‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L… Part-14

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—- Next Morning———*

The sun soon fell over Anika’s eyes and she had to open them.. her head was getting too heavy and eyes seemed lazy.. she got up with hands supporting her head while her eyes kept on blinking..

“ HHhhhhAa…. Sar ke oopar pathar hai kya! God!!… “ it was getting very difficult for her to get up just then,

“ WAKE UP<><>!<>><!>><!!!<>>!<!!!!!!!!!………… “

She fell down from the bed with the sudden earth quake and her eyes got the correct medicine to clear up…. She opened the door realizing that it was GS’s sound and went down asap… she pedaled her legs speedily but due to the sudden hindrance, she fell over Mallika who was still lying down unconscious…

“ AhhhHhhhAAaaaaaa MaaaA….. he killed me Ma, he killed me…. “

“ Oh chup kar Mallika, it’s me Anika…. “

Mallika stopped blabbering and gained a bit consciousness…

“ will someone explain me what’s going on? “ GS shouted madly.. Ani-llika got up and was surprised to see everyone lying on the floor drunken.. GS soon shifted his sharp eyes to them and they gave him a sheepish smile…

“This isn’t any close-up AD.. go and wake them up… ! “ Ani-llika soon neared their friends and struggled to wake them up…

“ Sir, they aren’t waking.. “ Mallika complained…

“Mallika, stop it and beat them harder.. if Sir got to know that yesterday what we made, then he’s gonna fire us all!… “ Anika whispered..

“ Yeah, but…but what happened yesterday? “ Mallika scratched her head…

“ huh, even  don’t remember anything… but what we can see here says that we have done something big!… “

“ ufffho Ravi… wake up man!!… “ Mallika slapped his face shocking Anika..

“ what? Are you crazy? “

“ nice na? I always had a thought to slap a boy! It’s fulfilled now!.. “ Mallika laughed with joy while Anika smiled witnessing her friend’s madness…

“Anika, look! Seems like Kavya got consciousness…. Go and pull her up.. “ Anika followed her words and started to near Kavya but just then she got banged with Shivaay…

Shivika “ sorry! “….

Anika smiled while Shivaay was lost in her… he recollected her words last night when she was drunken…

‘ God, will she ask me the same question again? What will I say? I’ve not prepared anything… ‘

“Oye Veerappa, you got up soon… achha chalo help me… they are so dead today..” Anika said in her usual tone and moved to Kavya..

“huh? She…. She didn’t say anything! Does that mean she forgot everything? “ Shivaay scratched his head and it soon clicked his mind….

“ Oh shit… she was drunken… how can she forget when she doesn’t even know what she told.. waise achha hua.. but…. People spit out the truth when they are drunken.. did she really mean what she said?’

“ can I…stay with you? W..will you be mine? Forever? “

Anika’s words were no less than any bell to him… it rang again and again in his ears…

“ SHAH RUKH!!!…… “ GS shouted which brought him back soon..

“huh? Yes sir.. “

“don’t you just stand there, GO!!… “ Shivaay knelt down to Rony while Anika was busy walking Kavya up.. her eyes twinkled between her hair which was attracted Shivaay like a magnet… he was completely lost in her morning beauty that he didn’t even know that Rony was already awake.. Rony looked him with shrunk eyes and gazed Anika with him.. she got up and neared Arjun with glass of water but still Shivaay was sitting there looking Anika…

Rony cleared his throat to bring him back but went in vain..

“ Anika’s beautiful right? “ Rony said looking him..

“Oh she is!.. “ Shivaay murmured without his knowledge… he smiled at Rony but seeing him angry, his smile vanished…

“ what? “

“ I must ask this.. “ said Rony.. “ Shivaay, if you’re so mad of her, then go and confess.. don’t let go the time you have now.. “

“ I..I don’t know.. I’m not sure for what I’m feeling.. and she…… “ Shivaay explained everything that happened last night…

“ Oh Man, seriously? That means she proposed you?  Congratulations yaar… “ Rony hugged him happily.. “ now what are you waiting for? Go and accept her.. “

“ are you mad? She doesn’t remember anything.. and what am I gonna say? And there’s something I’m hiding from her which would seriously effect us.. I don’t know how will I tell her that I am…..

“ I am falling for him…. “

“ what? “

“ I am falling for him Mallika.. “ Anika said shocking Mallika!

“ you mean to say… Shivaay? “ Mallika lowered her voice while Anika gave her a green signal..

“ OMG!… you mean to say that…. “

“ Shh… quiet dumb! He’ll hear…. “ Anika whispered..

“Oh ok ok.. you mean to say that you love him? “

“ I think so.. “ she explained everything that happened last night..

“ wait…wait…wait….. you remember everything? “ Mallika pointed out..

“uh yeah… well I agree I’ve bad memory but I don’t forget things.. I’ve drunken beer when I was staying with Daksh… he made me drink it and I…….. “ she stopped “ naah, forget it.. I didn’t ask all those consciously.. everything just came up over my tongue that moment and I spit it.. and I couldn’t even digest the fact that whether is it a dream or not.. “ she smiled recollecting what she said..

