Will you be without me? Chapter 17

You may or may not be the one…..

As usual time passed very fast and Abhi had to leave Pune as he have a next big event that he need to sponsor and a lot of work related to that have to be done…Pragya knew about the event as Abhi shared about the benefits of sponsoring that event…It was a charitable event so she was also pleased that Abhi is sponsoring such a event.

Pragya ” Boss so will we be working together again?” Abhi ” You may or may not be the one to work with me again…” Pragya ” Why do u say like that?” Abhi ” Last time when we worked together we were more of strangers but now we are not…and already last time itself some of your staff were talking bad about us behind our back…and if now we work together again may be they will assume something else!”

Pragya ” For this you don’t want to work with me? There will people talking what they feel like but we know what is the relation between us so why do we need to give importance to unnecssary things?” Abhi ” U won’t understand Pumpy! I can’t think like that…what u say is unnecessary can also lead to unwanted problems and I don’t want to face that! May be it can affect our relation too!” Pragya ” I think u are thinking too much about others and their feelings!” Abhi ” Yes it’s true if u never think about other’s feelings then how u can understand them? I always try my best to understand what others think and respond according to it! In that way life would be much more easier!” Pragya was now in deep thoughts after listening to what Abhi had said…Abhi seeing that was amazed as it’s the first time that Pragya was amazed by his opinion and it was clearly expressed in her eyes…Abhi “Hey Pumpy what are u thinking about?” Pragya ” About what u have said…it makes a lot of sense and i have never thought that way but from now onwards will think like that… and if destiny wants us to work together then we shall see again at work!!” Abhi ” Finally there is something that u agreed with me and hmm let’see what destiny has in store for us!” With that both parted their ways…They thought of leaving Pune together but Pragya had to stay a bit longer in Pune as she had some unfinished work left…So unfortunately they were not able to leave together…

Abhi on his journey was keep on recalling the sweet memories that he had spent with Pragya in Pune, the day out with her, the teases that he did to her, the delicious taste of her food and many more…

What will happen next that will make them closer?

Sorry for not uploading this yesterday as I was quite busy…may be i try to update one more tonight as alrdy i have written some of the updates for my other ff….only left with the last epi to be written for the other ff….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)


  1. Ammu

    Superb suga
    Nee story chala bagha undi.
    Naaku words ledhu nee story ku.
    It’s awesome.

    • Maya

      Glad that u are excited for my ff but pls wait…i will try to make it longer for the nxt one

  2. Lakshmi

    Superb suga. But I am also in pragya side… Y should we think abt others. Wen we are trouble noone is going to help us then y…. They only can do is if we fall they laugh thats it…..very shot update…
    Waiting for next epic……..

    • Maya

      Busy lakshmi tats y its short…once i am free i will make it long… hmm sometimes its bettert to think abt others too even though they dont help u…its just my thoughts…

      • Lakshmi

        I will think abt ur thoughts…. But still something annoying me…. Love ur way of thinking…

    • Maya

      Juhi style again!! ?? she is my favourite actress so when u r telling her famous dialogue…I also feel fantastic!!

  3. Nivethitha

    Fantastic ka! Neega story ah semmiya movie pannringa I am impressed with it ka..???????

    • Maya

      Haha appadiya? Naan romba slowa move pannura mari irukunu feel pannen…anyways glad that u r impressed!

  4. AND DEFINITELY UR THE ONE! !!! DRIVING ME CRAZY and really excited to c the destiny game njoying a lot without any antagonist ur amazing

    • Maya

      Haha I am driving u crazy ah? I think I am already a crazy person by nature so its may be the side effect of reading my ff…

      • tina(suha)

        replying for each and every cmnt is great even more than your wtitting skill… i rd your ff twice.. love it yaar.

      • Maya

        haha nothing great yr if u all can take ur time to read n comment my ff…then y not i just spend a while to reply u all back?? so its my pleasure replying u all.. and tks for reading my ff twice!! that’s more than i expected…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.