Will you be without me? Chapter 9


Now he hugged me!!

Abhi who was still nervous and asked Pragya ” Pragya do you think we can escape from here? U know I am very scared now for my life!!!” Pragya ” Just calm down! Surely there will be a way to get out or someone outside will come by to help us!” Abhi ” I hope so Pragya!” Suddenly he heard some weird sound which made him jerk. Pragya noticed that and asked ” Why are u behaving like that?” Abhi ” Did you heard that sound? The Ki ki sound?” Pragya ” I don’t hear anything!! What ki ki? I only know the movie name Ki and Ka!” Abhi ” Oh Pragya is this the time to do comedy? Listen carefully again!” Pragya now listened to the sound and Abhi who was so nervous now that he hugged Pragya from her back. Pragya was in disbelief as how could he hug her like this!

Pragya ” Wait let me see where is the sound coming from!” Abhi ” Ok but don’t leave me alone! I will also come with u!” Abhi was now behind Pragya as she moved towards the direction of sound. Both saw the reason of the sound there. It was a rat that was making the sound!! Pragya broke into laughter and looked at Abhi. He was relieved that it was not something scary. Pragya ” I didn’t expect you to be scared for so many things!” Abhi ” No it’s not being scared as I told you before it’s just being uncomfortable!” Pragya ” You know how to come up with new terms to cover up your fear but it is still funny how u got scared just now!” Abhi got annoyed and went to sit in a corner of the room as for Pragya sat in the opposite direction of him.

Pragya was still trying to cover up her laughter as she was unable to forget the funny reactions of Abhi that see had seen just now. Abhi saw that and was irritated by that and asked Pragya something ” If u don’t mind can I tell you something?” Pragya ” Ok!” Abhi ” You look very adorable when you laugh out loud! And your face glows even in this darkness!” Pragya didn’t know how to react.. She knows that he is giving her compliment but she felt this is not right. Pragya ” Ok now we should find a way to get out from here!” Abhi told himself, I know Pragya that you are just trying to ignore my compliment and very soon, I will make sure you will appreciate my compliments.

Pragya just then looked at something….Pragya ” I found the way!!” Abhi ” What way?” Pragya ” To get out from here! Look up and u will see it!” Abhi looked up at the ceiling and said ” How to go out from here through the ceiling?” Pragya ” Oh not that direction look at here!” She pointed her finger in the direction that she want to show him. He saw that and there was a window there. Abhi ” So you want to go out through the window? But how we get up there? We need a ladder right to reach there?” Pragya ” There is a lot of chairs here so we can use them to reach there” Abhi nodded in response and both decked up the chairs to climb up to the window.

Abhi ” So you want to go first?” Pragya ” Hmm why not? But wait I think it’s better for you to go first as if I go first then you will be uncomfortable in the darkness here!” Abhi smiled that finally Pragya didn’t use the word scared of darkness. Abhi went up first and and exited through the window and waited for Pragya to come down from the window. Pragya climbed up after him and when she was about to get down, she tripped and Abhi managed to prevent her from falling onto the ground as now he was carrying her in his hands. Both shared an eye lock and they came back to senses when they heard a loud horn sound…

Abhi let her down and she adjusted her attire and looked at Abhi. Abhi was also looking at her and said
” Sorry but I just did that to help you” Pragya ” It’s ok and I can understand!” Abhi made a call to his car driver to pick them up and he dropped Pragya at her house before he left to his house.

Both were very silent in the car and before Pragya left she just thanked him and left to her house. Abhi was now thinking of the time that he spent with her and felt that it was really enjoyable to be with her but she always behave with a limit towards him. He felt that she really doesn’t want to have friends in life and that is why she was not even responding to a simple compliment that he had given.

As for Pragya she was thinking although it was fun spending time with him, she felt that why there is always situations that makes her like his presence. She felt his hug just now and the way he helped her by carrying her was all a very pleasant feeling just like their first kiss.

She was confused as the time that she is going to spend with him is just for one more week but at the same time for some strange reason she felt that she will meet him again and again…

Both were just thinking about each other and they really don’t know what is happening between them but liked whatever that happened earlier in the storeroom…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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