Wish for your arrival (Swasan os)

Hiiiii, I was silent reader??? hope I could say that. Leave that and start reading…
Scene start with a lady reading letter, happiness tears continuously flowing from her big dove shape eyes.
“ Are you missing me ?”
That girl nodded in yes, she continued reading it.
“ I also missing you both, specially my little princess. Tell her that I am coming, ya love her as much you want because when I’ll come na then I’ll not leave her even for single second.”
She started to make faces while reading it.

“ Uff swara don’t make faces na I’ll loose my control and also don’t be jealous of my little princess I will also not leave you.”
Reading it she blushed, her cheeks turned crimson red. She smiled little thinking how much he knows her without even seeing he can guess what she is doing? Again she started reading letter.
“ I love you both if she is my princess then you’re my queen, if she is my heart beat then you’re my heart”
With teary eyes she kissed letter
“ Even I love you both” she said and again started reading.
“ I miss you lot swara, I miss everything about you, your love, your care, your scolding , uff now enough of emotional talks, I am soon coming and this time we trio will spend maximum time. Love you both…
Your sanskar”

She again kissed the letter and take their princess in arm.
“ do you know princess dad is coming, we both will scold him lot. When he will come na then for some days we will not talk to him.”
Baby sees toward her and started to pull her hair with tiny hands.
“ really you’re dad’s princess, okay you can talk but I’ll not”
Listening her mother talks she smiled and started to play with her hairs. While swara took sanskar pic from table and emotionally sees that.

“ did you listen Mr maheswari this time you have to work hard, I will not going to convince easily.”
She blinked her eyes to hide her tears and kiss sanskar photo. She kept back that photo and again looked toward her princess who was cutely smiling and playing with her hairs.
“ And you daddy’s princess, your daddy given msg for you that he loves you lot even more than me” swara said

Baby smile widely like she is giving her winning smile.
“ don’t fly I’ll see both of you, now it’s time for your sleeping, so today sleep without any tantrum now your dad will only handle you and your tantrum.”
She placed her on bed and make her sleep after singing a sweet melodious Lori.
After princess slept she took their wedding pic.

“ I missing you lot, now it’s enough sanskar we haven’t seen each other more than one year. Mainly you still not seen our Princess , you know she is just like you. Most amazing things is she can’t even listen anything against you. I don’t know when you both will be together then how I handle situation. But plz come fast, now this separation is killing me. And What you were saying you’ll not leave me, first you come then I’ll saw you who is swara sanskar maheswari but plz come na, your swara and princess are missing you”
Tears started to come from her big dove eyes, she hug his photo and cry her heart out.

Next day
She wake up, her face was pale and eyes were swollen. She checked her other side where baby is still sleeping with sweet smile on her face. She caresses her hair and kiss her forehead.

“ you know princess, your daddy is in very busy person. Yeah that’s why he doesn’t able to give us time but you know one thing your mumma feel proud that your daddy is selflessly doing his work yeah little angry that he doesn’t take care of his health. But it’s okay no further complain, ohh so you thinking why mumma will not talk to hm. Actually na your mumma loves his attention. So you can understand…” she said to sleeping baby.

She shifted her gaze at other side whereas her wedding album kept, she take it and started to see pics which were captured with their happy moments. Whole journey came in front of her, like they met yesterday only and now they are parents. All things were magical, slowly with every pics she went in lane memories.

Nearly 18 years old girl playing cricket , her hair floating in air which were making that girl diva. She show her hand and stop blower.
“ One minute samir, let me tie my hair” she said
While she started to tie hair in bun, a boy standing little distance from them seeing her without blinking eyes, he was smiling like idiot and kept staring her.
“ Over, now you can throw ball” she said

She started to batting but unfortunately one ball hit someone.
“ di, what you did?” samir said worriedly
“ I don’t know how it happened, let’s run before anything could happen” she said
“ but di ball” he said pointing toward that boy
Who was still standing with keeping hand on forehead and ball was near him only.
“ idiot leave ball, if we would alive then many ball can come. So let’s run….” she said
While running she turned toward that person who is still standing in same position. She give him what look and ran from there.

