‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L… Part-10

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— Continuous——-*

Both Shivika were tired of dancing… they both took their respective places to stand while the function was gonna start… Shivaay noticed all the men gazing Anika.. he stood more close to her and made himself like a pillar so that no one could see her!.. all these were noticed by Ragni.. she deepened her nail into her palm and gazed Anika angrily… The Mehra’s and Vikram was rocking the champagne laughing their moment..

“ Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we’ve all gathered here to celebrate the grand union of Maharai’s and Mehra’s… “ Everyone clapped…  “ it’s really an honour to be here along with the Mehra’s and the one and only reason for that was my PA Shivaay and his friend Anika… “ All looked Shivika clapping.. “ I know he’s my PA, but sometimes I feel like he’s much far than that.. I must say, he’s really a spur to everyone.. it’s like he already a big business tycoon!… Hey Shivaay, are you really some kind of a business man?“ Shivika looked each other with surprise and nodded a big NO!… Ragni moved aside texting msg and smiled with dark eyes…

“ Ok everyone.. hope you all are enjoying the party!… “ Vikram poured the Drink to glass and started giving to all the man he meets… Anika’s smile suddenly faded away.. her past memories were flashing front of her eyes witnessing all those men senselessly drinking!… Vikram neared Shivika with drink in his hands while Shivaay smiled but Anika took a step back accordingly..

“ Hey Shivaay, c’mon have a drink!… “ he offered the glass but Shivaay resisted it.. Shivaay noticed Anika looking bit weird…

“ Anika, would you mind having one? “ Vikram neared her smiling but Anika stepped back with scare..

“ Anika, he’s just joking… “ Shivaay held her shoulder but noticed something wrong… Anika looked Shivaay with disbelief and walked aside leaving Shivaay confused..

“ Shivaay, is she ok? “ Vikram inquired wronging his feet.. Shivaay didn’t answer but looked the way Anika went… Anika pedaled her feet so speedily that didn’t notice when she clashed with Shredha…

“ Hey Anika.. slow down.. “ Shredha said but Anika still looked scared.. “ you ok Anika? “ but without answering to that Anika rushed leaving her phone down… Shredha called her back but Anika was so fast that she couldn’t catch with her.. Ragni saw Anika rushing to the washroom.. she followed her without her knowledge… Shivaay was searching for Anika but failed… he didn’t want to go between the drinks so he excused himself and started looking Anika deeply…. Anika’s feet were trembling that she didn’t even see how long she came from the ball… the deeper she went too dim the light got…

‘ where this girl’s going? ‘ Ragni kept following her… Anika stopped at the exit and looked the door emotionally…

‘ Anika, this is the way… just go! Go as far as much as you can and please…please don’t come back for God’s sake… Please don’t… We’ll be fine!.. ‘ Gauri’s words were blaring in her ears.. Anika closed her eyes and stood there quietly.. Anika arced her face side and saw the room of broom and mop…

‘ This is your room… and don’t forget to wake up at 4.. Otherwise, you know what I’ll do!… ‘

‘ what the hell were you doing all this time? Don’t you know that I want my room to be cleaned always! You useless idiot!!.. ‘

Anika slowly neared the room and held the tussle.. she opened it gently where lot many stuffs were overloaded… the dust showered over her which was nothing new… She took a small step in but stopped getting scared of darkness… she sighed dropping a lone tear and stood there along with her lost experiences…

‘ Didi, won’t you come back? ‘..

‘ Ufffho duffer, she will come.. where she’ll go anyway? And she has to read bedtime stories to us, right didi? ‘

Anika’s lips slithered with closed eyes.. Suddenly she felt a push over her back resulting her to dump into the room!.. her eyes witnessed the last point of light and soon, that too diminished with the sight of Ragni shutting the door!!…

“ No…No Ragni please…. Ragni, Open the door…. Ragni please….. open the DOOR!!… Please Ragni.. NO!!… Open up…! “ Anika banged the door hardly but Ragni wasn’t ready to obey so!… Ragni checked the door lastly to ensure it’s locked and went out switching the light off…. Anika was too scared of Darkness… All her hardships were playing through her eyes!… she pulled herself back to clash with the wall and threw all the mops..

