A WINTER TALE part IV – mystery continues…..

All look at Yaz’s lifeless and badly damaged body and seeing that horrible sight Rei closes her eyes and hugs Rohit and he gently runs his hand trough her hair and rubs her back, giving her a consoling and elderly , brother feeling and showers his brotherly care on her which was gonna be the last one.

They all looked freaked out and kary suggests that they should dispose off the body first as it’s not good to leave the body in open as it could attract predators , as they could sense blood from far away, and it could be dangerous for their lives and he don’t wanna die soon ,all stare him and call him selfish and mean as he is just concerned about himself and not bothered about anyone else and specially has no feeling for Yaz, as a friend. He agrees he is being selfish but also argues on his statement and the others agree that he is right , after a short argument they decide to burn the body as there is plenty of dry firewood there in the forest . suddenly they notice something strange that is they , notice Roop murmuring to herself in a strange manner, and this time she is loud , they try to make out what she is saying but fail because her voice was kinda heavy and unclear , and looked like as if she spoke within her own self ,and didn’t want anyone to know what she was murmuring.

They found it quite weird, and as Rei reaches her to enquire the matter and puts her hand on her shoulder,and she freaks out like anything and bursts on Rei , Rohit comes to his sister’s rescue while the others make Roop sit on a rock nearby and try to calm her down and Rohit ask Rei not to do that again as they are in midst of a forest and a sudden…….. she stops him stating that she have understood all and tells him about the strange feeling she felt when she touched Roop and also that she was cold. Rohit gets into deep thought and is woken up by Rei who tickles him near his ear using a piece of straw and that’s the time when he notices SK sitting far away from the group , panting and looking weak, he desires to enquire her but is stopped by the chaos created by the group regarding Roop’s condition and being the leader he goes to manage the situation well and calms down everyone , and ask Roop the reason of her fear and she again speaks within her mouth in a suppressed voice which is hard to hear, and the only words they can make out are F & I so all assume their own, while Rohit and SU think over it deeply and while deciding again about the body disposure they both discuss a common point , their suspicion and doubts.

They discuss about Roop’s fear of fire and her weird murmuring habit which they have noticed time and again during the time they all were together and also agree on the points and also that when they touched Roop’s hands they were really cold, colder than normal. While they are discussing the matter Rei crawls up SU’s back all of a sudden and whispers something in her ear which sends a chill through her spine and she gets scared and Rei makes fun of her and calls her weak , and scaredy cat,to which SU responds immediately by an instant action of holding her ear and scolding her, and Rohit asks her not to joke in such a serious condition, and asks her to leave. Rei makes an annoyed face and says she is leaving , and just came here to deliver the message that they are burying the body and Yaz, Roop and SK have already started digging, and ask them to help. SU and Rohit get up and leave with Rei , on their way Rei tells them that she heard their talk and she suggests Roop being a ghost as she is cold, afraid of fire, appeared suddenly, acts weird and states a long lists of facts to which Rohit and SU agree instantly. Rei makes fun of them for their instant conclusion and states that if Roop was a ghost then thay wouldn’t have been alive and his (YAZ’s) death was just an accident.

They then join the group and start digging , with them while SK looks already worn-out in the very beginning and sits away from the group , for which Rohit scolds her and ask her not to make excuses to escape labor and ask her to join. She finds it hard to get up and sits back again and this time Rohit and Kary both scold her while Roop shields her and tell them to let her rest as he is tired and states that ‘Too many cooks Spoil the broth’ so she should rest and when someone working gets tired she could replace him or her and everyone agree.

They all start digging hole , and they hear the crying sounds of animals, which scares them and they hurry up , and stay on guard all of the time but the fear affect their work so they decide to put a person on guard while the others could dig, soon it’s Kary’s turn and he is shivering badly so he makes a fire torch, and waves it in the air and mistakenly he waves it near Roop who jumps back , and looked quite scared , and then Kary does it intentionally for fun and she pushes him and he falls down and hurts his ankle. Roop smiles seeing him hurt while Rohit scolds him. They continue to dig while Roop apologizes to Kary and helps him up, while Kary thinks it wasn’t his mistake and does not apologize to her, Roop looked angry as she turned her face away from him and her eyes give a spooky glow.

They bury Yaz’s body with a small prayer, and leave , while Kary finds it difficult to move with his sprained ankle Rohit scolds him while Rei cries seeing a piece of fur , remembering the puppy, and calling it with a name Tin-Tin which surprises everyone and they continue their journey………

On their way find another hot water source , and Roop suggests that they should rest as SK and Kary look tired , and unable to catch up and the hot water would be relieving for Kary’s ankle. Everyone rest while Kary tries dipping his foot in the bubbling hot water but fails as its quite hot, and because of the steam it’s hard to go near it so he keeps his foot near a hot rock, while SU begins her investigation again and , enquires Roop about , the hot water sources/geysers and she replies stating that it’s an volcanic area, and SU asks her why didn’t she tell before when she found it weird, while Roop has no answer to it. Roop takes them to show volcanic discharge, and states that it looks beautiful at night, and Rei comments on hr fear of fire, and Roop calmly replies that lava isn’t uncontrolled fire and they will be far away from it as it’s quite dangerous and hot near.

