Our freakz are all set to explore the new place and they decide to freshen up n ear a hot water geyser which is awkward at that place, all freshen up and get ready to leave but find SK missing. They all worry for her and look for her though being frightened. While looking for her Kary and Yaz start complaining and speaking ill about her. And they hear a scream it’s REI and they run towards her worried and she comes and hugs Rohit who enquire her about the matter and with shaking hands she points towards the bushes and in a stammering voice calls out SK’s name. all get worried and frightened seeing her this condition and start making guesses, about SK and bushes, Rohits shut’s them up and shows his BOSSY nature, while Roop stare him with an evil smile on her face.
As they reach near the place where Rei just pointed , some of the Freakz begin stumbling and and blame dense fog and darkness for it. As they reach the place they see SK alright and calmly sitting on a rock, and it seemed she is examining something and as they near her they see her examining an incsect which is sitting on an adjacent rock. Rohit looks at Rei and crosses his arms and looks at her annoyingly and all ask her , that why was she shouting? Rei points at the insect and hides behing Roop as she is fearing even Rohit now, all laughs at this and The Freakz tease her. Their noice breaks SK’s concentration and she looks at them,confused. As she looks at them her eyes are red , by staring at the insect for long, and all backup a little and Kary taunts Rei that she is being afraid of the petty little creature, although the most dangerous and freaking creature is next to the insect and SK fumes on them and start chasing him, and surprisingly Kary falls down while SK and others are quite far away from him, and he is standing on a leveled surface,everyone laughs on him while , he keeps on telling that someone pushed him , but no-one believes him , and he also let go the matter for the time being and all gather around SK and get amused to see such a creature and ask her , whatever she knows about it and she proudly narrates the insect’s history, geography etc just like an encyclopedia and tells them that the insect is an aphid,that’s all those freakz got from all the information she narrated, and they began yawning in the start of the lecture, but Roop and SU listened with interest and Roop grasped some of the information and smiled at her , and thanked her for the information while others looked bored and pissed off.

They continue towards the village and Roop seems to be forgetting the way to the village which is noticed by Rei , who cleverly tied her ribbon to a twig and soon declared that they are , going round in the same place, as they have crossed this place six times and presents her ribbon as an evidence, and after a short argument all agree to her point,and question ROOP about it to which she replies may be she have forgotten the way, and leaves to look for the right path while the others rest and SK looks a bit weak and more tired than others.
YAZ don’t let his chance go and follows ROOP who is about to scream seeing him but he, covers her mouth,and she stares at him as if her eyeballs just about come out from the, sockets. Her attention is diverted by a small puppy that is standing beside them …….
Yaz is irritated to see the puppy as it was hindering his flirting and he picks up something and throws it far away, and asks the little creature to fetch it but it stares him and sits down while wagging it’s tale on the dry soil , loosening it and releasing it into air causing irritation, and making them cough, irritated more YAZ shouts at the puppy who inturn hides behind Roop, and starts shivering. Roop looks angrily at him and gently rubs on the puppy’s back and console it, favors it and scolds Yaz while Yaz frowns. And wishes he were in the place of the puppy,as Roop moves around to look for the way , the puppy follows her and sits down whenever she stops and cutely wagging his tale, and loosing the moment derives Yaz restless and he just wanted to get rid of the puppy, so he throws a something towards the hot water geyser, and ad the puppy faces his back towards them he, holds Roop’s hand and ask her to come with him and he takes her to a random direction. As they stop he sees her panting and apologises, suddenly the puppy comes back again and Yaz shouts at him , and ask him to bring back the item he…..
The little puppy keeps a flashlight on the ground and hides behind Roop shivering. Roop scolds Yaz again and gently pats the puppy, Yaz realizes something and nears the puppy and pats him , and surprisingly it’s dry, he thinks over it but let it go as he sees Roop smiling seeing him befriending the puppy and they together move forward and Roop suggest they should join the group , and Yaz says that they should look for…………
Roop cuts his talk and tells him she saw the brook and if they move along its side they will surely reach the village , he objects it and says that he didn’t see any brook and he was with her all the time, the girl starts murmuring to herself again and claims that due to dense fog may be he wasn’t able to see the brook and confuses him in her talks. As they reach the group the puppy follows them and Rei runs towards it and hugs it stating it was cute and soft, SU questions Roop about it and Yaz jumps in between asking her to calm down and leave her investigation, and tells her that they found the puppy in the forest,to which Rohit replies it being weird to find such a small puppy at this time that too in such a dangerous forest that too alone, and all stare him and agree. Roop covers up by stating the fact that it was from the village and might have lost its way and points at a thick string tied around its neck. All believes her fact and move on , while on move Yaz tells them about the puppy being dry after fetching his flashlight from the geyser to SK which is heard by SU and she goes near the puppy and starts inspecting it and everyone looks surprised to see her this kind of behavior and as her the matter to which she confirms the geyser case from Yaz and says she is looking for burn marks on the dog as the water might be at high temperature and may have cause burns, and says she couldn’t find any, while Roop mummers to herself again.
All examine the puppy and Rei points out it’s burnt nose , and SU looks shocked and stated she double checked, all make fun of her for her behavior and calls her ‘Detective Quack’
Soon the Freakz reach the brook and all decide to rest a little while Yaz takes the puppy behind a bush and tells it something and suddenly his scream is heard and as all reach him the view is terrific , they see an enormous hound standing on his chest with its mouth red and dripping with blood possibly Yaz’s and its eyes giving a spooky green glow, growling and staring at the surprised and scared group. Kary lights his torch and flashes it on the creatures eyes and the creature vanish into the darkness leaving behind the marks of his blood soaked paws and a scary howling sound that echoed through the silent forest…………
As they look at YAz he lay lifeless on the ground, his body bathed in blood, his eyeballs missing from their sockets,and only flesh and blood could be seen there, with streams of blood gushing out from a hole in his chest , and his heart lying just near to his lifeless body, and his throat slit and his wind pipe broken and forced out of the body,and chewed into pieces the scenario was horrible to look on ….
***to be continued……
I m very sorry for delayed update but was busy……
Till next time keep reading & guessing the next victim…….
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