“ Somebody please… Open the door!!!… Ragnii… dharwaaza kholo… “ her sweat glands were working so speedily that within minutes she started sweating badly… her throat was getting dried while her eyes were searching for a lite light…

‘you can’t go anywhere from me Anikaaaa… ‘

she kept banging the door crying…. Her past was haunting her so severely that she couldn’t control her fear…..

“Shivaaaaaaayyyyy………… “


“ did you hear something? “ Shivaay asked Rony who was indulged with his files…

“ what? “

“ No, it’s like.. I heard Anika calling me… “ Shivaay started looking around while Rony looked him with disbelief…

“ Really? I didn’t hear… Shivaay, let me ask you one thing… “ he closed his files… “ nothing suitable to the present situation, but for clearing my brain, do you love Anika? “ Shivaay was dumbfounded hearing it…

“ wh…w…what…wh…what made… what made you think so? “ Stammered Shivaay…

“ C’mon Shivaay!… Even I’m a lover… I know how a lover’s mind goes for, you know, their lover… like how yours is going for Anika and how Mine goes for Mallika… “ he stopped.. “ hope she would feel the same for me.. Ok… so back to my question… do you…. “

“ Rony, we’ll talk about this later… I….I don’t feel good! And it’s been long, and didn’t see Anika… Something’s…. Something’s wrong.. “ Shivaay placed his files aside…

“ Uh, maybe it’s just your hallucination… she’ll be around or….. “

“ I’m gonna look her… “ Shivaay cut Rony in mid and went rushing… Shivaay asked everyone he come across but no one knew about Anika.. Soon Rony too joined him sensing the seriousness… Soon, everyone started searching for Anika…

“ Hey Shivaay, shall we dance? “ came Ragni happily..

“ Not now Ragni.. “ Shivaay answered looking the corners..

“ what happened? Did you lost something? I’ll help you.. “

“ No, I’m looking for Anika.. did you see her? “ Ragni’s face went down hearing her name from him… Just then Shredha came running to Shivaay along with Rony but they stopped seeing Ragni with him..

“ what happened Shredha? Did you see Anika? “ Shivaay sided Ragni and stood front..

“ Voh Shivaay… “ Shredha looked Ragni intentionally..

“ Shredha, whatever it is just say!!… “ Shivaay urged…

“ Shivaay, few mins ago I saw Anika rushing towards the exit and…. “

“ And?? “

“ and Ragni was following her..  “ Shredha finished giving Ragni a complete shock.! By then everyone started to gather and gave Ragni dead glares…

“ Shivaay, I didn’t….. “ but before Ragni could give any clarification, Shivaay ran towards the exit followed by everyone else…  Shivaay rounded his legs so fast that within minutes he met the exit…. He looked everywhere but it seemed empty… Soon, Rony reached him..

“ Shivaay, where’s Anika? “ Shivaay looked around everywhere but except the walls, there weren’t anything… Shivaay closed his eyes with disappointment but opened them with anger… he opened the exit door to go out and check but the sudden sound of buckets distracted him… he arced his head towards right corner where it was written ‘ Staffs ‘…. He opened the door with sudden bang and the first vision was dark… complete darkness…..

“ Anikaaaa…… “ the sound soon hit Anika’s ears… she was sitting there hugging her legs crying…

“ Shivaay?? “ the scary and atrocious voice caught Shivaay’s ears soon… Shivaay switched on the light and the very moment his eyes fell on the door where Anika was locked….

