I wish the track could be this!! (Episode 1)

Hello guys this is the first Attempt to write a fan fiction.
Hope you guys enjoy.
This track starts from the point where naira realizes that karthik hasn’t done anything wrong.
Scene:1 after realization
Naira:I’m sorry karthik. I don’t know what had happened to me.i have done a mistake. Please forgive me.won’t you forgive your jay, veeru?
Karthik:of you would have done some other mistake I would have forgiven you. But you doubted my friendship. That hurts. …
Naira:(talks to herself) I will cure your hurt kartik I will.

SCENE-2 (inside karthik room)
Karthik is looking at the burning log of wood in the chimney sitting on the rocking chair and watching it burn. Treats roll down without his knowledge.
Naira enters silently. She kneels down beside karthik and wipes his tears. But he turns his face away. Naira stands up and walks towards the Window thinking how bad she was to think to doubt karthik. In that verge of aggression sure breaks the Window glass.
Karthik:naira….. Are you mad?
Karthik:can anyone harm oneself like that?
Naira:yes. …
He was about to check the hurt on the hand. …
Naira : go Away from me . I’m a bad girl. I’m not worthy of y your kindness and friendship. Don’t help me. I deserve it.

While shouting, out of frustration naira faints.
Karthik: naira. ..Naira wake up naira.
He holds her by her neck and checks her bleeding hand. And carries her to the bed.
He cleans and dresses her hand .
He gets glucose water and makes her drink.
karthik:(to himself) Shit! ! It’s all because of me …..simply creating complications. If I had forgiven her she wouldn’t have been in this state here. I don’t know whether she had eaten anything since morning. …
Now what will I tell akshara mam. First of all she is upset for naitik sir’s absence. It’s like troubling her more. 1st let naira wake then I’ll tell her about naman sir.
After a while karthik wakes her.
In dreams naira is talking
Naira:karthik I’m sorry karthik . I’ll never do it once more. Trust me. Please. ….
Karthik:naira wake up naira.
She wakes from her dream.
Naira:karthik karthik help me please. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I can’t stand it. I’m burning with the guilt feeling. Please forgive me.
Karthik:naira I have forgiven you long back. Relax. …I was joking. I was not angry with you at all. May be I remembered some thing else that’s why I was upset
Naira:but ….

Precap:kaira hug.karthik gets hiccups and naira makes him drink water.

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  1. Awesome
    Lovely episode
    Plz continue with it as its interesting as its a totaly different track

  2. nice and plz write long..

  3. nice but plz write long

  4. Aishbee

    Thank you guyzz

    1. Anika

      This what I wanted to see in serial!
      Thanks dear.
      please continue this fan fiction

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  6. Wonderful episode.pls continue it

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