Will you miss Anita Hassanandani in YHM?

Everyone knows the news doing the rounds. Shagun will be leaving the show, after the fire incident and earthquake. The track goes on like this… Mrs. Bhalla informs Raman that Aditya and Ruhi are not in the house. Ashok’s associate lies to Raman that he has abducted the kids. Raman is furious at Simmi for informing ACP Abhishek about the abduction. A security guard informs Ishita about Shagun going to an apartment.

Ruhi informs Raman that Shagun brought her and Aditya to a service apartment. Aditya gets injured in the cylinder explosion. Ishita rescues Aditya from the fire. Ishita gets trapped under the rubble as the building collapses due to an earthquake. The Bhallas and Iyers are shattered on learning about Ishita. Ruhi tells Aditya how Shagun didn’t help Ishita in rescuing him. Ruhi informs the family about how Ishita rescued Aditya and is now trapped under the debris. Raman and ACP Abhishek rescue Ishita. Aditya breaks his ties with Shagun.

Aditya confronts Shagun for her misdeed against him. Ishita regains consciousness. ACP Abhishek informs the Bhallas about Shagun’s plan to take Aditya and Ruhi away from them. Ishita stops ACP Abhishek from arresting Shagun. The doctor informs the Bhallas about Ishita’s recovery. Shagun gets a big lesson seeing her kids siding with Ishita and not wishing her anymore in their lives. She thinks they got a complete family and should go away from them, feeling Ishita is best mother for them. The actress Anita Hassanandani will be taking a break from the show, which is reported to be her exit. Will you miss Anita/Shagun in the show? Let us know in this poll.


  1. gopu

    shagun is still villain to ishitha…. she doesn’t accepted her as Raman’s wife….

  2. Yeah surely I will miss her she is my fuvrt actress in yhm…….I only watch yhm for shagun…..now I m going 2 cry whole night

  3. Having a villain or a negetive role is the most essential of a show otherwise the lead role won’t get proper scope of acting and she is the best villain.so she should stay connected with this show

  4. irritated viewer

    Yes we will miss shagun. She should be back in positive role with some good changes. May be she should help raman n ishita toh solve the mystery of Subbu and be in their good books.

  5. SN

    Even if she come back as a positive role, still she will hate Ishita…

    And IF Possible, he will try to live with Raman for sure..

    And you know about Bhalla’s.. they all will hang around with Shagun and get her side , perhaps only Ruhi will still support Ishita… I wish Ishita will get a child of her own before this, at least then she will have some to call as her own

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