I wish the track could be this!! (Episode 3)

Hey guyzz ik is a long time since my last episode. I’m extremely sorry ppl.i wasn’t feeling well. I was unable to write moreover.I’m sorry.
2 goons come and push the logs and find both of them fighting.
Naira:Hey prananath….y are you going away from me. … (TO KARTHIK IN FRONT OF GOONS)
Gongs confused. …
NAIRA TO GOONS:see BHAIYAA. .. From that time I’m coming behind him. .. HEdoesn’t even spend time with me. If I come near him he runs away from me. …Y do you run away from me prananath. (She stamps his foot…. signaling him to act)
Karthik:stay away from me forever. .. OKAY don’t even think of coming near me.
Naira:you are my vishwamitra and I’m your menaka. How much ever you run Away from me I’ll come behind you vishwamitra.
Goon 1 to another:yaar yeh pagal hai. Now what to do with them.
Goon 2:tie them for now. When naman sir comes we’ll tell him everything.
Naira:bhaiya, tie us together bhaiya. Even if this is my lady minute I’d like to die in his arms. Karthik:no bhaiya. .. NOT WITH THIS CHIPAKKALI….!
Goons get naman’s call. He asks them to give lunch to naitik. And one of them will be about to inform about karthik and naira but naman cuts the call. And goons also feel that they are lovers and not important enough to inform naman. So they think it is safe for them to tie both. They tie Naira and karthik.
First they tie naira’s hands and then karthik’s hands and they tie them to the same pillar in opposite directions. They tie the rope fire some 8 to 10 rounds.
Goon 1:zyaada baat mat karna. …samjee. …
Pretending to far Naira nods.
Goons exit. After goons disappeared Naira whispers to karthik. …
Naira:karthik wait I can remove the knot from my hand.
She frees her tied hands with the help of her mouth. Then she tries to free her hands from the rope tired to get body.
Naira;yes! ! Done,
She unknots the rope tied to their body.
Karthik:finally…. Thank God.
Naira is trying hard to free karthik tied hands. Where as karthik is admiring Naira’s effortsand he starts smiling.
Naira:(sees him) are you watching some romantic movie here? Help me! !
Rope had loosened a bit so he inverts his hands towards him and releases his hands.
Karthik:come let’s go.
They quietly move or of the room and reach the hall. They find nobody. But from behind few Goons attack on karthik. Naira shouts:karthik! .. HE pulls Naira behind him and fights the goons back.
Karthik:Naira I think site is there go there. …
NAIRA runs to the room and finds naitik unconscious.
Outside akshara’s waiting for the police to arrive. Police arrive.

NAIRA:papa. …(She shouts.)
Goons run to her and holds her. .. keeping the gun to her forehead. Karthik calls out Naira.
Goons hold karthik. They punch him on his m mouth. .. tummy. … Back. …. AND on his forehead.
Naira calls out karthik….
GOONS hold her tightly.
Karthik;:HEY. …Usko kuch math KARNA. …SAMJEE. …
GOON2:Accha. …menaka se itna fikar.. tumhe kab

Se hone lagi vishwamitra. …
Goon 1:you thought you can make us fools? ? Tie them all. Let menaka be away from vishwamitra. . HAHA.
POLICE along with akshara enter the scene and shoot the one holding Naira at gunpoint. They catch the goons and takes themto the station.
Bhi this time naman had reached the place and finds his goons being taken away by the police. He stops the police and asks them what happened.
Akshara (is holding unconscious naitikalong with kartik with his hands over their shoulders ):I’ll tell you what happened naman. …
NAMAN:bhabhi. .. aap.
Akshara:police please take him away. .. He’s the one who kidnaped my husband.
Naman:par bhabhi mere baatt tho suniye. …
Akshara:please take him away.
They make naitik sit and gave him water to drink. Akshara:Naithik wake up Naithik. Look your akshara had come here wake up Naithik.
Naithik gains consciousness. Akshara and naira hug Naithik.
Akshara:you are all right know Naithik. Nothing happened to you right.
Naira:ik pappa. And what is that watch. ( she touches it. )
And gets shock. Naira shouts.
Akshara and karthik calls or Naira. ..
SHE pula the watch out in anger and throws it.
Naithik:I’m sorry akshara I had to lie to you that I was not here. My situation was like that that I had no escape from his captive.

Naira:is okay papa. Now we are there with you know. .. We’ll not let you go anywhere. Know mamma. ..
AKSHARA:ya Naithik. … You tolerated a lot now no more difficulties.
Karthik:site you don’t know where and all we searched for you. Thank God we found you.
Naira:ik papa karthik helped us a lot in finding you.
Akshara:Naira how did you come here.
Naira:no mumma I was following karthik And ended up here.
They take Naithik and leave for hotel in taxi.
Akshara And Naithik in one taxi and naira and karthik in another.
While sitting inside the taxi 1 akshara is caressing Naithik’s hair.
In taxi 2:
Naira checks the wound on his forehead. And by mistake touches the wound near his mouth.
Karthik:ouch. ..It hurts Naira. …
NAIRA : sorry. … ONCE I reach the hotel I’ll first aid you.

PRECAP : karthik’s dream sequence.
His hands tied he puts his hands over Naira’s neck. ….

Guys I’m really sorry for giving this filmy touch because along with romance even the story has to progress. I myself don’t like this filmy filmy style like fighting the Gunday ppl and all. but if it exaggerated I’m extremely sorry.

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    Guys do you ever like the current track??
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