Will you be without me? Chapter 20


Challenging each other…

Abhi called up Pragya again and she informed him that she is leaving Pune soon as she got new assignment to carry out. For unknown reason Abhi was excited that he can meet his Pumpy again!! The same level of excitement was with Pragya as all these days she was missing him immensely.

They had planned to meet up on the day that Pragya arrived itself and both met. Abhi ” So how come your 1 week stay had extended to a few weeks?” Pragya ” Boss! U know right? I had nothing much to do all this while so that’s why I just stayed back!” Abhi ” If u had not come back then I myself would have come back to meet u! That much I was missing u!” Abhi in his mind, what I have told her!! Again I am telling that I am missing her!! Pragya smiled upon hearing that and said ” I…also…no I mean that’s nice to hear!” Abhi, did she just said I also but then she changed it to nice to hear that I am missing her. What is this? If she miss me why can’t she just accept that? What’s the big deal in this? May be she is thinking that missing each other is also a part of love and friendship and that is why she is trying to avoid that.

Pragya ” What are you thinking?” Abhi ” Nothing!” Pragya ” Can I tell you something? Actually you look different!” Abhi ” What? I am the same pls check with ur chasma. Just because u met after a few weeks it doesn’t mean I have changed!! Wait let me check!” He took his phone and took a selfie and showed her. Abhi ” Pumpy u see this is what I have took just now and this one is few weeks ago! Both look the same! U think I have grown fat or what? No way also as I exercise regularly! How can u say that I have changed!” Pragya ” Oh my god!! I just said u look different and u became so sensitive that as if i said u look ugly!! If u look different means it does not mean u have changed but may be I am looking at u differently now…” Abhi was confused by her reply and asked ” What do u really mean?” Pragya ” Never mind I will tell u later about it!” Abhi ” No!! U tell me now if not my head will burst thinking on what u have said!!” Pragya ” Really?” Abhi ” Yes! Just tell!!” Pragya ” No! I won’t!” Abhi ” If not I challenge you that if i find out what u are thinking about and also about the something that u have been hiding from me then u have to accept what u have been thinking about me!” Pragya was shocked by the challenge. Pragya ” I am not hiding anything and what kind of challenge is this?” Abhi ” It’s just a challenge as I know that u won’t tell what i want to know now so let me find out by myself!” Pragya ” But if I find about your past first then I will win the challenge!!” Abhi ” Oh really? U also want to challenge me huh? Ok let’s see who wins first!” Abhi, in his mind Oh no Abhi what have u just blabbered like challenege and all!! How can I win this challenge when she don’t really share her problems with anyone!! Pragya, why did i told like that!! I mean what kind of challenege is this that I want to win. Yes I know that I want to know about his past that is bothering him but not in this way…

Will this strange challenge finally reveal about their past?

Do u all find this ff boring? If so pls tell me…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. hey itz nice maya… but i want a long one.. cant wait to read next epi. plz updt as soon as possible

    1. Haha ok i shall try after my classes…if possible depending on my mood after the experiment I am gg to do…lol…

  2. Hey super suga… Really a nice epic…

    1. Glad that u find it super lakshmi!

  3. Nice yaar its not at all boring it’s really interesting

    1. Ok durga if u are saying it then I am happy! Romba nandri!! Just asked to double check…

  4. Haan Pavi i had replied to ur qns in the prev update when u r free look at it!

    1. Suga naan un replya read panni reply panniten da

  5. Not at all boring….

    1. Ok tks for the clarification varsha!

  6. Woww..they both falling for each other and waiting to know who will win this challenge..superb maya..keep going..

    1. Sure keep waiting u will know that soon!

  7. Its not boring at all suga

    1. Ok rithu point noted!

  8. Hii maya i was a silent reader bit i luv ur ff a lot dnt stop yaar its not boring?pls update regularly dnt think again its boring??

    1. Haha ok saranya i didnt say i will stop…just to clarify my doubt i asked like tat! Ok i wont think like that!

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Ohoooo Its Not Boringggggggg yaar……Its Really going Interesting…..

    1. Haha ok Reshma point noted!

  10. very interesting and super i love ur ff

    1. Tks for loving my ff Monesha!

  11. who said it’s boring? Girlllll It’s different and as Usual Brilliant!

