Will you miss Sneha Wagh in Star Plus’ Veera?


Sneha Wagh plays the character of Ratan in the Star Plus’ show Veera. The actress will be soon leaving the show as per of the new script, where the focus has come on new generation. After Nihaal’s death, there is not much scope for Ratan’s character and thus, the character is being pulled off the show. According to the current track, Dilawar takes the bullet and rescues Baldev and Veera. Baldev thanks Dilawar for rescuing him and Veera. Later, Ratan suspects Dilawar’s behavior. Dilawar tells his associate that the bullet was fake. Ratan asks Dilawar to return the land to the farmers. Dilawar returns the original documents of the land to Ratan and tells the farmers that they do not have to pay his debt.

Ratan apologizes to Dilawar for suspecting him. Baldev thanks Dilawar for his help. He announces about a festival at Pritampura. Manjeet confronts Dilawar for returning the land. Balwant praises Baldev for helping the farmers. Baldev and Ranvijay search for Veera and Gunjan at the festival. Manjeet and Ratan thank Dilawar for returning the land to the farmers. Baldev makes fun of Veera. Baldev, Veera, Ranvijay and Gunjan dance to the tunes of the dhols to celebrate the freedom of the farmers of the village who are no longer indebted.

Ratan slaps Manjeet for trying to separate Ranvijay and Gunjan. Dilawar informs his associate about his plan against the residents of Pritampura. Later, Ratan learns about Dilawar’s plan against the residents of Pritampura after eavesdropping on his conversation with Manjeet. Geet tries to prove her innocence. Dilawar’s associate tells him that he has mixed sleeping tablets in the drink. Dilawar informs Manjeet that he is planting a bomb at the warehouse. Ratan confronts Dilawar and Manjeet for their misdeed against the farmers. Dilawar and Manjeet abduct Ratan and beat her up. Ratan will be going to die in the coming episodes in order to save Pritampura and the harvest of the farmers. There will be a bomb explosion in the food grain storehouse in which Ratan will die. Will you miss Sneha Wagh in Star Plus’ Veera? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. it would b nice if she stays,,
    but if she feels her character has no more scope dn its a gud decision for her to leave dis show and bag another one vch has scope to showcase her skills

    hadnt she being der,lot many times pbms were solved between veera,baldev and ranvi,gunjan…….
    gotta c how d show goes prior to dis charatcter

  2. She’s way too young than the role she’s playing…though she pulled of this role vry nicely with her superb acting skills…bit now she surely deserves a better & more prominent role than this…

  3. Totally agree sara n tamanna

  4. We gonna mic her much

  5. Will miss rattan sooooooo much she played her character very well appreciated but without seeing her in the serial v all gonna miss her miss u so much ratan

  6. Ratan has excuted her role very well. She is very pretty and needs a glamourous role and I was very impressed with her dancing skills too. Miss her, yes I would as she always instilled good values in her children in he this show Veera and also we got to see her tough and soft side. Good luck to Ratan and directors here a good pick for your next show. she can do anything.

  7. Actually u did a big mistake already by killing Nihal bring him back to life u din show his body or last rites

    1. If possible bring a look alike of Nihal pls end the show on happy note not like this I love snehas role

  8. Fan of the show

    miss u a lot.

  9. I will miss her A LOT

  10. I will miss u a lot

  11. I miss u

  12. Im not realy sure if ratan is dead as when a blast occured why did non of her body was found
    only some belongings like shoes and some clothing surely a blast would have disintigrated these things too lol

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