Hiiiiiii ISHQBAAZIANS…This is YAZHU back with an OS for you all…It’s been quite a long time after my previous update…feeling so good to see you all again…I’ll save my bakbaks for later as I’ve got lot to say…now let’s get into the scene…

It becomes a disaster day in Oberoi mansion, as there goes a world war III between Rudra and Sowmya. Rudra with his crack jokes teases Sumo and she got furious which leads to a big bang quarrel between them. Om got fed up with their fight and didn’t get any idea to stop them. Anika comes to Oberoi mansion just that time and she got shocked to see Rumya fighting again.

‘They’ve started again’ she asked Om who just noticed her after hearing her voice

‘Yeah…I don’t know how to handle these two…’ Om says in a frustrated tone

Anika felt pity at his condition, but her eyes started searching for the one, who always make her crazy with his kanji eyes and furious with his intolerable attitude. But that’s what makes her feel for him and dream about him, his face is the one which always comes before whenever she closes her eyes. She noticed that there’s no one to be seen in the house, so she thought to enquire about it to Om.

‘Where’s everyone???’ she asked Om

‘Dadi, Ma, choti ma and Prinku went to temple…Mr. Oberoi and choti papa went to meeting…’ he replied

‘And…’ Anika struggled between words

‘And your Billu ji’s in his room…working on his laptop…’ Om says with a warm and teasing smile in his face

Anika felt shy and struggled hard to hide it. But their convo got disturbed by Rudy’s sound.
Anika and Om turns to find Rudra got drenched in water and a glass in Sumo’s hand.

‘What have you done Sumo???’ Rudy says making a puppy face

‘I think this is not enough for you…’ Sumo says by taking another glass of water

‘Arrey…Sumo stop it na…’ Anika gets between them and grabs the glass from her hand but in result the water fell on Shivaay’s face, who just got there.

Om, Rudy and Sumo cup their mouth. And Anika got stunned seeing at him. Shivaay got shocked and wipes his face to look at Anika who was just staring at him with her widened eyes. Shivaay got lost in her eyes but soon he get into his sense and he got angry.

‘What’s this Panika??? I’m already late to the meeting… now you spoiled my suit…’ Shivaay says in an angered tone. Anika felt the seriousness in his voice and felt bad.

‘I’m sorry Billu ji…I didn’t intend to do this…’ Anika tries to explain

‘I should change…I’m getting so late…’ saying Shivaay left to his room without expecting the explanation from Anika

But she felt so bad and follows him trying to explain. Anika felt dizzy but manages herself and went to his room. She saw him changed in another suit and went towards him. Shivaay in hurry struggles to put his coat as Anika holds the coat and helped him to put on. A smile escaped from Shivaay’s lips but Anika can’t able to see that as he’s facing his back towards her.

‘I’m sorry Billu ji…’ Anika says in a pleading tone. Shivaay turned towards her and got melted by seeing her pleading eyes.

‘No Anika…actually I was in a hurry that’s why I’ve shouted on you…I’m sorry…’ Shivaay says with a pleasant smile

‘When did you learn to say sorry???’ Anika asked him with a crooked smile

‘When you became my everything…’ Shivaay replied and they both smiled at each other

‘Can I go now???’ Shivaay asked her with an unusually beautiful smile

‘Sure you can…’ Anika replies by waving her towards the door, but she got dizzy and held her head

Shivaay notices her and helps her to stand steady but soon she fell in his arms. He got tensed and lifts her in his arms to place her in his bed. He gently taps in Anika’s face to make her conscious. Anika in an half conscious state asked for water and Shivaay feeds her water. Then he called OmRu and asked them to call the doctor.

The doctor checks her and says that she got weak as she didn’t eat anything for long. He prescribed some medicines and asked Shivaay to take care of her. Om and Rumya felt sad at Anika’s condition but eventually got happy by seeing Shivaay taking care of her, and then they left from there leaving Shivaay with his Panika. Shivaay caresses her forehead and soon Anika got her complete consciousness.

‘Haven’t you gone to the meeting???’ Anika asked him with concern as she knows how important it was for him

‘Don’t think about that… and have this medicine first…’ Shivaay says and gives her the medicines. Anika took it without any restriction.

‘But Billu ji…your meeting…’ She asked again

‘Anika…just stop worrying about my meeting…you know I can handle any meeting…but I just can’t able to see you like this…’ he says and his eyes reflected the truth in his words

‘But…’ she tries to say something

‘No but…just sleep now…’ he cuts her off and sits beside her by holding her hand between his

Anika can see his love and care for her, as she’s so tired and also because of the power of the medicine soon she dozed off to sleep. Shivaay looks at her lovingly and he went towards his cupboard and takes out a gift pack. He came near Anika and unwrap the cover to take the anklets out.

‘You know what Anika…I bought this for you and thought to give it as our engagement gift along with the ring…but this is not a bad time either right…It’ll be beautiful when you wear it…’ he says in a mild tone by not waking her and caresses her fore head.

