I Wish (Raglak- OS by Drashti)


I wish I could do that. I wish I could confess you my feelings. You wanted me to be yours’ but I was confused, I wasn’t sure about my feelings. I needed some times. But may be you were in hurry. You didn’t wait and moved on in your life. I am still here, all alone, waiting for a ray of hope. I wish I needn’t time to confess. I wish I wasn’t late. I wish I wouldn’t alone. But Alas! I am, I am all

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I Wish

A Raglak Ff

She was waiting outside the office complex wearing her formal dress a black shirt with blue jeans looking exhusted as usual after a long tiring day. It was 7 pm. She was waiting for a taxi. The weather was cool. Cold wind was blowing all around indicating a rainshow will begin soon.

He had just taken his jeep out from the garage and about to drove off. He noticed her standing a little far from him. His world got stopped for a while. He then looked away feeling guilt of himself. But he couldn’t ignore her. He knew she had to reach airport in time. Actually he knew everything about her. Its not like he used to follow her. Its just, he knew, without any reason and he need not any reason to know anything about her. He didn’t care about reasons actually.

Leaving his pool of thoughts aside finally he drove his jeep toward her if not because of the attraction at least for the sake of humanity of course. Its been many years now. He had become a master in controlling his emotions. Care! Well he cared for all so why not for her. He should have no reason for showing care for her. blo*dy hell! Again this reason thing! Man, someone kill this reason thing please.

He stopped the jeep infornt her.

“Hello sir.” She greeted as if it’s first time she’s meeting him in the whole day.

He ignored the ‘Hello sir’. Its been a regular routine nowadays. Its not easy for both of them. But again its not impossible also.

“Need a lift?” He asked trying hard just to show the care a senior had for his junior.

His words pinched her heart. She looked away for sometime. But then again looked at him and caught the glimpse of concern in his eyes which he’s trying to hide.

That was his turn to look away and he did actually the same.

“Its okay sir. I will manage.”

“You’ll miss your flight.” He reminded her.

She was taken aback for sometimes. She gave him a ‘how do you know’ look. As a result he back her a ‘I know’ look which actually meant ‘I always know’.

It’d been years now they talk less, with each other obviously. It had help them to overcome. So without extending the conversation much he opened the jeep door next to him for her. She also to avoid the conversation got in the jeep next to him.

Journey started. A silent journey. Memories from their past were flashing in fornt of their eyes. Both of them were looking at each other time to time.

“Your seat belt.” He reminded her and she looked down instantly. She fixed the belt.

Again an awkward silence prevailed between them.

“Everyone’s fine?” He asked finally giving up.

“Yeah… you’re doing good?”

“Trying.” He truly confessed but instantly changed his statement “I mean.. yeah… yeah… I am good.”

She smiled in response.

Heavy rain started all on a sudden and the jeep got stopped at the same time.

“Shit!” He complained to himself.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Dont know. Let me check.” He removed the seat belt.

“It’s raining” She said.

He smiled in return and got down. Less than 10 seconds and he was all wet. He checked the engine. There’s a little problem and he fixed that within 5 minutes. He ran his fingers through his wet hair in order to fix them. Rain water was dropping from his chin, nose and ear lobes. He was looking at her through the glass.

‘Laksh sir Don’t u like rain? Duniya mei aisey insaan bhi hote hai? mujhe nhi pata tha.’

“Rain means romance for me.’

‘Barish mei bhigo bhigo bhigo or bus ice cream khao.’

‘Rain bhi koi dekh ke enjoy karne wali chiz hai batao
‘How many songs do u know about rain?’ She asked

‘haahhh mujhe songs hi nhi ate poems bhi ate hai rain ke upar.’

He was remembering the sweet moments spend with her, her sweet talks.

Here sitting inside the jeep she was thinking the same. But the difference was she didnt want to remember so she diverted her mind but he loved to remember them and he didn’t try to divert his mind either.

He finished his work and got in the jeep. He tried to start the car and it started.

The rest of the journey finished without any further talk. They both avoid each other glances.

Laksh turned on the Radio and a song started.

‘ Ajeeb dasta hai ye,

kaha shuru kaha khatam,

ye manjeeley hai kon si,

na wo samajh sake na hum’

‘mubarake tumhe ki tum kisi ke nur ban gaye,

kisi ke itne pass ho,

ki khud se duur ho gaye’

The song was describing his cobdition which was unbearable for him so he turned of the radio.

She looked at him and understood why he turned off the radio. She again looked away and concentrated out of the jeep, the natural beauty around her.

After some times the jeep stopped outside the airport. By now rain had also stopped, not properly although.

Both of them got down. A man and a 4 years old boy came toward them.

“Ragini tum aa gai. Thank God. Mujhe laga aisi weather mei tum aa hi nahi paogi.” The man sighed.

“Wo laksh sir ne Lift diya.” Ragini gave a thankful look to laksh.

“Thanks yaar laksh.”

“No problem.” Laksh smiled.

“Hello Laksh uncle.” The boy shouted.”Aap last mujhe guitar sikhane nahi aai. very bad.”

“I am so sorry Shawan… busy tha.. aap Shimla ke tour se wapas aa jao… pakka apko shikhaunga.”


“Pakka.” Laksh replied

“Okay Shawan beta… uncle ko pareshaan maat karo… jao ap mama ke sath… Ragini tumhe fresh hona hoga na.”

Ragini nodded and left with Shawan.

“Bye uncle.” Shawan said to laksh

“Thanks laksh.”

“Tum har baar thanks bolke sharminda kar rahe ho Sanskar.” Laksh protested.

Sanskar smiled in response.

“Okay bye. Take care.” Sanskar smiled.

“Bye.” Laksh nodded.

Sanskar turned to leave, laksh called him

“Sanskar.” Sanskar turned hearing laksh’s voice.

yeah” Sanskar enquirered.

“You’re very lucky. You know this?” Laksh asked.

“I know.” Sanskar smirked and left.


He got in the jeep and left. 5 years. Long Five years, still he used to say to himself ‘I wish!’

“If you love someone, say it today. This ‘I wish’ hurts more than you can imagine. Just say it.”

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