this is my second one shot but i’ll be different from all my writings as for a change it will have a happy ending

let’s that

a girl dressed in a beautiful dress of royal red colour sat on her knees in front of boy wearing red jacket blue jeans and white shirt and blue jeans
they were present in beautifully decorated campus with red and white flowers,light and balloons and lot of students were present their .they all were shouting swara swara swara
yes she was going to propose love of her life the most famous handsome hung of collage the laksh singhania

swara {on her knees} : i always wished their was someone who could say ” i am always there for you ” and i think i found that person .yes mr laksh singhania in front of whole campus i admit that i swara gadodia is madly in love with you and you to be most special person in my life

she was on 7th heaven but who knew her world gonna shatter

laksh[with devil smirk] : swara i know that i may be the most special person of your life but do you know the person whom i consider my life is my ragini [he said stretching his hand towards the crowd and suddenly a girl dressed in red anarkali came and tightly held his hand ]

swara {stood up little woorried and said stammering ] : laksh this is some kind of joke i know it is fake you are only mine na

ragini : what happened my overconfident the most egoistic sis is now stammering what you think only ladies in your clan know snatching
someone’s love

laksh : dear who said you snatched me i was always yours na

swars[hell shocked and in crying tone ] : laksh stop this don’t get influenced by her and what was all that you did with me that bike rides that gifts and our [she paused seeing the crowd ]

laksh : and our what babes please complete let me help you and our proximity our first kiss and much more .this all was because i for sometime lusted you but from very first meeting i loved my ragini

everybody started staring swara as if a alien and started badmouthing about her and her character now she could not bear she yelled

swara : no this is not reality i must be dreaming

ragini : dear step sis this was just a game of betrayal which will become the nightmare of your life and i forced him to do this for my pleasure

swara {sobbing and fully devastated ] : what why this to me only though step what but at least i was our sis and laksh i loved you from my soul

laksh : so what can i do i liked your body and i had enjoyed it so now get lost

ragini : i did what your mon did with me and my mom now your dad will bear the pain and insult that we beared

instead of bashing laksh for his shameless comment crowd again started commenting on swara’s upbringing as she was a motherless child from birth
her mother was second wife of shekhar for whom he left ragini’ mom .though ragini and her mom stayed with them neither shekhar cared about them nor they cared for swara . that’s why swara became a spoilt and blindly trusted a person who used and throwed her as a waste tissue

swara was no more able to bear all this she ran away from their leaving everyone laughing on her

as soon as she reached her home she went to her father hugged him but next second he jerked her and slapped her tightly she fall on the floor and he threw some pics of her and laksh and her

shekhar : for this i trusted you ‘for this i gave you so much freedom i ashamed to have you as my daughter

swara wanted to share her grief with him but he even ignored her tears and she just went into her room and locked it from inside

soon someone called shekhar and told him all about the campus scene he became stressed and started knocking her door and informed the only true friends of swara, randhir and sanskar

[those who read my ff’s know who randhir is and he is present in my every imagination ]

shekhar was constantly knocking for past i hour soon rd and sanky also came and the trio broke the door and were hell tensed and rushed to the local hospital .actually swara tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills . soon docter came and told that swara was out of danger but she was very depressed and very weak mentally so they asked them to take her home and keep her happy .
sanky : bhai rush home and bring some clothes as shekhar uncle has asked us to stay with swara to bring her out of this trauma

randhir did the same but when he was going about his father dp stopped him

dp : where are you going don;t dare to go to that shameless girl swara

rd [in anger ] : mind your language mr maheshwari and i don’t need your advice for living my life

dp : you can’t talk in this tone to me and remember you are nothing without me and my name .do you got it mr randhir durga prasand maheshwari

randhir : keep your name and fame to yourself only i’ll never need it and i am leaving
dp : then leave but don’t dare to came back here and plz leave your car keys and cards also as they also belong to me

rd in anger dropped all these even his watch and bag hastily also his mother ap came from outside in formal’s and gave him another keys and cards

ap : they may belong to mr maheshwari but these belong to you only as may maheshwari empire belong to someone else but you are the soul heir of rai chand business empire and you don’t need to beg for anything from him

soon rd left

dp ; do you know you dear son went to that swara and still you are supporting him

ap : even your sanskar is also their with that girl but you won’t have any problem with him after all only intentions of my son are wrong

dp : it’s you who differentiates between randhir and sanskar not me

ap : yes i do this because randhir is my son and sanskar is your so called girlfriend kaveri’s son

and she leaves

sanky and rd are step brothers . rd was about 5 year’s old when one day dp came with a 3 year old sanskar and told ap about his and kaveri’s relation and her unfortunate death . ap was broken and she from that day broke all relations with dp she just stayed with him for randhir and never accepted sanskar and joined and managed her father’s business

soon swara became normal they both were her pillars of support andrandhir fell in love with swara but sanky and swara unaware of the fact that they were already in love

randhir shared his feelings with ap and she asked swara for this but her reply shocked her

swara finally realised that she loves sanskar and decided to propose but he himself called her

sanky : i want to share something with you

swara { happily } : hah say na i already knew that[she said in audible voice ]

sanky : i am in love with riya

swara { devasted again but still smiling a fake smile }

sanky : we meet a week ago and fell in love with her as you are my bestie so i shared this with you are you happy na

swara : yes iam very happy with you and now i am goona turn your bhabi from besti i have decided to marry randhir

sanky : good and now i need to leave

swara was broken into pieces after losing her love again but this time she smiled

soon their weeding was scheduled
on weeding day when weeding ended someone came clapping and he was none other than randhir the expected groom and all started staring them

randhir : what why are you looking at me are congratulate the newly weed couple the swasan

and groom sankar opened his turban and winked at randhir for swara this was like a dream

soon rd made all guest leave and the couple went towards dp and he blessed then they went to ap she tried to resist then rd came

randhir : mom trust me i’ll be happy i know all that how made sanskar lie to swara

swara woh actually sanskar never loved anyone except you i’ll tell,you what happened

when i was getting ready for marriage one servant told him that sanky was heavily drinking i went to him and in drunk state this stupid told me that mom asked him to sacrifice his love for me and in return mom will forgive him and dad and for our family he was going to spoil our life’s .as love is not one sided so dear i had married you then i would have suffered the most

swara [sobbing ]: thank you randhir for giving my idiot to me and you never dare to do this again mr sankar maheshwari

sansakr : i will be always there for you

randhir : i have one more news for you bit disturbing but required and he handled a newspaper to her

on it’s front page was printed ‘the famous model laksh singhania arrested for cheating and doing domestic violence with his gf ragini gadodia

swara : now it never matters i got what i wished a loving husband [eyeing sanskar ]and a selfless friend [eyeing randhir ]

hope you like it

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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