Will you be without me? Chapter 6


Finally He is talking to me normally!!

Pragya was busy preparing to organise one of the big events that she had got! Its a musical event and a lot of celebrities and VIPs will be attending. It’s a 3 day event so a lot of preparations have to be done. And most importantly all have to be unique and creative.

Pragya went to the office to meet Laila again to brief about the plans that she and her colleagues had come up with. She went inside Laila’s cabin and she saw him! What is he doing here? Oh God! Why do I have to meet him again!

Laila’ Hi Ms Pragya! Meet Mr Abhi, the one who recommended you for this event organisation” Pragya, What he recommended me? Oh No so I have to work with him too! Pragya ” Hi Mr Abhi!” Abhi ” Hi Ms Pragya! Nice to meet you” Pragya, he is not showing any annoyance in his face does it mean that he had forgotten the way that I behaved with him that day? No may be he just don’t want to show it now in front of Laila…

Pragya sat in the opposite direction of Abhi and started to brief about the plannings for the event. Both Laila and Abhi were very impressed with Pragya’s ideas and had a smiling face all the way when Pragya was explaining the details.

After Pragya have explained everthing, Abhi ” Great work Ms Pragya! All the plans seem to be unique and surely can be well executed!” Pragya looked with wide eyes open to his compliment and said ” Thank you!” Laila also praised Pragya and after that Laila left the cabin saying that she have something to pass to another staff. Both Abhi and Pragya were alone in the cabin now.

Pragya thought he is so courteous and u Pragya so rude. He would be very much hurt by the way that u talk that day but still he appreciated your work today. Pragya now u should apologise to him for ur rude behaviour that day…

Abhi all the while was keep on using his phone to avoid the contact of Pragya..Pragya started to talk, ” Mr Abhi, I have something to tell you!” Abhi looked up and said ” Yes what is it?” Pragya ” Sorry for that day…I shouldn’t have talked like that” Abhi ” Which day are u talking about Ms Pragya? I can’t remember..” Pragya ” In the hospital that day…” Abhi ” Sorry Ms Pragya I am not sure what are u refering to and it would be better if we just talk about work matters” Pragya got annoyed by the way he responded and also understood that it was her fault that made him to speak that way…

By then Laila had came back and the meeting was wrapped up and Laila said we will all meet tommorow at the venue where the musical event would occur.

Pragya on her way back home was thinking that she could have been more polite that day. She thought somehow she should make him forgive her but she did not have the idea of how she is going to do that!

The next day….
Pragya arrived earlier to the venue and was waiting for Abhi and Laila to come. She saw Abhi coming first and went towards him to greet him. But he just walked pass her… Pragya, Oh my god! He is still angry with me! Of course he will be but it’s ok by today I will have to get forgiveness from him!

Laila also reached there and all three were looking around the area and were discussing about what are the things that can be done. Pragya at times took glance at Abhi and he too was noticing that. Abhi in his mind, why is she keep on looking at me? Does she want to talk to me? No way I don’t want to talk to her!! Thinking about that day only makes me irritated so i don’t want to talk to her!!

After sometime, All the three of them decided have to lunch together and went to a near by restaurant…

Pragya was again sitting in a position where she was facing Abhi as Abhi was sitting beside Laila. Pragya smiled at Abhi but he never smiled in response. She felt bad but never expressed it in her face. But Abhi could see that she was feeling bad as her eyes had expressed those feelings of being hurt. All had lunch together talking about the event and at times about other work matter.

Pragya felt time was running out but still don’t know how to make him forgive her!

Suddenly, Laila received a call and after attending it she said she have some urgent work and have to leave now…She asked them to carry on and will catch up with them later…

Pragya thought may be now I can talk to him freely but just then Abhi ” Laila come I shall drop u! As i have also almost finished my lunch!” Laila ” No Abhi! My friend is picking me up and he should be here soon!” Abhi ” Ok fine. So Ms Pragya so shall we leave too? As u have also finished your meal!” Pragya ” Yes sure!” But Pragya was disappointed that she missed the chance again.

They all left the restaurant and Laila left with her friend first. And Pragya took out her phone to check something and found that her phone’ battery was very low to make a call! Abhi was beside her and noticed that panickness in her face. But he never asked her about it.

Pragya ” Mr Abhi can i make a call from your phone? As my phone’s battery is very low!” Abhi ignored her and was looking at somewhere else….

Pragya, what is this? Now he is ignoring me when I am asking for help! So much of anger towards me! No Pragya you really need his help now! Just ask him again…

Pragya in a loud voice ” Mr Abhi I am asking you something!” Abhi ” Huh? U asked me something? Sorry I was looking at something and was lost in thoughts…” Pragya ” Oh it’s ok but can i use your phone for a while to make a call as my phone’s battery is low!” Abhi ” Ok sure!” He passed his phone to her while he was still looking at something… Pragya after making the call passed the phone to him and was surprised to found him in tears….

Pragya wondered what made him to be in tears and looked at the direction that he was keep on looking… She saw a small kid running from the chase of his mum… Pragya realised that he was missing his mum now which made him to be emotional.