“ Shivaay? Shivaay….  “ Anika started banging on the door crying so badly…Shivaay ran to the door to open but couldn’t as it was locked…

“ Anika, just don’t worry… I’m here..ok? I’m here….. “

“ Shivaaay!!! Please open the door Shivaay…… It’s…it’s killing me… please… Shivaay… “ she pleaded touching the door… Shivaay looked here and there to find something which could help him in opening… Rony took a hammer to break but the door was made of steel that it didn’t work…. Soon, everyone started to gather around…..

“ Shivaay… Shivaay please open…… “

“ Anikaaa.. I’m trying… I’m trying…. “

“ Relax Anika, we’re here…. “ said Rony.. Shivaay was getting mad listening to her cry… it was so killing to hear Anika crying….

“ Shivaay, I.. I didn’t do anyth…… “

“ Just Shut up will you? “ Shivaay yelled before Ragni could start her fake cry.. Shivaay took the hammer from Rony and started banging on it hardly…. Rony too picked another one and helped Shivaay!… the steel was moulding according to the hammer’s beat…

“UrrrrrrGhGhAaaaAaAahhHHHAHaAhaGhhhhhhA….. “ Anika screamed which made everyone shock…

“ Shivaaaaaaayy!!!!!!…. “ Anika was bluster louder than loud…. Shivaay couldn’t bear more, he didn’t know what was haunting there inside, but her scream cleared his all thoughts…. He took few steps back throwing the hammer aside and kicked the door as hard as possible… and with the sudden pressure, the door got separated from the wall…. Shivaay opened his eyes to see Anika standing all feared from top to toe… she was looking so horrifying… Anika ran to him and hugged him tightly which made him surprised… it was their first hug!.. Shivaay felt so frosted with her tight grip over his chest… He didn’t know how to react… her sudden move gave him merely queered feeling… it was then he realized that Anika was crying so badly… That was so intolerable for Shivaay..

“ Anika, relax…. I’m here.. ok? I’m here… calm down!… “ Shivaay reciprocated the hug with care..

“ Shi…Shivaay.. s…someone….someone’s there.. “ she gently pointed towards the room… Shivaay tried to move but Anika held him more tightly.. Rony held Shivaay’s shoulder and went inside to have a look….

“ there’s no one.. in fact, there’s no space for two.. “ Rony came out..

“ Sh..Shivaay, I’m…I’m…I….I’m so scared.. I…Shivaa.. I…. “ before she could complete she fell unconscious over his arms…

“hey…hey Anikaa… hey… open your eyes… Anikaaa….. “ Shivaay lifted her in his arms and went out leaving everyone silent… Rony looked Ragni with fired eyes so as everyone….


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    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Sukeer!.. I’m here to reply!!! strange right? But I promised myself that this time I will reply to you…. Thank you SO much for reading the part my friend!.. Okkk… No prob dear, I’ll translate the hindi lines inside brackets… happy that you revealed it!… Take care friend!!

  2. Niriha

    Superb update..I hate that nagini she have to be punished for her deed.eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Nirihaa!.., I came!!.. HHHa.. it’s strange when I come to reply.. kkk! Thanks a lot for commenting buddy.. hope you read my previous reply..Yeah, even I hate that character!.. next will be updated soon.. keep reading buddy!

  3. Hey di please update your stories on wattpad also

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  4. Mona_2005

    Loved it
    Anika’s breakdown and shivaay consoling
    Shivaay restlessness was protrayed so well
    Totally love the way you write
    If possible then can you please post this story on Wattpad as well as I am not regular on TU and Wattpad send s notification
    If not then k
    Take care
    Love love

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Monaa… you got an account!.. hope I can expect lot stories from your side too!! Thanks a lot for commenting dear! Yaar, I’m not sharing a bond with Wattpad.. I don’t to use that stuff… I do read stories from Wattpad, But I’m not regulated with it’s regulations….
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    1. Moonlight_luver

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    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Banitaaa…. Thanks a lot for commenting dear.. Anika’s past will be revealed soon! Nagni ka OMM tho zaroor hoga… keep waiting buddy..

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