Will you be without me? Chapter 7


Will she like me??

Abhi called Pragya ” Hello! Abhi here!” Pragya ” Oh Yes Hi and what’s the matter?” Abhi ” Just called to thank again for what you have talked to me earlier to make me feel better!” Pragya ” No need to thank but anyways I am glad that my words made u feel better!” Abhi ” And one more thing please don’t call me Mr Abhi it makes me sound old! Just call me Abhi!” Pragya ” Same here I also feel kind of old when someone calls me Ms Pragya! Just call me Pragya too!” Abhi ” Ok sure Pragya!” Pragya ” So that’s all right? I have some urgent work to do and we shall talk later if there is time” Abhi ” Ok fine and bye!” Pragya went to complete her work as for Abhi, he was thinking that she is very different…Usually the girls that he had talked to all want his attention and will drag their talking to him. And he would face the trouble of how to end the chat with them but Pragya was the first girl that he had talked to who had ended the call first.

Abhi and Pragya met again and now when Abhi saw her he felt something different about her. He was not able to figure out what is that but he felt that he became more curious about her. He wants to know more about her and especially why she don’t have belief in friendship and love!

Pragya discussed with her fellow staff about how the event should be organised and Abhi was keep on staring at her in curiosity. Pragya did notice that and approached him. Pragya ” Is there anything that you want to ask me?” Abhi with a lost look asked ” Huh? Why do you think like that?” Pragya ” You were keep on looking at me so I thought that you wanted to ask me something but you are hesitating to ask. Am I right?” Abhi ” Yes! But I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask as we are just colleagues and not friends..” Pragya ” So it’s not about work but it’s something about me right?” Abhi ” Yes so I can’t ask you!” Pragya ” It’s ok even though we are not friends you can still ask!” Abhi ” Really? Ok then I shall ask you! Why you don’t believe in friendship and love? I know that you said that it gives complications but these two things are the ones that makes our lives beautiful right?” Pragya ” Hmm…to say the truth I don’t really believe in friendship and love as it only gives unnecessary pains in life. No matter how much happiness u get, the same amount or even more of pain and hurt is obtained especially when your friends or love have failed to meet your expectations! If you want your life to be filled with happiness then you should be free from both of these things..and then only you can enjoy life to the fullest!!”

Once again Abhi was surprised by Pragya’s words. He thought her thoughts are so different from what usually everyone think. Why is she like that? But something in me tells that I like her for her strange thoughts…. Actually it’s not strange but it’s the truth that not everyone are ready to accept!

Pragya snapped her fingers in front of Abhi’s face to divert him from his deep thoughts..Abhi came back to his senses. Pragya ” So now you are clear about my thoughts?” Abhi smiled and said ” Yes anyways how’s the work going?” Pragya ” All fine just need to speed up a bit and some of the stuff is yet to arrive!” Abhi ” Ok fine let me also call and check with the vendors!” Pragya ” U no need to that! As I am in charge of all that” Abhi ” We are colleagues right? So we can just help each other! And after all you are working for us and this is just a small help from my side!” Pragya ” So sweet of you and ok carry on! I shall go and check whether my staff are doing their tasks properly!”

Abhi saw her walking in front of him and he was only feeling if she knows how to make others feel better through her words, then why can’t she use the same words to maintain friendship and love to meet her expectations? She is surely capable of it but I think she never realise that! Will she like me if I want her to be my friend? Time will only have to tell that whether she will accept me as a friend but I shall also try my part for it!

Pragya, he is so weird why does he have to ask about my thoughts and U Pragya you are also another weirdo! Why do you have to share so much about your thoughts? Something is happening to you Pragya!! Better save yourself before you blurt out a lot about yourself to Abhi!

I know it’s kind of short but to tell the truth my mind can only think until to this extent…. Whenever I write short update it’s either I am tired, sick or my mind is blocked of ideas!! Hope you all understand as u all know sometimes we don’t really have the idea popping out from our brain no matter how much we think!!!

Once again thank u all for the support and I have replied to all your comments in the previous updates! It was really very overwhelming to see all your comments And I will surely think of more interesting and fun Abhigya scenes to make you all feel happy!!! And also more meaningful dialogues as I believe that whatever we do whether it is reading ffs or watching something, everything should have a meaning to life if not life at least for a single moment… Life is very short so why not make it as a meaningful and fun journey in all ways?? Ok I shall stop my blabbering here if not it will never end…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Awesome sugar it was unbelievable awesome dii no words the thoughts of pragya were awesome… Loved it

    1. Haha again sugar!! Can i tell u something in my school time, my classmates used to tease my name…like this Sugar and then my second part of my name they call shini as cheeni ( also meaning sugar) so every time they used to ask me for sugar or they say since u are here there is so many ants here too??? don’t know y i felt like telling tis now.. just felt like sharing lol.. btw tks for the sweet comment vaishali!