Days were passing with jet speed but he never get courage to talk with her, just kept staring her. She also started to notice him. Sometimes both used to pass glance and smile at each other. Yet none of them knowing each other names, one side love is growing in someone heart yeah boy was sure about his feelings for him it was love at first sight and other side a unknown feeling coming.
A fine day, girl trying to kick her scooty. She again and again watching time, it seems to she is getting late.
“ may I help you?” A voice came
She annoyingly looked toward voice owner, same boy standing there and shyly smiling looking at her.
“ Vo I have to go market for Medicine and this idiot Scotty” she said
He smiled little and began to kick her scotty. Soon it started, he smilingly looked at her and leave from there.

She smiled back and moved from there. Like it days were passing a silent love story taking place. Both used to help each other and after that just used to pass smile.
One fine day, girl was roaming on terrace for single glimpse of boy. She was just wondering what is this new feeling, her trances broken by someone throwing paper ball on her.
She picked ball and started to see in every possible direction.
Her every action was noticed by same boy who always used to help her, he smilingly seeing her.
She open the chit, reading it a bright smile came over her lips.

“ wanna meet you, can we meet?”
A smiley also drawn there, she again looked around this time she found same boy standing joining both hands. She nodded
in yes and shyly run from there. Seeing her positiv
e response he started to jump in happiness.
Next day,

She reached coffee cafe where same boy waiting for her.
“ i..” he said

She looked down and smiled little.
“ Can we order first” she said
He playfully slap his forehead and nodded in yes.
“ yeah, come” he
Like gentlemen he forward chair and offer her seat. She sit there, he also sat in front of her.
Both forward there hand to pick menu card, in this process their hand touched which send shiver to their body. First eye lock took place , both wanted to drown in each other eyes. Unfortunately their eye lock broken by waiter voice who came there to take order.
“ Mam, sir what you wanna have?” he asked
Both came in sense and embarrassingly looked down.
“ what you wanna have” boy asked
“ Anything you want” she replied
He nodded in yes order two coffee for them.
Both silently sitting there and looking here there.
She thought to break this unwanted silent.
“ So you live here only, I mean i not noticed you before that day” she said
“ No, that day only I shifted there” he replied
Again silence prevailed there.

“ yeah that only, when I hit you. Actually..” she tried to take conversation further
He interrupted her in middle.
“ No need of sry, it was mine . I was standing in middle.” He said
She looked down remembering how he was starting her.
“ but why you run away” he said
“ I thought you will scold us, so thought to..” before she could complete their order arrived
“ Kk forget that day, actually I don’t know your name. I mean we met lot of times but still don’t know each other name” he said
She smiled little remembering their meetings.
“ Swara and your” she

“ Sanskar” he
“ nice name” she compliment him
“ your too, just like you, I mean nice” he said
She blushed at his compliment.
Later both started to talk randomly, soon they became comfortable with each other.
Next week
Both again met, like usual this meeting was also unplanned. She coming from clg with groups of girls. While he was returning from his work, seeing her he stop his bike at side. Her gaze also fall on him, he signal her to come with me.

She pointed towards herself and signal look around her.
He make poker face and started to look other side.
“ Guys, I have some work. You all carry on” she said
Without waiting for their replies she went from there. He standing facing back to her, she patted his back.
“ swara, you go with your friends” he angrily said
“ so bad, saying lie to them I came here and you’re even not seeing toward me. Okay fine me going” she said
Before she could move he held her hand and stop her.
“ not so soon, any plans for today” he said
“ yeah..” she
“ Okay then you can go” he said
He sat on bike and about to start it, he felt someone keeping hand on his shoulder.
“ But now no plans” she

He smiled and started bike.
She slowly reduce distance between them and held him through waist. He sees toward her from mirror, she is looking here and there. He touched her hand and make grip more stronger. Both smiled, she almost hugging him and resting her head on his shoulder.
With passing days both coming more close, both well known to each other feeling yet waiting for perfect moment.
One fine day both were standing near bike and holding each other hands.
“ sanskar, are you okay na. I mean it looks like you wanna say something” she
Saying it she turned toward him and took his both hands in her hand.
“ now say” she
“ actually I have to go” he
“ Means” she
“ means I have to go for training” he

“ training?” she asked confusedly
“ some month before I applied in army and yesterday I got news I am selected” he
Her grip became loose , he was only feared from it that she will leave him.
“ Swara I..” he
“ idiot it’s good news, and you’re telling me with sad face. We should celebrate it.”
“ Means you’re not angry na I mean..” he
She interrupted her.
“ Why I’ll angry, I am feeling proud on you. I never knew my friend can be so serious” she
Tears came up in her eyes thinking he is going away from her, but don’t want to show that she is falling weak. Most importantly she doesn’t wanna come between his dreams.
“ swara, you’ll miss me na” he

His eyes were also full of tears.
“ why I’ll miss you, who are you to me” she
“ hmm but I’ll miss you, you’re my everything.” He
She hug him and started to cry.
“ you’ll not forget me” she
He hug her back.
“ never, after I’ll come back I will surprise you. And would you remember me?” he
“ idiot , I’ll never forget you and what are asking I’ll miss you or not. Then listen we only miss them whom we forget. So I think you might get your answer.” She
Both parted away and wipe each other tears.

