A WINTER TALE- The Suspect…


They all search for the source of sound and find out it’s a young girl almost of their , age who is looking at them from behind a tree. They get relieved to see her . Kary and Yaz keep on staring at her as she looked beautiful just beautiful, and soon she is welcomed into the group and they all have a chat.

Suddenly the new girl starts coughing and they all go to look for water and realize that their luggage is missing , which contained their food stuff and clothes and they get worried.She asks them the matter and the boys are unable to answer while SU, SK and Rei stare at them . Rei answers the question and asks apologizes for they don’t have water the girl says she is fine and the girls start a convo, while the boys look on……….

The new girl introduces herself as Roopmati, listening to which the boys give an unexpected reaction , they introduce themselves with their full names , Suyash, Kartik and we hear a new name that is Rohit, and all look at the person which is revealed to be the BOSS, not only this they even compliment on her name, and tell her she is as beautiful as her name. The girl discuss about the name being old, and boy’s odd behavior which shows their jealousy.

As they talk the girl reveals that she is from a nearby village and offers them a tour of the village to which the boys , agree at once but the girls hesitate a little,and they decide to leave for the village in the morning after , they leave Rei safely back in the camp but, Roop insists on taking her too with them as it would be fun together. After a small argument all agree to take Rei also with them on a condition she doesn’t trouble much. They decide to leave in the morning and something weird happens when they try to light fire, the new girl , looked a bit afraid and ask them not to light the fire as it’s soon gonna be morning and the, sun will increase the temperature and if they leave the fire ignited the forest will burn and she narrated a whole bunch of excuses to them. They found it normal except SK this behavior that immense fear, sweating, hesitation all irked her but, she kept quiet and decided to investigate.

They all sleep out in the open with one person at guard. The guard will change after a while so as the other person can rest, and the new girl Roop also offers to guard for some time and insists that she wants to guard first and they all agree .Soon she wakes them up stating it’s morning, all wakeup with a series of complaints, and Rei says it looks like she just lied down closed her eyes and there it is morning, and says that she didn’t sleep at all just closed her eyes…….

The new girl looked tensed to this answer by Rei and tries to convince her that she slept and slept for long whole night, Rohit asks her to calm down as Rei sleeps a lot and even , after sleeping the whole night she complains of it being small and always says that she have just closed her eyes. She looked a bit relaxed now but all this was pinching SK somewhere it was irking her. Yaz points out that it’s still dark and they can’t leave in dark and he think she is wrong and they should sleep a little more , as it’s still just ‘12’ and all agree .

Now Roop gets a bit hyper and mummers something to herself and looks like she is sweating, and speaks in an awkward manner and voice as if trying to stop herself from doing something…….

She asks him to look at his watch again as he might be mistaken being half asleep, and Yaz looks at his watch again and surprisingly the time is 6 ‘O’ clock now , he can’t believe himself and in a stammering voice speaks out the time , and all accuse him for telling the time wrong, and all prepare to pack up and leave but………..

SK points out it’s still so dark and Roop who is far away answers her. She asks SK to look around and points out it’s foggy that’s why it’s still dark, SK again speaks and says at this time of the season fog is strange so is the place and so are the people of this place indirectly pointing out Roop, and all look at her and Kary points out her being over logical, and makes fun of her as she is being quite suspicious and over cautious , and ask her to relax.SK decides to stay quiet and now she was observing that girl more keenly.

All pack their stuff and get ready to leave and Rei , looks at SK who is observing the new girl and she pinches SU who shouts in pain all look at them except SK who is still looking at Roop. Rei comments on her looking at Roop ,and Kary decides to give her a new name and declares that from now on everyone should call her RP as she is now a member of the group and this name given to her is the first step towards their friendship, while Rei looked irritated.

The freakz all set on move with Roop towards her village and on their way Roop tells them about her village which lurks these adventure lovers more. They stop by a waterfall next to which is a hot water geyser,the girls question about the halt to the journey while the boys keep n staring at Roop which irritates the girls more and they make annoyed faces and , act as if continuing their move but Roop stops them and tells them that they are stopping here for freshening up just for a while as it’s cold and this natural hot water will give them relief. They agree and start exploring the place, while SK goes to roop and shows her displeasure by commenting on the availability of a water geyser at such a place and calls the place weird, hearing this Roop mummers something to herself and when Sk asks about it she acts weird and tries avoiding her but, as SK holds her hand just to stop her going in wrong direction her eyes widen in shock , and she loosens her grip and let her go. Rei who is looking at all this goes to SK to enquire the matter and she sees her cold……..SK stands still and expressionless and looking towards the direction in which Roop left stating that she going to look for some food. As the girls get near the geyser to take some water for washing their faces because the water in the geyser is quite hot and could burn them , SU & SK discuss about Roop her awkward behavior and the awkward place, and point out that Roop has been guarding the whole night without a line of fatigue on her face, and she is more energetic than them, while Kary and Yaz who are hearing them favors Roop and points out that the girls in the group are quite lazy and they all are fresh except them. While Rohit finds this all odd too but does not react

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Credit to: Richa

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  1. Mysterious and Interesting story .I think SK will find out about RP .

  2. Very nice richu ….. A new story abt freakzzzz

  3. Thank u ♥♣ luxmi,devi& berry nd keep readin
    &@luxmidr yes SK will find out about RP & XPOSE HER

  4. mystery begins….hey richu r u too busy???

  5. Hey rubi thank ya 4 cmntin ♥u nd yup a bit busy but surely talk to u wen i cm online next & chkd ma mail u updated there na i wil read soon dea ♥

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