“ so, do you remember what he answered? “ asked Mallika

“ No.. that’s the only thing I don’t remember.. what he would have told? And when I saw him now, I just couldn’t control myself from looking him… I made him believe that I don’t remember anything.. after confessing everything donno what he’ll be thinking about me… hey, everything will be okay na? “ Anika got nervous..

“ chill Anika… and if you’re so doubted then I’ll go and ask him… “

“ No dumb!.. and why you? I’ll go and ask.. “ she smiled..

“ Ohho! So you’ve grown up!.. “ came the sound from Ravi, who was lying down acting unconsciousness…

“ Ravi!.. you’re awake? “ astonished Mallika..

“ Ravi, don’t tell anything to Shivaay ok? I myself want to clear my doubt fully conscious.. “ said Anika

“ C’mon Anika… the right is yours.. I won’t come between… waise Mallika, your wish got fulfilld beating me badly now fulfill my wish to…. To slap you!.. “ Ravi got up..

“ hee…heee… Ravi I was just kidding you know.. “ Mallika too got up and maintained a good distance.. Ravi started chasing her around while Anika was lost in thoughts…

‘ think the time has arrived Shivaay.. I want to know what will be your answer if I asked you the same question consciously.. ‘

— Meanwhile———–*

Omru “ Shivaay/Shivaay bhayya “

“what? Not this time too… how come both your answers be the same all the time? “ complained Gauri who was at the peak of anger…

“ Gauri, it’s useless.. these three brothers would always go for the right one…  these three have different bodies but the same heart…” said Jhanvi patting Om’s shoulder..

“ kaash bhayya yaha hotha tho… “ said Rudy looking down.. Jhanvi got up disappointed from there and went inside leaving Omru disheartened..

“ Uh, Omkara call him na… I’m sure he’ll pick your phone… “ suggested gauri..

“ what use bhabhi,  his phone will be either switched off or not available..” Rudhr said looking down.. Gauri signaled Om and he soon dialed his no.


Shivaay’s entering to the room and ringing of phone came simultaneously… he was so happy to see Om’s number…


“hey it’s ringing… “ Om said bringing enthusiasm to Rudhr..


“ Hey Om… “

“ Shivaay!!!!!….. “

“ O, give the phone na… “

“wait Rudy… Shivaay! Where are you man… kab se try kar raha dha hum.. “

“Sorry yaar, phone mei kuch problems hai.. and.. and how are you? “

“ O, phone dhe na… “

“wait na Rudy…. “

“ Achha Rudhr hai waha? “

“ Yeah, voh thujhse baath karne ke lie besabr hai… “

“ haa tho phone dhe na… kithna din ho gaya use baath kar ke.. “

“ achha tho mai out ho gaya? “

“ ok fine speaker mei daal.. “

“BHAYYYYAAAAAAAaaa!!!!!!!!!………. “

“Bas Rudy.. I can hear you… ithna zhor se bol raha hai tho phone ki zaroorath hi kya hai? “

The trio spent beautiful moments for ½ hour and still wasn’t aware of the time… Gauri was so happy witnessing Omru so joyful…

‘ huh… bhayya ke bina yeh dhono tho zinda laash hai… ab dekho kithna charged ho gaya… hope he will come soon.. ‘ she smiled..

Suddenly Anika entered the room and Shivaay looked back making himself go mad before her beauty… but she controlled not to fall before his killing eyes.. she avoid eye-contact and entered the room to get her phone…

“hello!!… hello bhayyA.. “

“haa rudy bol.. “ Anika soon noticed the name..

“ umm.. bhayya, there’s someone here who is so desperate to talk with you.. “

“ kaun? “ Shivaay asked still gazing Anika

“ khud hi baath karo.. “ Rudy, with an irritating face, handed over the phone to the newly arrived guest in OM..

Shivaay was still lost in Anika who was tying her bracelet.. she noticed that her Veerappan was stealing her glances… Anika couldn’t help but blush…A lite smile ruled over Shivaay’s face knowing that his eyes effects her…

“ Shivaay baby!!…. “

The voice wiped away Shivaay’s smile and made his throat fall weak to speak more…

“ T….Tia.. “

Anika noticed the name and turned to face him…. Her turning and Shivaay’s glance over her was simultaneously…

*- -♥*-******-*♥- -*

Precap: New Love Triangle between Shivika….


Guys, I’ve lot many things to discuss but I don’t from where to start… First thing is that Rain washed our home completely and it was a war happening in my house for the past to few days for cleaning… Now everything’s all right but still there are thousands of people who’s still suffering the setbacks of the biggest disaster Kerala has ever seen…

Secondly, MY EXAMS!… fortunately, No one lost their books so exams were so tied..  I can’t even remember what I learned in those three days..

Everything was so horrible!!

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