“ Yeah wait for me, I’ll surely comeback for you” he said
“ If I said not to go then have you leave this chance?”
He not answer and looked down.
“ I get my answer, always be like this only. If you answered me in yes then I must broken your legs with my bat” she
“ Thanks for understanding me, but do I able to achieve my dreams I wanna make proud my country like one day everyone give my example to their child.” He
“ I know you can do it, so just give your best” she
Later both went their respective home.
After one week,
Both were standing at station and just starting each other. Their staring session ended by train horn.
“ Still you’ll not say” she
He get what she wanna listen but choose to pretend.
“ What” he
She became sad and nodded nothing.
“ Okay swara bye , take care and don’t forget me” he

“ You too”
Last time both hug each other, first time he gently kiss her forehead and went in his compartment. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes, he signal her smile.
From window side she held his hand and kiss on his palm.
“ comeback with good news” she
Train started to move with it their grip also becoming loose.
“ hmm” he
Finally their grip become loose, both hands separated from each other.
Train went far from her sight, with it distance came between them.
After 6 months,
In this 6 months many things changed, he never contacted her. Sometimes she used to cry alone remembering their moments. Her face totally became pale and she also loosed weight.
“ do he forget me, why he should remember me. Who I am to him” she muttered
She remembered his word ‘ my everything’

“ might be I misunderstood his feelings, he only considered me his frnd nthng more. But how I should say this to my heart who wanna him?” saying it she broke in tears and slept there only.
After one week, she received a msg saying come in park.
“ whose no is this?” she asked herself
For one second sanskar name came up in her heart but jerked that thought thinking why he would call her like this.
Next day, evening
She reached park, all things were normal there. She sadly sat near bench and closed her eyes. Someone come from behind and closed her eyes with hands.

Without wasting even a single second, she took his name.
“ sanskar” she
He removed his hand and came in front of her.
Her eyes popped out, he was completely changed a well built body and seriousness on face.
Seeing her condition he became angry and tightly held her.
“ swara what is it?” he
Without answering him, she tightly hug him.

“ sanskar, I thought you forget me” she said
“ First you answer me what is it? I told you take care yourself” he angrily parted her
She looked down, tears continuously falling from her big dove shape eyes.
Seeing her tears he felt bad and immediately pulled her in hug.
“ I am sry , I shouldn’t scold you. Now stop crying you remember before going I told you I have surprise.” He
“ hmm” she
She still crying and not able to believe he is in front of her. Later she noticed he is in uniform.
“ Sanskar, are you?” she
“ yes swara, I finally achieved my dreams. All this because of you. That day I was little sad that I’ll able to do it or not but when you said you felt proud on me that time I only decided I’ll give my best” he
“ then why no contact, you know I used to check my phone 24*7 but not even single call or msg from your side” she
Saying it she parted away and cup his face.
“ Don’t you missed me?” she asked

“ No” he replied
“ then what we’re doing here, I should go. All the best for your further life” she blurted angrily
Saying it she moved from there, he pulled her back and kept his chin at her shoulder.
“ I didn’t miss you because I not able to forget you even for a second. Whenever I used to awake first your thoughts used to come, whenever I used eat just I used to remember you that you have eaten anything or not, whenever I used to get hurt just I just used to remember you how you used to care for me” he
Saying it he make her turn and kissed her tears.
“ Then …”
Understanding what she wanna ask, he interrupted her.
“ I don’t want to distract myself, I wanna make you and my country proud” he said
“ I really feeling proud on you” she

“ now can we move from here” he
“ hmm but from when you have to join?” she asked
“ after 2 weeks” he
“ Hmm, in this two weeks we will enjoy like before” she
Sadness clearly can seen in her voice.
“ but first surprise, for that we have to move from here. Can I have privilege to take your hands in mine?” he
She nodded in yes and give her hand to him.