  2. Awesome Maya..
    True words ah..
    Waiting for the next upload

    1. Tks ammu for ur wait!?

  3. Superb yaar really pragya’s thought on frdship n luv s true the most happiness n sorrow were given only by frds n love only bt v only just don’t want to accept it to leave the thgs which gives pain in our life I thg our mind has technically some fault coz v just running behind the things which gives pain… Whatever ur ff n 2day’s episode s amazing n awesome…

    1. It’s not our mind durga it’s our heart that is complicated and have technical faults…we don’t have the guts to leave this friendship n love as our heart really yearns for it. Our mind can fix into a decision but our heart does not listen to our mind! I guess its a connection problem with heart n mind ??…btw tks for the nice comments durga! Hope i didnt made u confused with my reply!

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome Suga……..I loved it……The words r just Amazing………

    1. Thanks Reshma??

  5. Just awesome

    1. Thank u Zari ??

  6. just awesome dr….

    1. Thank u tharu dr ??

  7. awesome suga….different thought i agree it is truth…

    1. Thank u Sugan!

  8. Suga suga suga suga, u made my day yaar! My mood was so off but you your charm! Ahhh it made me feel better! Not better but…. No words haha! Yes life is too short! But live it as it is too long! Enjoy every minute, every second, every nanosecond… Every moment hast it’s own fun, well i want to tell u something My father calls me cheeni ??? actually in Sindhi cheeni means Chinese, he thinks i look like Chinese so he named me lol ??? so we have same names with different meanings,….. Loved the episode

    1. Ok glad that ur mood was better with my ff and yes i agree with ur concept of enjoyment too!! Oh actually I also remember something now if ur dad say u look like Chinese then its not at all an issue as a lot of my friends here are Chinese!! Haha so u are one of them now!!????

  9. Superb epi πŸ™‚ … Bonding between abhi and pragya was too guddd πŸ™‚ …

    1. Thank u Sanju! ??

  10. maya dr u r incredible in morals my god wat hv u done to me I m mad ar ur ff I go crazy fr ur lectures oops nt lectures but truth really tht ur mentioning of frndsp nd lv which gvs equal amount of happiness nd sorrows is really apt nd damnnntrue my god yes its not brain yes its our heart which vil nt be able to erase our loved ones nd our dears really if at all I am robot I would hv erased all my horrible memories just in a millionth of a second but my fate though I dont want to remember those memories they always hurt me sme or how god knows ven I vil get rid of those memories yet ur ff gives a lot of relief to my busy brain busy schedules busy life really thqs fr tht frm the bottom of my heart MAYA ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZZ more than any rock

    1. Glad that my ff was relief to u but its difficult to get rid of horrible memories but i think it would be easier not to remember them by diverting ur mind in a lot of ways…its just that u have to find those ways! ?

  11. awesome ur ff is more realistic…..

    1. Thanks Ayaz for finding my ff realistic!

  12. Awesome

    1. Thank u Abhigya!

  13. Superb suga…. ????Maya(magic in Telugu)
    U r such a magical person yaar.. Muahhh?
    I loved it❀
    Waiting for next part???

    1. Haha kutty naaku telusu maya ante magic ne kani nenu antha magical person kaathu endukante magical person. Btw ur comments are ???

      1. I forgot to continue…endukante magical person ante nenu alonchina things ani purthi avali katha? But whatever i wished in my life is not totally fulfilled… so i am not a magical person…

      2. But for me u r magical person dear..
        Oh god enni languages vachu niku??
        All rounder???❀❀❀?

      3. Kathu kutty tamil, telugu and english are the languages i know well the rest is just bits and pieces…ok u are also magical person in ur sweet comments!!??

      4. ❀❀❀

  14. Semma da its really superb&quite different lovd it a loadz&haha vaishu&ur classmates have namd u correctly as my frnd is so swt na&haan dr naan ellarkitayum easy move on agura type but oruthavungala evlo pidikumo avlo adhigama pesuven da

    1. Haha nice to hear that Pavi! unkita pesuradhu ennakum romba pidichiruku…

    2. Maya nee romba nalla pesura.
      Pavi naa unoda agree panren.
      Suga is really sweet.
      Hope you accept me as your friend suga.
      Anyways upload soon..

      1. Naan onnum avulavu sweet illa vita neenga ellam enna sweet shop vaika solluvinge nu thonudu??…naan eppodume sonna mathiri u are all my friends and tats y whenever i can i make sure to reply to all ur comments… if not i wouldn’t have replied to all of u all…to me its my responsibility to reply to my friends so tats what i am doing…So ammu ne ennoda frienduthan ??

  15. Nice epi Maya..Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Thank u trisha! ?

  16. Sorry sugar for commenting late I was busy from morning and yeah your words are true friends give pain only as today my best friend and I had a fight and I don’t about love and your each and every word are perfect I love you for this

    1. No need to say sorry!! And tks for loving me for my words…i also dont about love just wrote it only…haha..??

      1. Oh hope u have resolved the fight with ur friend.. don’t prolong it too much as it will only give more pain!

  17. Too good

    1. Thank u lakshmi!!?

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