My window love ( Sneak preview 1)


He was looking outside his window . This was his way to hide his emotions . To look outside the running world .

His father was shot five hours ago.

Though the shot was missed but he was scared . Arjun Mehra . His dad. Arhaan clenched his fist.

Radhika and Arjun entered in his room . It was 3;00 A.M.

Arhaan was still awake like them. Arjun moved towards him. He didn’t failed to notice the bruised knuckles of his Son.

“ why are you punishing yourself ..i was saved because of you” said Arjun and started wiping the dried blood with his handkerchief. Arhaan didn’t say anything.

He turned and hugged Arjun tightly. “ I will kill that bastard Joshi” he muttered angrily. Arjun hugged him too .

He was tensed now. Arjun know that when things come to him, then it is difficult to read Arhaan’s state of mind.

Arhaan was not a normal kid. He faced a lot when he was a teenager. His best friend Lavanya died of drug overdose. He was not able to save her. She was his only friend too.

Arhaan was a complete introvert in his school life. Arjun patted his shoulder .” hey …I am fine” he said softly. He felt his shoulder wet .

Arjun hugged Arhaan more tightly . He can’t see his son breaking .

Radhika coughed to gain their attention.

“ All love for your father…not for your ‘only’ mother” said radhika while giving stress on the word only.

Arhaan pressed his lips to not laugh badly. He understood that now there will be a war between his parents. He enjoyed all their cute fights.

“ Radhika what was that word ..only mean you think ..i have married many woman’s.” asked Arjun lil irritated.

Radhika smiled sheepishly. “ think..i am sure you must have married many woman’s Arjun Mehra” replied radhika.

Arjun was more irrigated now. “ see how much your mom trust me” he said to Arhaan.
Arhaan chuckled .

He cleared his throat and spoke “ Mom …Dad had married three woman’s in his life” .

Arjun and Radhika both get shocked hearing this .

Arhaan looked them and continued…” First he got married to Stubborn ..rebellious Radhika Mishra…then he got married to sweet ..loving Radhika Mehra …and at last he got married to Radhika Mehra when she became a mother of a handsome son …Arhaan Arjun Mehra” .

Arjun was overwhelmed with Arhaan’s thoughts. He patted on his shoulder .

Radhika whose eyes were filled with tears now hugged Arhaan. “ you are the best thing happened in my life ..after I got married to your Dad”.

“ All credit goes to me” said Arjun and winked towards Radhika.

Radhika make faces. “ it was me who kept him in my womb for nine months ..not you Arjun Mehra” she retorted and smiled.

Arhan rolled his eyes. His parents were impossible like him. He saw both of them moving out of the room ranting about each other’s family.

He opened some book and moved out in his balcony. He looked above . It was about to rain. His gaze then shifted on streets . There were all dark without light.

Arhaan was looking here and there. The cool winds were lowering his body temperature.

Something made Arhaan confused. His gaze was fixed now on the balcony of the flat on the second floor of the building which was made few meters away from Mehra Mansion.

He was keenly observing a figure sleeping in the balcony . He rushed outside and come back with his binoculars . Now he got the clear view.

“ F**k man …what the hell “ he mumbled. He was surprised to see a girl who according to him was looking like a school kid sleeping in balcony. He then again started looking from his binoculars .

Rains had already started pouring down from clouds. He saw the girl didn’t even flinched when it started raining heavily. “ god she dead …she will surely get ill by morning” he almost shouted .

Arhaan didn’t moved inside. He himself was now completely drenched. The white T- shirt was now got stick to his toned body. It was raining heavily . He needed to do something .

But what he thought. “ shit she from some stone age” he muttered.

Arhaan was pissed off now. “ stupid woman” he murmured angrily.

He himself don’t know why his attention got shifted from his father’s security to that girl. Arhaan then called someone.

The security guard of that building was dozing off under some shade.

He jerked when his phone buzzed. “ give me the spare key of Flat no – 25…and you will get the reward according to your choice” Arhaan ordered and disconnected the call .

He moved out of his house. “ No need to tell Dad ..that I am going somewhere” he again ordered his security.

Arhaan stopped the servant when he was about to protect him from salty rains , with a black umbrella .

“ No need of this .. I am already drenched in the first rains of monsoon” he spoke and moved towards the building. He took the spare keys of the flat after paying a fifty thousand rupees to security guard.

Arhaan was hesitating in entering her house. It was after his etiquettes to barge in someone’s house without the permission of the owner.

“ No need to do this ..get back..” he mumbled.

Arhaan stopped for a minute and looked the keys. “ F**k Arhaan will rot in hell” .
Thoughts :-

*Love is has lust ….lust is impure…. Impure can never be pure…..but pure can be impure….still love can’t leave lust …lust can’t leave love..then …..then …lust has to be pure.

*Fate knocked on my door, I regretted, she found me sleeping with destiny.

*My heart has two things and he …he is the devil you…you is the angelic he….he and you stop fighting …. in this cold war my heart is shivering.

*Father decide your power…mother writes your will…but lover ….lover make your soul.

*I am the hidden cell in her body…. which clot the place wherever the bleeding of her heart ….is neglected by her mate.

*Who gave you the right to touch me??…….she asked me. I smiled and replied honestly “ your skin”.

*We both acted as lovers…unknown of it’s spelling….but known about it’s heavenly touch .

*He slapped me …for cutting his wrist….i slapped him…. for kissing my lips. Don’t think too much was reward for his cheat…and the kiss was his way of dying.

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