He went beside the end of the bed then he gently took Anika’s legs and makes her wear it carefully by not disturbing her sleep. He adores her and came towards her to peck her fore head. Anika’s lips curved unknowingly in her sleep.

‘I wish your love for me to lasts forever…’ Shivaay says and left from there having his Anika in his mind. While outside Shivaay’s room Rudy and Sumo gave high five to each other and Om smiles seeing at Shivaay.

So how was it guys??? Hope you’ll like it…if not just let me know through your valuable comments so that I could improve my writing…

In my previous update I’ve said that I’ll try to update one or two OS before my models…so here’s the one…actually I thought to update it before but because of my last minute preparations for my project review, record work and model practicals I’ve got too busy…It’s really been a busy week for me…but I’m happy that I’ve done my project review and model practicals so well…my model exams(theory) were starting from Monday and I’ll be busy for the next week too…

But I promise that before my semester exams that’s during my study holidays I’ll give you all some long one shots…A very big sorry for not giving ISHKARA one shots…but I’ll compensate it in my next update…and I planned to write a ff after my sem exams so please give your thoughts on this…your comments are the boost for me so please pen down your thoughts on my OS in the comment section…to other ff writers sorry guys for not commented on your ffs as you’ve got to know the reason by now…I know I’ve been blabbering too much…so I stop here…

Once again thanks a lot for reading my OS and tolerating my writing n my craziness…see you all after nov-1st until then bye bye…and take care all my lovely sissies and bros…

Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…

One for All and All for One…

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  1. Nithu

    To gud luvd it …soo much ..amd all the best for ia models..im also having internal frm monday…..

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for your lovely comment and wishes Nithu…all the best for your internals too…do it well…

  2. Vincy

    It was awesome

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Vincy…

  3. Superb yaar can u plz send link for the previous story of this? I am a bit confused

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Nandini…I wrote it as a OneShot after their confession which you can assume as a continuation of my previous ones…so here’s the links of the previous updates….
      1) http://www.tellyupdates.com/confession-shivika-os/
      2) http://www.tellyupdates.com/im-shivika-os/
      3) http://www.tellyupdates.com/dont-get-away-shivika-os/
      Have a look at it…

  4. Beautiful….. amazing….. marvelous….. awesome…… incredible!!!!!!!! Di u r just superb…. l luv Shivika very much and ur os….. ur os r treet for me!!!!!!!!! Post more n more os on Shivika…… this one was beautiful……. and I was waiting for this since long…….

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a those sweet n lovely words Mukta dr…. I’m sooooo happy that you loved it…and words are treat for me…

      1. Yazhu

        I mean to say… your words are a treat for me…

  5. Awesome yazhu? i luvd it

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Sahana…

  6. Ketaki19

    it’s such a beautiful os <3 love your os n love shivika <3

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks ketaki…I’m happy that you loved it…

  7. how cute na… i love your os dr.. awesome..

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks malu…

  8. Priyanka_22

    lovely as alwyz 🙂
    thaks yazhu for another beautiful shivika os 🙂

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks priyanka…

  9. Goms

    Yazhu is nice.. I love rumya/shivika scenes and om’s teasing…after a long time today I read many ff and commented ..some are still in balance want to read and comment.. If i missed any of your ff please do mention me in pm..

    1. Yazhu

      Hi Goms…thanks for your lovely comment dr…if you like to read the missed parts…I’ve send the links of my last two parts in this comment section scroll above to read it…so happy to see your comment after long…

  10. awesome

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Sadia…

  11. Yaashi

    You are a group at writer yazhu… Loved ur os…

  12. Yaashi

    I meant great

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks yaashi…

  13. Tany

    nothing can be bad if its shivika and afterall u generally write well when it comes to shivika it becomes best.

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Tany…

  14. Aarya

    Beautifully written…. I loved it so much yazhuuu….???????i hope this day will come soon in ib….wow shivaay….with romancebazzyy..?????

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for that lovely comment Aarya…I’m happy that you loved it…

  15. Tulasi

    Nyc oneee yazhu….u have a diff style yaar…u ll always present us a cute n lovely os….wich brings a curve on our lips….as like u described…really sweet……

    Do check my ff http://www.tellyupdates.com/ishqbaaz-ff-tulasi-part-11/

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for that lovely n sweet comment Tulasi dr…

  16. Nice Yazhu…..

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks San…

  17. So good

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Mihra…

  18. RichieRich

    Very very beautiful 🙂 … loved it

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Richie…so happy that you loved it…I liked your name…it reminds me of my old days…watching cn and RichieRich is one of my favorite shows…

      1. RichieRich

        Yazhu.. Richie was my fav character as well

  19. Sat

    Yazhu. I just loved it yar.
    I know you are the emperor of os
    I love it . I am just waitimg for another ff or an os
    Your os always touch my heart. Just can’t express why
    And sorry for commenting late. Please forgive me for the late comment
    An other ff please

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for that sweet comment Sat…don’t have to say sry…I’m happy that you read it and loved it…

    2. Yazhu

      Emperor of OS…I don’t know whether I deserve it or not…but those words really encouraged me so much…thanks once again…

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