They leave with Roop and as they stop at a place Kary mockingly praises the hot lava as there isn’t any and , tells that Roop has no guts to face fire and, she answers him back by saying that he is already sweating badly and if they go any further he could die. And she takes them to a high place from where they can see the sparkling hot lava, and everyone is amused at the beautiful site except Kary who wants to see it from least distance possible so leaves towards the direction of lava, and does not stop , when the others try to stop him and he goes to a safer distance which was nearer than the old one. Kary call everyone to that place but, no one come there , while Roop stands behind silently like a statue.

Kary hears someone nearing him,and turns back to discover it to be Roop , who is moving towards him, he smiles seeing her and stands up. Suddenly a wave of pain runs through his ankle and he , screams in pain, Roop shoulders him and others shout from their places to enquire the matter and Yaz tells about his ankle pain, and Rohit asks him to be careful, while Roop stays silent,as he stands up on one leg he thanks Roop for the help , and they strike a conversation and he talks about the lava and the fire which annoys Roop. Later Roop suggests he should try putting his other foot down and walk and he agrees and as he is about to put his foot down Roop holds it and applies something on it after which Kary tris to walk and, surprisingly his pain vanishes and he calls Roop a witch/ magician or a ghost as , his pain just vanished in seconds by her treatment ,and Roop looks nervous, Yaz tells her he is joking and she takes a sigh of relief.

Rohit calls for move and calls Kary, but fails to get any answer and ends up hearing his help pleads, and rush to his rescue, he finds it strange as Kary is asking Roop to pull him up and Roop is with them, but ignores for the moment, and suddenly Roop’s frozen lifeless body, which was with the other part of the group, gains consciousness and leaves with them for the rescue. At first they get a horrible smell but the sight at the other end is a horrible one , horrible than that smell , there they see, Kary’s horribly burnt body supported by his unburnt part of the hand which is struck between two rocks. It looked that probably Kary went quite near to the lava and the lava overflow burned him to death……………

Everyone close their eyes tight at that horrible sight and somehow pull out that horribly burnt body but it’s hard to look at it, and that horrible smell was coming from the burning of Yaz’s flesh, and even his limb bones were burnt, and the body was limbless the lower half and the face till the shoulder of the arm that hung there was badly burnt and his flesh, was like a sticky mess which had his burn clothes also sticking to it and have collected mud/dry soil and grass being laid on the floor and , Su vomited , Rei started feeling giddy and SK turns pale and, faints.Rohit tries to control the situation and takes everyone away from the place and SU tries to bring SK back to consciousness while Rei hugs Roop who is standing near them, while Rohit goes back to dispose off the body but the body had vanished.

Back to the left Freakz SU , SK, Rei and Rohit and Roop, we see Rohit resting himself on a tree trunk engrossed in his thoughts , while SU and Rei trying to bring back SK to consciousness again but failing in their attempts, and Rei notices something strange , and tells SU about it . they turn SK’s body and there it is , something was protruding out from her back and it was huge, possibly not swelling and she wasn’t the type of girl to mess up with her beauty , by creating a hump like thing on her back . Su carefully opens her jacket and slides her top up, to look at the protruding thing and what they see is quite horrible,. They see an insect sticking out to her back and its quite huge , Rei points out the insect to be the Aphid they saw near the water body. SU carefully examines it and stamps , Rei words and tell them that it’s among the insects they saw, but abnormally bigger in size , and they have to remove it from her back.

SU tries her best to pullout the insect but fails , and takes help from Roop and Rei and they pull out the insect successfully from her body, as the separate the insect from that pale figure blood gushes out from the possible point of contact , between the insect and the body, Su immediately covers the wound with SK’s jacket they opened and then tie something around her waist to stop the blood flow but fail to stop the flow and see the body turning paler , unable to do anything and the body turns completely yellow, that paleness, that calm expression on SK’s face was quite creepy, Rohit checks for pulse and fails to found any , and so SK also leaves for the long journey to an unknown place………

SU searches for the insect and finds it easily , as it’ve grown huge and unable to move swiftly, and as they all examine the insect they see points teeth on it’s dorsal side and it’s pointed feet that could act like hook to attach to the body and as she is explaining the insect jumps on Reo and bites her……….

** to be continued….
heyyfrndss hope you liked it and next one would be a short last chapter coming soon , well i didnt put that part in this update as it was getting toooo big and big n borin 🙂 plss do comment ur veiws nd @liya & lakshmi & minnal thank ya 4 support 🙂

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    thank ya 4 readin @ lakshmi & Priyanshi nd keep readin 🙂 🙂 nd supporting happy to see more comments 🙂
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