A strange thing happened as Roop shouted in anger and pointed towards the group, her body began developing the same ethereal glow as her, companions, and an aberrant figure fell down on the ground, above which a glowing ball floated in air. As they looked at that feeble , Wishy-Washy figure those condition was continuously disintegrating , one could make out that the body , was of a young girl around 16 to 18 years of age, she had long , thick strands of black hair, totally black , they were just black, which covered her waist and reached up to her knee, and wore a beautiful pink colored headband, with a butterfly ,which , didn’t let those strands of hair reach her face .

she wore a beautiful pink gown which coordinated (matched) with the headband well, she also wore some light pieces of jewellery, which looked awesome on her, and she wore beautiful white sandals with it, not to forget her beautiful deep black eyes, which could mesmerize anyone and looked like they wanted to say something, that figure was feeble but angelic, any boy would easily fall for her . Above her the glowing, hovering ball began taking shape now, at first it grew long, and then two bud like projections emerged, which grew longitudinally , and a few more bud like projections emerged from it , and formed fingers. Now the face started taking shape, at first just light outline of the eyes etc, were visible,but in very less time they got an solid outline, and those eyes were black, darker than before that , darkness was like it would come out and engulf you , in it’s dark cloak.

That slow shape shifting now finished finally and there it was another girl so beautiful, her beauty surpassed the previous one , but her expressions weren’t peaceful, she was covered with a cloak of evil dark energy which sent a chill trough everyone’s spine, that darkness made her distinct from the other girl , whose body lay just underneath that dark , unholy appretion. As our young trio looked at that , pale figure that lay on the ground, her lips moved , to say something , which at first sounded gibberish, but as they deciphered the, lip movements , they realized that she left an important clue for them before , she vaporized aberrantly.

Dumbstruck and confused they gazed at the floating figure, who rose her hand and waved it in the air , and our young gang was pushed by a strong gust of air which became stronger and stronger , and sent them flying backwards towards the dado. As they stood up with effort and looked at that apparition, whose both hands were in the air and , underneath them floated , the other two of them the hound , and the creepy insect, and they were , being healed, and soon the burnt marks on their body , lightened and they hovered in the air , With their creepy companions and joined by that, small child figure too. Their evil laughter, echoed through that place. With trembling voice Rei, made a useless last try , to call her canine friend, but all in vain.

Roop lifted her hand in air again, and her palm faced towards our youngsters and it started blackening and formed a black circle on her palm, which looked like an endless black hole ,ready to suck anything inside, but it was the other way round case and, lava flowed out of that black portion on her palm , and her wicked laughter was heard again,and then out of that small space emerged Kary’s body which was, without a burn mark, and a same black portal formed , near the mouths of the hound and the creepy insect and thereby, came out the bodies of Sk and Kary, which looked unharmed like they were just………….. , and just one thing was common from before that they were lifeless.

The trio was confused and shocked while the hound, houled , the insect made a shrill sound and Roop who is now an aberration and the child laughed and , as Roop’s palm faced the youngsters again they fell on ground,while Roop lectured them, the small child neared them and began flickring, and it looked like an evil cherub.

Rohit speaks something and he and Roop strike a verbal argument and she let them loose and as he stands up the , hound again charges towards him, which he managed to dodge, while SU hugs Rei and they stand in the corner of that big hall, and Rei eyes a daguerreotype in which a girl is standing in an arabesque. She praises the ballerina, which catches Roop’s attention while Rohit deals the hound and that creepy insect and Su goes into a deep thought, at that point Roop looked a little normal and her wax paper thin skin started thickening and her body materialized, while that glow still remained with her. She narrated her story to Rei while all others froze, and the few words SU heard were,toff,paedophite,cheroot…………………
Though these words were not forming complete sentence but they gave a vague idea of her past which looked horrible……………….

The next the frozen figures moved and Roop looked angry , her eyes red with anger………..

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