My wish came true-two shots (Happy birthday Astra di) shot 1

Happy birthday to you Astra diiiii???? I wish your all dreams comes true and you live a healthy life di?? I am writing this story but I don’t know how it will be , you will like it or not. You are my inspiration to write and I am gifting it to you I am feeling very nervous ???
I posted it in wattpad but I forgot to post it here.

So let’s start the story

Twilight was wrapped up in the blanket of darkness which was coming slowly. Soon the light obliterated from the whole town, the neverending sky was fully adorned by the luminous stars which were twinkling like the pearls of god’s crown.

One by one the lamps light up in the whole city, no one can say that it’s night time now as the whole city was glittering under the lights of stars and lamps, and this much brightness was common to be happen as it was the birthday of the empire’s Princess (diya) astra07
High upon the hill of the empire there was the fort of the Princess which was overlooking the whole empire.

The gates of the fort were open for welcoming guests as Everyone were invited on her birthday party.
The whole palace was adorned by the beautiful flowers and the lights, the fragrance of flowers were beyond description, so sweet and so pleasant.
Soon the loud Bassoon sound was heard and they went near the red carpet on which the beautiful princess was about to come.

Princess Diya was dressed in a beautiful red velvet grown which was making her to look like the most prettiest red rose in the world.
Her eyes were framed by the long lashes making her more beautiful, her lips were like a soft rose petal.
She was coming down from the stairs like a fairy is coming down from the heaven.

She smiled seeing the guests and then came near the big cake, which had 24 candles on it.
Everyone asked her to take a wish before blowing off the candles, she closed her ocean like deep eyes and smiled.
A flood of memories brimmed up in her mind.

A sweet and cute girl of 5 years were sitting in her grandma’s lap, that girl cheerful like the sunshine, she asked her grandma in her honey like sweet voice” Dadi sa please tell a story to me a story”
Her Grandma smiled and said” Diya wants to listen a story..umm..let me tell you a story of a princess and her look-alike who became her best friend”
Princess looked her in confusion and said innocently” Dadi sa what is look-alike??)

Her grandma said” look-alike means the person who looks exactly like you.”
” I also want to meet my look-alike Dadi sa” Diya said cutely.
Her grandma laughed and said ” hahaha of course my dear you will also meet your look-alike”
Diya hugged her grandma and listened her story.

Flashback ended.

Diya wished ” Oh, All mighty God, please let me meet to my look-alike I want to meet her it’s my wish from my childhood please God please let me meet her once.”
She smiled and opened her eyes, then she blew the candles and everyone sang the birthday song.

This was the first shot sorry di I am not able to write more, I am little busy with my tones of homework ? I will post next shot soon.

So will the princess be able to meet her look-alike??
How will be she??
Keep guessing and wish me di a very happy birthday.????

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  1. Shrilatha

    Happy Birthday akka.loved this yaar

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you so much diiiii❤??

  2. AMkideewani

    Superb Micku, Happy birthday Astra????????????????????????❤️❤️??????❤️❤️❤️❤️, I followed you both in Wattpad????

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you soooooo much diiiii ??❤❤❤❤ Actually Astra di’s birthday was on 18th July I posted this on wattpad but forgot to post here. What’s your wattpad id di????

      1. AMkideewani


  3. IQRA222

    yashi di this was wonderful
    all in love with it already
    its too interesting
    waiting for the next part

  4. Fenil

    Superb micky
    Its just so awesome and deamy

  5. Fenil

    Superb micky
    Its just so awesome and dreamy

  6. Kitkat

    awesome one sweetheart…. loved it…. egarly waiting for next part of ur ts…..

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