Both sat on bike and move from there.
“ sanskar, where are we going?” she
“ Just we are about to reach” he
Both reached near fountain, he stopped bike and held her finger.
“ Come”
There was small tent and lamp was there.
“ sanskar” she
“ Shh! today only I’ll speak not you” he
She nodded in yes.
He kneel down.
“ we both know what we feel for each other, you always wanna listen that. That also you wanted it but I pretend to not getting because I want to say it after achieving something. Today I am ending your wait , Will you marry me?” he
He forward his hand and wait for her rply.

“ No” she
He smiled and take her hand in his hand and slides ring in it.
“ Now you don’t have any choice, I know you love me. I can see it your eyes and most importantly your condition is saying how much you love me. Then why denying?” he
“ because you didn’t said those magical word directly propose me for marriage.” She
Saying it she turned other side , he stood up and back hug her.
He took her hand in his hand and started to write something in air.
When he finished, he signal her look there.
“ I love you”

That is written in air.
“ now answer me?” he
He started to give wet kisses on shoulder.
“ What answer” she asked while breathing heavily
“ don’t you know, well I don’t need your confession because I know you love me too” he
Saying it he turned her and kiss her forehead.
“ But I wanna say” she

“ Then say na” he said huskily
“ I love you 2, I realised late but I love you since you helped me.” She
Saying it she hide her face in his chest
He warped his arm around her and kiss on her hair.
“ Do you know, from when I love you”
Both were still in same position.
“ yeah, from that only when I hit you ball” she
“ How could you know?” he

“ the way you were staring me I get to know you have some feelings for me” she
“ yes, I realised that only that you’re my love” he
Both keep standing in same position tightly hugging each other.
“ now we should move” she
After doing dinner there , they went their respective home.
Next week,
Next week itself both married in court.
“ sanskar, will you take me with yourself?” she
“ definitely, how I can able to live without you” he
“ good decision” she
“ yeah I know or else you must turn like stick” he

She playfully hit him but later hug him.
Same night,
She was roaming here there and waiting for him.
He nervously entered inside room.
“ sanskar, where were you?” she
“ vo I” he
He was more nervous than her.

“ Swara, I mean” he
“ What I , swara ,say clearly?” she
“ nothing I getting sleep” he
He about to lie on bed, she became shocked and started to laugh loudly.
“ what?” he
“ You’re more nervous than me, look at your self. You’re sweating badly , can’t believe it” she
Saying it she started to laugh like mad

He pull her as a result they fell on bed, he was top on her.
“ now laugh” he
She stopped laughing and nervously clutch his shirt.
“ swara, are you ready for becoming mine?” he
He caresses her hair and softly kiss near her lips.
She closed her eyes and turn her face.
“ I wanna be your in every sense” she

He smiled and make her looked toward him.
He placed his lips on her lips, both started participate in kiss. Soon kiss turn into intense love making.
Next day
Both were peacefully sleeping and in each other embrace.
She wake up and kiss his cheeks.
“ Good morning” she wishpered near his ears
He smiled and make grip more stronger.
“ idiot now leave me I have to become fresh” she

“ not so soon” he
Both again immerse in love making
After one week
Both leave for new place to start new life, with passing time their love started to Inc for each other.
Nearly two months passed of their marriage, one fine day she told him that she is pregnant from that day itself he started to treat her like princess yeah before also used to treat like it but after getting news his care also increased.
He was well managing between duty and personal life. Like dutiful officer he giving his best to responsibility. And also like good husband he used to take care of her.

After 8 months
Now she was 8 months pregnant, both were sleeping in each other arms.
Their sleep disturb by phone call.
After talking on phone he looked toward swara who is looking at him.
“What happened” she

“ I need to go” he
“ so what problem you can go”she
“ You’re not understanding, this time not for 6-8 hours but for some months or may be more I also don’t know when I’ll return. But I don’t able to understand how you…” he
“ idiot before my husband you’re soldier and for soldiers his country should be his first priority kk. So if you also not wanna go na I’ll kick you” she
“ but who will take care of you and our baby. Delivery time is also near” he
“ Don’t worry, your swara and baby are strong they can manage” she
“you’re really best, I love you more. Whenever I use to stuck somewhere you show me correct path” he
“ now stop buttering me I know you have to go right now, so be quick we will pack your bags” she
He stood up and also help her in getting up. After sometime he bid bye to them by kissing her forehead and baby bump.

