Will you be without me? Teaser

Who are you?

Pragya was cleaning Akash’s room and found some crushed papers in the drawer. It was the same papers that was missing from his diary. She didn’t really used his room after his demise. And she just went there to clean the room but today she was finding for some of his stuff and ended up opening the drawer to find that papers.

She read them and was shocked to know another revealation about Abhi! She couldn’t believe what she had read about Abhi! Why does he have to hide this from me when I am his love?

Pragya hurriedly called him up and asked him to come to her house. He too rushed to her house sensing the urgency in her voice. Pragya saw Abhi and asked ” Who are you?” Abhi ” What? Who am I? Have u gone crazy or what? I am your boss Pumpy!” Pragya ” That I know but who are you to your …….?” Abhi was puzzled hearing that and was now very confused on how to reply to her!

Ok guys this is the twist and I can’t reveal that much now…pls wait until nxt tue! And i will try to reveal it…I wrote this in a rush as some of u all had requested so ya its kind of short but this is what i can do for now as it is just a teaser…and ya I am the hide and seeker for the what defines her? OS…seriously i cant hide from u all..so no more random names to play with u all too…

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  1. Maya Di , That’s really so sweet of u !!! Thanks for the teaser . This is more than enough .Now I can wait paitently (that’s not possible but will try to).
    And I am very Happy that my guess was r8 ! I was very sure that Amazing update was yours !! Take care Di….Love u Loads……

  2. Omg what is in that I can’t wait super

  3. Waiting for the suspense to be revealed

  4. Superb Maya
    And we know that you are the hide and seeker
    Same story telling style yaar.
    Suga upload soon PA

  5. Omg plzzzzz update NXT part soon yaar coz I’m very curious to know abt tat suspense ..

  6. Akkka its great??and i guessed right fr tat os…love u loads akka☺

  7. Superb. Waiting for the episode

  8. Pls wait until nxt Tue as I am really running against time now. And i hope that my next epi will be totally a unexpected one as I have already thought of the idea but its just that i dont have time to type it as I really want to make it a suspense that will be special…

  9. u come back welcome frnd. New twist is coming wow eagerly waiting for next episode frnd

  10. i seriously can’t wait but have to wait! this teaser had made me desperate to read further ????????????????

  11. omg omg omg am I dreaming r wat pinch me dr awwwwww ya I can sense the pain soo its nt my dream dr finally FINALLY finally the teaser is out omg wat is there to b filled in tht gap I really cant guess bcoz ur UNPREDICTABLE naa sooo its kkk but I vil b waiting desperately soooo ur ready with ur new magic trick or I say love to hypnotize usss I am ready bcoz already I am addicted to it b back with a bang lv uuuuu a lotttttttttttttttttt tonnes of hugs nd kisses muaahhhhhhhhhh

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    Twist!!! Superbbbbbbbbb…..

  13. Oh no so sad of u da sweetu hmm enakum nee sonatha keta sirikiradha feel panradha ney puriyala n oh lots of twists waiting 4it dr

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