Will you be without me? Chapter 5


Why did I dream like that!!!

Pragya saw Abhi walking towards her… She was so nervous that she was breathing heavily and started to feel like fainting as the more closer he approached towards her. He came near and went down on his knees and reached out with his hands with mangalsutra…Pragya was happy to see the mangalsutra and took it from his hands and beamed with joy…

What!!No way!!! It was a dream that Pragya had….She woke up from the dream and started to think why did she dream like this… Oh my god!! Pragya why did u dream like this? How can you ever think like this in your dream!! This is too much Pragya just because u met him recently and for that u have dreamt about him?? Pragya prayed to god that she don’t want to think or dream about him. And most importantly she don’t wish to see him again.

Pragya woke up from her bed and started to get ready for work. After having her breakfast she received a call.
Purab: Mam! There is a client who wants to meet you today at 11 am in their office.
Pragya: What? When this meeting was fixed? You didn’t informed me earlier right?
Purab: No mam…it was only fixed just now..
Pragya: Why is it so urgent to fix it today?
Purab: No mam the clients do not want to delay the meeting and they want it today itself as early as possible… and i can’t say no as this project is with a very prestigous company..
Pragya: Really? Ok fine but still this is in a rush!! Pass me the details and the address of the client.
Purab: Sorry mam and I will text u the details now.
Pragya: It’s ok Purab and bye!

Pragya received the details and went to the venue. Pragya went to the reception area and asked ” Hi! I am looking for Ms Laila as there is a appointment fixed with her” Receptionist ” Wait a moment! Let me check whether she is in the cabin now” The receptionist gave the directions to Laila’s cabin and Pragya went to meet her.

Laila ” Hi I assume you are Ms Pragya right?” Pragya ” Yes! And you are Ms Laila?” Laila “Yes! Nice meeting you Ms Pragya so shall we discuss about the event details now?” Pragya ” Ok sure!”

Laila explained the details and Pragya got excited as the event was larger than what she had expected of. Laila told her that she was informed of Pragya’s work by one of their business partners who had attended the charity event that Pragya had organised. He was really impressed with the smooth flow of the event and recommended Pragya’s name.

Pragya wondered who could it be and she could not figure out as recently she had been organsing a lot of charity events.

Pragya asked Laila ” May I know who recommended me?” Laila ” Oh he is….” just then she received a call and ask Pragya to excuse her while she went out of the cabin to attend the call.

Pragya waited inside the cabin. Just then Abhi walked inside the office and saw a familiar person in Laila’s cabin… He looked carefully and noticed it was Pragya! He thought why is she here!! Such a rude person is here! I think I shall ask Laila later and I also don’t want to meet her and spoil my mood.

He went to another cabin so as not to see Pragya. Laila passed the event details to Pragya and they decided on their next meeting timing. With that Pragya left and Laila came to the cabin where Abhi was.

Laila” Hi Abhi! Why did you never come and meet me?” Abhi ” I came to your cabin but I saw someone there so I thought of waiting for you over here!” Laila ” U mean u saw Ms Pragya? Yes she is the one you recommended and u don’t know her?” Abhi ” What she is Pragya? No I didn’t saw her that day that’s why I didn’t know her!” Laila ” Oh i see…She is a very nice person and she seems to be a very hardworking person too!!” Abhi thought, she is a nice person?? It should be the biggest joke that I have ever heard! She is so rude and arrogant!…

Abhi ” So its finalized?” Laila ” As in the event organisation right? Yes it’s confirmed and she will assist us in the event organisation!”

Abhi thought so now I will have to see her more frequently!! He felt that how unlucky he had become.

Pragya on the other hand was filled with immense happiness as she is going to work for a very big project and was determined to give her best for it.

Abhi, even though she was rude but I still like the way she organised the event that day. Anyways it’s just for a short period that I will be working with her so I shouldn’t think too much about it. May be it’s just our first meeting that made her to behave in a weird way…

A few days later…

Pragya saw Abhi but now he ignores her and she needs his help in something but he is not responding….Will he help her?

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Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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