As he posted in upper( leh ladakh side) area so they mainly used to talk via letter. In his every letter he used to tell he is missing both of them.
After 1 month she delivered baby girl, seeing her face she just remember sanskar’s wish that he wanna see their baby first.
She took baby in arm and gently kiss her.
“ Don’t worry he’ll come soon”
many times he used to send news of his arrival but unfortunately situation was not in favour of them…
Like this one more year passed, she welly managing situation. She was perfect wife and mother. At other he was also a prefect soldier who was protecting country and also caring husband. In every letter he used to scold her and says not to take tension about him.
Flashback end..

She opened her eyes due to baby crying, she take her in arm.
“ Aww what happen , missing dad. Don’t worry next week only he is coming then we will tie him with rope and not let him go away for us.” She said
She tried to make baby claim, instead of becoming quiet she started to cry more. She thought baby must be hungry, she tried to feed her but she turned her face.
“ What happen, don’t cry na. Okay we will not tie your dad, now stop na” she said
She stood from there went in garden for fresh air and started diff ways to make her calm.
After sometime baby sleep due to so much crying.
She thought she must missing sanskar like her. She smiley packed her forehead and place her at near bench. She took out her mobile and started to see his pics.

“ Sanskar, how much we both have to wait. I don’t know why but some unknown feeling coming in my heart like something bad going to happen.” She muttered
“No nothing bad will happen, you’re coming na so only happiness will enter in our life.”
She went inside and make baby sleep in cot, engrossed herself in work. She started to clean house.
Next week
She prepare all favourite dishes of sanskar. Any moment he could reach there.
After finishing all work she saw time.
“ Oh god , he can reach any moment. I should also ready” she
She went inside room whereas baby still sleeping.
“ What happened to her, she never sleep so late” she thought
Later jerked her thought may be today she just feeling sleepy.

After sometime she came in red suit, stand in front of mirror. She imagine sanskar there and signaling she looking breath taking.
She smiled at her imagination and sat there. She wore her mangalsutra and applied little vermilion.
She closed her eyes and feel like he is near her only.
“ just some moments then we will be together” she muttered to herself
She stood from there and check baby who was awake and totally silent.
“ so baby will not speak to mumma, you’re saving your energy for dad na. Very bad princess let your dad come then I’ll complain about you.” She said

Baby still not reacting anything, clock strike 11. Now it’s time for happiness entering in their life. She picked baby in arms and went downstairs. Her heart started to beat fast, her whole concertation was on door like when bell will ring and she will throw herself in his arms. She thought she will give him her long complaining list but later melt in his arms.
Door bell rang, with it her heart beat also Inc.
“ See baby, now dad come. Come we both will welcome him” she said
She moved towards door, with every step a unknown feeling coming in her heart. She jerked all feeling, with little nervousness and some courage she opened the door.
Before she could react , a solider handover letter to her.
“ Again letter, it must be his surprise. He has habit of giving surprise.” She muttered
Before she could close door he handed her CD.

“ Sir had given it for you” he said
She confusedly took it and close the door.
“ does again he not coming?, Yeah if again he said same thing then I never going to talk him” she
She insert CD in dvd and sat on sofa.
Video started
“ hii, well sry Swara and princess. See again I stuck here but next time surely I’ll come. Actually situation are not under control, there are some threat. So you can understand emergency…..But you don’t take tension we will soon meet and enjoy like before. Till then take care of your and my princess.”
Angrily, she about to throw DVD.

“ Acha now listen I don’t know why but slight fear is coming inside my heart like its after it I’ll not able to convey my feelings. Today I want to say I love you more than myself. You’re best thing which happened in my life. Think na my wife herself send me on duty. Really swara I can’t tell how much I am lucky to get you. Yeah I know you must be angry but I know you’ll understand me.”
Yeah, definitely I will understand you but first you come na then I’ll show you how much you’re lucky.
Video continued
“Yes if anything happen to me then be strong and keep smiling. You have our princess responsibility and also you have to take care of yourself. Don’t know but I wanna say many things. But not able to convey what i feelings right now. Just tell my princess I love her.”

