Will you be without me?

Will u be without me…

A girl is seen in mandir talking to the god….
She is Pragya Arora….
P: Why God? I am just asking u for affection from him! But he is not even looking at me! I am not asking for attention but for affection…but without attention from him how will i get affection?

In a deserted area a boy is seem to be lost and was thinking about something…
It was Abhishek Mehra
A: Why does everything have to happen so fast? I don’t want this attention anymore and i just want affection that can be with me forever but who will give all this affection without any expectation for me? Will she give?

He thought about her….
His first accidental kiss with her….
It was their graduation night….
He went inside the party hall and she was there too. Both had a romantic dance together…at the end of it he kissed her accidentally while twirling her in dance… it did not felt awkward for both of them…But once they broke the kiss they were embarrassed to see others…why does the moment had to be so fast that is what both were thinking about….

Is the moments of togetherness is short-lived? Will they realise why they are connected together just through their accidental meetings…Why both of them have thoughts about attention and affection?

Hello everyone I am not a new ff writer and I assume that most of u all know me…and I want u all to guess who am I? I am not testing with this question but I am asking.Just guess me and I will see from your response on whether to continue this short story….

Credit to: Guess me


  1. reji

    superb promo ……..i love this story…pls go ahead,,,and to guess who r u ??..pls give me a hint or clue??…..pls!!!

  2. durga

    Awesome yaar really superb promo abt ur ff thn I thk may b Maya bt if I’m wrong sry…. Bt plzzz post ur ff 1st epi as soon as possible yaar ..

  3. Guess me?

    Surprised by the kind of response that I have received in a short while. Yes some of you have guessed my name correctly but I won’t reveal it now. I will reveal it in my next episode.

  4. Lakshmi

    Its amazing pls continue… I am new to ff so I can’t able to guss u…
    But pls continue…

  5. Myna

    I think its Tisha coz she promise to cme back soon. Otherwise sorry dnt feel bad may be i guest wrong. Anyways continue the ff i m silent reader

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.