Will you be without me? Chapter 8


Why is he keep on looking at me again??

Days passed and both Abhi and Pragya worked together with ease. Although, it was not a need for Abhi to come down and work with Pragya but he still came to just meet and interact with Pragya.

As for Pragya she was fine with Abhi being around as her staff were also more duty conscious when he was around, it only makes her work easier but what she found something awkward..

At times, Abhi would just keep on look at her and when she look back he would look at her even more intensely with a wide smile. She found this not right! She felt was he trying to gain attention from her? It cannot be as already he have so much of girls and even her own colleagues giving a lot of attention to him.. why does he want attention from her? She ignored about thinking like that and resumed with her work.

Abhi was there again and called Pragya for help…Pragya came near him and asked ” U called me for help?” Abhi ” Yes a very big help needed!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” Can you accompany me to the store room there?” Pragya ” Why? I mean you can go by yourself right?” Abhi ” No… There is…no…actually..the lights are not working!” Pragya laughed at the thought that he is scared of darkness. Pragya ” So you are scared of darkness?” Abhi ” Don’t laugh like that! I am not scared it’s just that I feel uncomfartable in dark” Pragya ” So in night time u sleep with bright lights on is it?” Abhi ” Pragya are u teasing me? Can you help me or not? If not never mind you continue with your work!” Pragya ” Okok no need to get angry for this! Come let’s go there!” Abhi ” Thank you so much and please don’t tell this to anyone!” Pragya ” I should not tell that you are scared of darkness is it?” Abhi ” No!!! it’s not scared of darkness but uncomfortable in darkness!!” Pragya said ” Okok I won’t tell about your low comfort level with darkness!”

Both of them walked towards the store room.Pragya was walking in front of Abhi while he was holding on to a torch light in his hand.
Pragya opened the door as Abhi was still behind her. Both of them went inside and then suddenly the door closed!!

Abhi ” U opened the door widely right? Then how it closed in all of a sudden?” Pragya ” Should have closed by the force of the wind! Why you panick for this? Wait let me open it!” Abhi ” Faster go and open!” Pragya went to open it but she couldn’t open it…she was keep on trying but it was no use…Abhi saw that and came near her and said ” I think you don’t have energy to open the door! Let me try!” Pragya got annoyed and moved aside. Abhi also tried but it was just futile. Abhi ” Huh? What is this? U locked the door or what?” Pragya ” Are u ok? Did u saw me locking it? No right! I think the door got jammed!!” Abhi ” What?? It means we are locked inside this room!! What if I suffocate to death? I want to live longer Pragya and I need to achieve a lot! What will happen to my company after my death? Who will take care of my family? No!!!! I really don’t want to die now!!” Pragya ” Oh my god! Why you think until like this! Can you just relax and calm down! Let me call somone for help as I have my phone with me!” Abhi impatiently said ” Ok faster call!!” Pragya ” Oh No! There is no signal here!!” Abhi ” It means we are going to die for sure!!” Pragya ” Can u stop it! Keep on talking about death!” Abhi ” I am so scared Pragya!!” Pragya ” Wait surely we can find a way out from here!” Abhi then realise the torchlight he was holding also had turned off…Abhi ” U see the torchlight is also not working now!” Pragya ” I have torchlight in my phone! So don’t panick again!”

Abhi was still very scared…and Pragya found all of Abhi’s reactions to be childish and humorous. She didn’t expect to see this side of Abhi where he is so scared!!

How will they escape from the storeroom?? To know that wait for the next update!!

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Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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