His voice was becoming choke somewhere first time a sadness was there he was not afraid due to critical situation but slight afraid that he would not able to see them still he managed his expression and show everything will be okay.
“ now bye,we will soon meet. Love you both..” he
Screen become blur, tears started to fall down some drops of tears fall on baby cheeks. She again started to crying. Swara immediately wipe her tears.
“ Shh don’t cry, it’s okay na papa have some responsibility na. We should understand na, we both are brave like your dad. When he will come then we take his class” She
She tried to make her quiet.
“ See in this we forget dad sent us letter na, he must have apologize in it but why through by him I mean like usual he can send us by post. May be some emergency” she
“ But first time I feeling I should not oread it” she muttered

With trembling hand she opened letter and started to read.
It fell from her hands , for some seconds she gave no reaction.
Only tears managed to escape from her eyes, her trances broken by baby’s crying voice.
“ Don’t cry …” she tried to speak
Voice were not coming out from her throat, somehow she make baby sleep. And herself went inside washroom and open tap. She remembered what she had read in letter.
“ Mr sanskar maheswari is no more, he died during serving for country”
She lifelessly sat there and started to think about him.

“ You cheat us, now how we both will live ? I know it’s prank you’re afraid na that I would angry from you. I promise I’ll talk you nicely and also promise I’ll never trouble you for anything but pls comeback and say it’s lie.” She
She just trying to make her understand that he will comeback but deep in her heart she knew it can’t be any prank.
She started to cry, due to continuous crying her eyes and head started to pain.
She closed her eyes, smiling sanskar image came in front of her like his smile saying he is happy that he get chance to do something.

She opened her eyes. Totally lifelessly she stood up and came outside.
She took his last letter which he sent saying about his arrival.
“ what I’ll do, how I’ll manage everything without you. Plz come back and says you were just pulling my leg.” She muttered
She fall down and take sanskar pic from table.
She emotionally sees it and kissed his pic.

Next day,
Sanskar body came there, a last hope that it could be prank it also vanished.
She standing there with princess in arm and staring sanskar body. His body covered with flag and just face was seen.
Some ladies came and tried to take baby from her hand so she could meet him last time. Baby started to cry, she came in sense.
“ don’t cry, we both have to strong for each other.”

She tried to make her quiet but herself not able to manage tears.
She went and sat near his body and kissed his forehead.
“ See papa” she
She make her touched his forehead.
“ Sanskar, she is our princess. Still you don’t know her name. Because you wanted that you wanna see her reaction when you would first time take her name. You remember once you told me you’ll like to keep saanjh, I only kept this name. I thought I’ll surprise you but you only surprise us.” She
Her conversation disturb by some solider voice.

“ Mam, now it’s time for sir’s final ritual. Plz allow us” he
“ just one minute” she said
He nodded in yes and stood back at his place.
“ we are angry with you that you leaved us but still feeling proud on you. Now happy na making us sad” she
She signal them now they can take it.

After sometime, his final right done with army custom. All salute him and his bravery.
Swara was seeing his body burning, she feeling like her soul burned with it. She closed her eyes and remember sanskar word.
“ Be strong and keep smiling”
She smiled with teary eyes and salute him.
“ I love you, I wish in next birth also I get you”

Saanjh again pull her hair.
“ Yes, saanjh also love her dad.”
She return home and make saanjh eat something.
“ we will miss you”

Light turned off, A lady seen to sitting infront of camera.
“ mam, one last question” reporter pleaded
“Hmm ask” lady
“swara ji, it had been 10 years of your husband demise, you never felt if you had not motivate him or stop him that day then might be today he would with you” she asked
“ May be or may be not, but I never felt my decision was wrong. First as a friend I supported him later as a wife” swara said
She took breath and blink her eyes.

“ Whatever happened but I know not only I whole nation proud on him and his bravery and I know he must be happy seeing it. His happiness is my happiness” she said
A 10 year girl came running there and hug her.
“ Mumma see I get trophy in speech competition” she happily said
“ on which topic you spoke” reporter asked
“ My prince, my daddy” girl said
“ I feel proud on you saanjh” she ( swara) said
Swara take saanjh is arm and kissed her forehead.
“ and me on you and dad” saanjh said

Saying it she hug swara, swara came down and holding saanjh in arm.
“ mumma I’ll be also like dad and make you double proud” saanjh
“ sure” swara
A star brightly twinkling in sky, like today that star got whatever for that he was craving.

Sry if you not like anything , today I am not in mood of saying anything. So just tell me your views.
Title credit: to my twin(alku), I disturb her lot well not only her but I almost ditsurb mine every frnd. But never mind as I have right na..????

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    1. Anniya


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    1. Anniya

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