    1. Haha who else will say??as usual my crazy mind said lol…haha ok same to u point noted

  12. Hey my swt dr idiotic frnd don’t even try to think like tht k i don’t know if abigya could stay without eachoth or not but i can’t stay without u n ur ff n haan suga naan unkita anaike solanumnu nenaichen but naan konjam stresseda iruntha nalla sollala k actually naan freea irudha dhan new ffla read panven but anaiku un ffa partha odanae enaku cls ana yaro itha upd panirukanganu thonuchu apram adha read panna odane nee dhanu therinchiduchu en nu theriyala but really felt ur prensence but surely its not coz of ur writng style sry da i blabberd a lot pls 4give me

    1. Haha ethana vathi sollurathu that no need to say sorry!!! Wow telepathy pola u can my feel my presence na too good….naan unoda comment padicha apparame ennaku therinchitu that I cant hide myself anylonger….ethacho mistake pannuvenu nanechan appadiye panniten…haha anyways i have answered ur qn again in the prev update…so sorry for troubling u to go and see in the prev update…

  13. sorry dr for late update….
    ur writtting is mind blowing……
    i loved it….

    1. Why are u saying sorry for this tharu? Its not at all an issue…thanks for loving my ff

  14. Superb episode suga.
    It is not at all boring.
    Stop thinking too much…

    1. Ok Ammu! Ya have to stop thinking…but dont know how ??…

      1. Ya I know ..
        It’s quite difficult.
        But you are a brilliant girl na so no problem….

      2. Haha so sweet of u thinking me as brilliant!! I am very touched…??

  15. Awesome

    1. Glad that u find it awesome Abhigya!

  16. Hey maya are u tamilian??nanum tamil dhan pa☺?nee thapa nenaikala na can u tel wat u r doing clg or wrkng

    1. Haan naan telugu aana tamil than neraya pesuven…haha ithula enna thapa nenaikirathu…I am gg college!

  17. it was super i love ur ff

    1. this is my friend

    2. Haha thanks for loving it Monesha!

      1. Oh ok say tks to ur frnd… I was also thinking y u commented 2 times…

  18. this is my first comment on urs….. actually it’s awesome dr…… i just read all the episodes today itself….. it’s amazing….. it’s not at all boring…… actually the first about the episode which u r describing is new idea from all others…. and the montage u use in every episodes is according to the concept of that episode that’s amazing…. actually it make me read that whole in one day….. and congrats u got a good talent of writing…. keep going….. i don’t know whether i would be commenting everyday…. but it will be awesome “in advance”… god bless u…….

    1. Wow vidhya really thanks a lot for ur long compliment and yes its not at all a big issue whether u can comment every day or not…this one comment itself is more than enough…god bless u too…really overwhelmed by your comment!

  19. Wow ka it was amazing there both challenges r soo different…???????? really loved it and one more thing don’t say this is boring ka infact it was fabulous I really loved it soo pls don’t say like this ka…

    1. Okok i wont say like that…really the challenge was different ah? ??hehe ok i wrote that in a rush lol…

  20. K dr hereaft i won’t say sry k va,haha telepathy hmm may be but u can’t hide urself frm the persons who loves u like ur mom is it clear now? N haan even god makes mistake in his creations but v r just humans so life without a mistake will be like a body without soul so promise me tht hereaft u shld not feel a lot 4ur mistakes k,hey enna sry solla venamnu sollitu neenga enna madam panirukeenga?? hmm!!!!! Naan unmela semma kovathula irruken

    1. Haha naan thirupi sorry kuda solla mudiyathu for making u angry…ok paravale as i know ur anger is not the fierce one but its the cute one on a friend…haha ok…i dont feel for my mistakes Pavi as i have accepted it and i am just moving on as i dont want to disappoint my parents anymore…my happiness is to make them happy so tats what i am trying to do…

      1. Hey telepathy wrks 4u too haha just jokng da haan ennoda kovam fake anadhu dhan n haan u’ll definitely make ur parents feel hap n proud too n haan suga unaku siblings irukangala da?

      2. Yes ennaku oru younger sis irrukapla…how abt u?

      3. Ennaku oru thambi irukan 7th poram sariyana imsai

      4. Hehe all the younger ones r like tat!! Inimaiyana imsai!!

  21. Haha ok maya evn iam also studying clg 2 year jst askd to knw if u r elder to me☺

    1. Haha ok but i think i should be elder to u as here in Singapore we start schooling at the age of 7….

  22. Loved it

    1. Glad that u loved it sharaya!

  23. areyy yaar srry fr late cmmnt but ur lyrics usage in previous update u nailed it to the core nd todays challenging session is highly intrstng nd dr nvr ever again ask again whether its boring haa ani its really intrstng to the core

    1. Okok wont ask tat again yr its my mind is asking again and again….i will have to do smthing abt it!! Seriously its driving me crazy!!! And tks yr for the lovely comments!!

  24. Ohh u r frm singapore?k maya diiii?☺

  25. Sry maya akka ?i think tis s gud?☺

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