The huge insect now jumps on Rei and bites her she, looses balance and falls down because of the heavy weight of the insect, and the insect leaves her and clings back to SK’s again, and begin sucking blood again while Rei shouts in pain as the wound created by the insect is quite deep and have reached her bone and damaged her arm muscles , also the blood flow is heavy and not stopping.Rohit rush to help her while Roop and SU try to separate the insect from SK’s body again but this time it had gripped harder , and looked like inseparable, but the girls weren’t the ones to give up so easily and they did it , they separated the insect from her body and SK cried in pain, and her lips moved to say something but, no voice came out. She grew paler and paler , that weak yellow colored stature, looked as if someone touched it , it will break everyone watched it helplessly and soon her body atomized and mixed with the soil, which brought water in everyone’s eyes………

They mourned for a moment and moved on, and soon the dense/thick fog , began thinning down and a the sky was red , as if soaked in blood , like those bodies bathed in their own blood, blo*dy hell was it.

It looked as the sun was coming for it’s shift and the moon going back home , but Roop’s weird gibberish , murmuring started again and she was furious now as, she burst on Rohit who tried to enquire her state,and held him by his neck, and when she realized what she did , was a bit late the small doubt that was running a bewildered motion deep inside SU and Rohit , now got it’s way and followed a clear straight path. They just observed her for a moment and strengthened their position as when the weirdo asked them to follow the path , that follows trough the dark patch in the forest/jungle, just then they turned the tables and dragged her into light , and BINGO ! They were right, she was abnormal the cause of paranormal. As the light ray touched her skin it worked as an acid on her skin and burned her, and so was revealed that she wasn’t the one that she seems.Roop tried to cover for herself, by stating facts like ellergy, or the burn she got while pulling Kary’s body. This time no-one beloved her and , her clever mind could not fool them more, and now our adventurous youngsters were not in the shadows of ignorance .

Now it was Rohit ,Rei and SU VS ROOP three VS one and it wasn’t that simple Roop wasn’t alone , she made a series of sharp noises that were not atonal ,and soon she was accompanied by three dark shadows. There was some movement that took place in the shadows , their shape was changing fast and they took some random shapes , some unclear shapes could be seen, without a clear outline, soon they , settled to one final shape and the results were more or less expected ,and our Freaks got a vague idea of the shape they took. Soon they got a clear outline and materialized now one can make out what they were , one of them took shape of a huge hound, and the other one an insect , but there was a third shadow too which took the shape of a small child, around 4-5 years of age.

Rohit,Rei and Su prepared themselves mentally for the worst possible, the other four of them were clearly visible even in dark as their bodies were,lined by ethereal glow , which was beneficial for our Freakz as well as creepy, as they could only see the outline of their bodies while the rest of the bodies were , almost transparent or we could call them translucent , until they materialized again and they did it once in a while. As the FreakZ were figuring out what they were , the creatures smirked and the ground began to develop cracks and there was a small earthquake, and the ground beneath them and got converted into an atrium , decorated with arachnids , and that atrium looked a bit like a colosseum, that were there in the ancient Roman period. Before our young group could figure out what was going on , Roop broke the silence and she declares that she is not a human, and this is what they might have figured out by now, and this whole forest is ruled ghosts, and they arbiter the area. She asks the young brigade to get ready for giving their lives to them , which meant they have to die, and that place echoes with her booming laughter.

Rohit asks her to stop bragging and kill them if they can, which annoys Roop and she signals something and the hound charges towards Rohit , which he manages to dodge, but the houng instead of colliding with the wall as per Rohit’s plan,turns into something like smoke just before the collision , and appears just in front of him, which surprises him and, without giving Rohit a chance to react , the hound’s lowing eyes look into Rohit’s and suddenly we see Rohit resting unconscious near the wall, with claw marks on his chest and his chest is bleeding badly. Rei cry and rush towards him while SU reaches her pocket and takes out something and puts it on Rohit’s hand and closes his fist. Rohit gains consciousness and, gets up with much effort and gets ready to fight again,and this time as that hound charges towards him he is unable to change it’s for and he is able to land a direct hit on the blood hungry creature, and as we take a look at the creature we see that Rohit had , pierced it’s chest with something and that part on the hound’s chest was bleeding and had dark brown crust over it and it seemed as if it was burnt, and the creature cries/howls in pain………

And Roop now signals the other insect shadow to attack and, exclaims that it is a dangerous blood sucking crearure as your blood won’t coagulate if it bites you, and this unique bold sucking aphid will suck them to death, and that insect dematerializes and reappears in front of SU and tries to bite her but the insect also suffers like the hound much to Roop’s dismay, and as we take a closer look at SU’s and Rohit’s hands we see them carrying laser lights in their hands , which they had brought to celebrate their jungle/forest stay. Roop screams in anger and ask them what have they done to her pets , Su explains her that she had observed the burning reaction they got by coming in contact of any kind of light and took advantage of this. Roop consuming anger; her, her eyes flashing and closing into slits, her mouth quivering and drooling, slurring words that were unintelligible came spewing into space like a volcano releasing its pent up emotions into the darkness, tries to speak normal with them and lure them but fails, and she is furious now her eyes , seems like blazing and as she looks at her friend ghosts shouting in agony , she is about to burst , but that small kid , stops her and she raises her hand and points towards the young group and something strange happens………………………

**** to be continued……
srry srry last tym i said last update but cudn’t make it i cut off much of the explanation but still cant do that end and got carried away and wrote a big chapter again srry but i hope to end it nxtttt tym 🙂

thanx 4 support @@@ minnal , lakshmi , dia, Roma priyanshi , 🙂
keep readin nd commentin nd i hpe u liked it 🙂

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