developing a crush on Anika his childhood sweetheart. He loves his family a lot. His bros r his love of the life. N his bestie is Siddharth or better to say as Sid .He is also 14 yrs old

Omkara Singh Oberoi – The old Om.. He is just one yr younger than shiv.(13 yrs )Even though younger than shiv he is like a mentor for Shiv as he only shares his feelings with Om. The rest like in the serial.

Rudra Singh Oberoi – The youngest bro. Studying in 6 th. (11 yrs old). He is now itself expert in flirting. Then the other same in the serial.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi – She is now just 4 th (9 yrs ). The rest same as in the serial ,but here she gets panic attacks from her childhood.

Sakthi n Pinky – Same as in the serial.

Tej n Janvi – Same as in the serial.

Note – Here Oberoi’s n Joshi ‘s r just business partners n good frnds,but they r not family frnds. Hence only omru n prinku knw abt Anika as Shiv ‘s frnd n the same only Gauri knw abt Shiv. One thing I forgot to mention Shiv n Gauri share a nice sis-bro bond.

There 2 more Important thing is that omru – Ani bond N shiv -Gauri bond.. I will now clearly say how that knew abt each other.

1. Ani – Omru Bond

Ani n ru r basketball players,as Ani is senior n RU is junior she helps him as mentor. Hence ru loves his ani didi so much. As the these coaching r extra hours than the school our Mr.artist (om) come to pick up RU after his arts n craft class hence they all became frnds n omru loves their Anika didi..N eventually they came to knw abt shiv-Ani ‘s frndship.

2. Shiv-Gauri Bond

Shivaay n Gauri r swimmers. That’s the same thing here .Hence they share a bro -sis relationship .

Then there is another note guys sry plz bear with it. Now the o’bros knew the r Joshi ‘s,but don’t knw abt their partnership or something,becoz they r too small to knw abt the business yaar.

Now the frnds character sketch .

Mallika Batra – She is a fun loving , carefree girl to her family n close frnds. Bestie of Anika N she hates boys ( actually she is afraid of them ).
Don’t believe in love n stuffs like crush. She thinks all the boys r the same like chepda type. Our Anika trys to change her thinking but all goes in vain.

Author’s Note – Guys U all might be thinking why I gave so much importance to Mallika’s character,this is becoz she is gonna play an important role in influencing Anika’s mind.

Tia Kapoor – She is actually a good hearted person frm inside, but her habits n characteristics r a bit irritating. She to have a huge crush on Shivaay.,but he rejected her.

Note – She is just a passer by character in this ff.

Siddharth Vikram Rana – He is the Bestie of Shivaay. He is a flirt type guy n hates nerds,but he himself is studious guy n he likes irritating Mallika.

So that’s all guys if any new character is introduced then I will the sketch then n there. These r the characters till now in tis ff .I hope u enoj this ff n next epi will be of Shivaay’s Pov . So catch u guys next time until then bye.

With love


    • Haridhra



      Actually guys I tnk u misunderstood it .. This the continuation of my ff I wish u to be mine.. So already the first part is over ..

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