Pragya ” If u don’t mind can I ask u something? ” Abhi “Hmm u can ask!” Pragya ” Are u missing ur mum now?” Abhi ” Haan yes very badly!” Pragya ” Missing someone will only make you to want them badly but you have to think that the person you miss is always with and within you so that no matter what happens you won’t feel that they are far from you… Sometimes it’s better to think that those who had went far away from you to be always near you as in that way you will not miss them…”

Abhi was amazed by the way that Pragya talked to him and felt whatever she said was true enough…I shouldn’t miss my mum! I should feel that she is always with me…

Abhi ” Thanks for the friendly advice!” Pragya ” It’s not really an advice more of my thoughts that I shared with u!” Abhi ” And I know you have been trying to say sorry for that day but I think we shall just forget about it! I should also say sorry to u for our first meeting!” Pragya ” As u said we shall just forget about our previous meetings! So no need to say sorry!” Abhi ” So shall we be friends?” Pragya ” I don’t believe in friendship and love as all this only gives complications in life! So sorry for that but we can still talk as colleagues!”

Abhi was once again surprised by the thoughts of Pragya and didn’t know what to reply… Pragya said that she have to leave now and left from there and as for Abhi he was wondering as how can someone don’t believe in friendship and love!!!

Pragya was glad that he is not angry with her anymore…But she was also wondering why she felt very hurt when he ignored her..

Hope you all enjoy this update and won’t find it boring sorry if there are any mistakes as I typed it in a hurry

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Thank u all for the support so far for this ff! Sorry if its boring as previously mentioned I typed this in a hurry… Thank u all for the sweet comments that u all have given in all the previous updates!!???

  2. dii you are also saying sorry….no…no need of that.. ” what matters is whether the content is conveyed or not..”” isn’t it….?? then what…
    i felt the episode was perfect….as usual…i could visualize every thing…so don’t worry..it was really…really a nice episode…keep going…love you diii…and also all ur ffz…and updates….

    1. Sorry for saying sorry!!??…Glad that u felt the epi as nice and yes tks for loving me as ur di and all my ffs, updates…??

  3. all ur episodes r amazing maya……simply superb…..

    1. Thank u sabeenia for finding my episodes amazing??.. and your ff to is amazing!!

  4. Its awesome yaar.. Y u r saying sorry?
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    1. Again sorry for saying sorry!!??.. thanks again kutty for the sweet comments…??

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  6. Superb yaar really the way pragya convinced abhi s superb n awesome thn when abhi miss his mom tat time pragya shared her thoughts tat one s really superb n I love it today’s episode I really really reallyyyyyyyyyy loved it a lotttttt

    1. 1 more thg Whoever miss their close ones vl get 4m tat pain aft reading tat dialogue by pragya yaar

      1. That’s right Durga! But Suga’s words are something that are awesome! That dialogue it touched my heart and for Suga ah no words she is my favourite writer! After reading the dialogue ,I felt strange and it wasn’t the pain it was something else don’t know what to call that feeling! But Suga I loveee you for this!

      2. Omg! U all felt this much for the dialogues ah? Ok it’s just my thoughts that I have expressed through Pragya’s dialogue…when u all a feeling for it means that my thoughts are somewhat not wrong…

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  11. The montage! That’s too much attractive and the content, the way u explain is amazing loved pragya’s words today! When u miss someone, it’s not the person you are missing but the memories, but yeah sometimes the person is so important, and i loved it everyday i miss my sister well your words made me realize to think positively, and from today i will think like my sister is with and within me, missing her would be wanting her badly, seriously today it was spectacular! And loved pragya’s thought neither she believes in love nor friendship, yeah she is right sometimes it gives complications in life! You are best, you are awesome suga! Coz this episode was so much great, so much awesome so much spectacular that i want to go through it again! U deserve this ??????????????? hats off to you!

    1. Glad that my words have made u think positively??…To tell the truth I have not really missed anyone in life so far but I missed spending the memories too… and I have accepted tat its difficult to get back those memories so why dwell on it? When u know u wont get it back… So just cherish the memories and with tat may be create new ones!!??

      1. Yes! That’s how we can enjoy the life! As for my sister, the place where she is now i m 100% sure she is happy there and not missing me ! Not anyone coz she is so much happy there! Hah well no worries i m not a saddy sad person! So enjoy moment right now bcoz it won’t come again!

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    1. Haha don think u r blabbering… I am also like tat and I think u know that too haha..Hmm ya I also believe in friendship as same as u…for love I do believe in it as that’s what I get from my family n friends… In that way I believe in love n nothing beyond that…for the rocking part ??

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    1. Yes i agree that friendship n love is the most precious thing in the world as it happens without any expectations…As for the missing part yes its also true but we have to just accept it and move on…Thank u lakshmi for ur sweet words…?

  16. Suga u really great that u always have a own style. Missing someone very close to heart is most painful in the world. When u read the ff I had visualised everything…. U r really awesome dear…….
    Friendship & Love is the most precious

  17. Suga u really great that u always have a own style. Missing someone very close to heart is most painful in the world. When u read the ff I had visualised everything…. U r really great dear…….
    Friendship & Love is the most precious

  18. Suga u really great that u always have a own style. Missing someone very close to heart is most painful in the world. When u read the ff I had visualised everything….
    Friendship & Love is the most precious

  19. Suga that u always have a own style. Missing someone very close to heart is most painful in the world. When u read the ff I had visualised everything….
    Friendship & Love is the most precious

  20. Missing someone very close to heart is most painful in the world. When u read the ff I had visualised everything….
    Friendship & Love is the most precious

  21. Missing someone very close to heart is most painful in the world.
    Friendship & Love is the most precious

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